I Like Holding Hands

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    During 8th grade, I had a crush on a boy

    who had the sweetest soul and in 9th grade we started dating. He was my first boyfriend, he made me nervous, I would stutter every single time I tried to start a conversation. Our 3 month long relationship consisted of shy stares, warm hugs, and intense mutual feelings. And...
    Halfapersonn Halfapersonn
    22-25, F
    5 Responses Mar 16, 2014

    Especially when he does

    that strokey thumb thing like how can my heart not melt? I love when they reach for my hand while we're sleeping. It's the little things like that that remind me how lucky I am.
    Sxculent Sxculent
    18-21, F
    Feb 7, 2015

    To hold hands with someone dear to your heart

    is lovely. Feeling safe and secure. ??
    ssangvellies ssangvellies
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Mar 21, 2016
    chaoticscars chaoticscars
    16-17, M
    3 Responses Sep 28, 2015

    Shoutout to halfmonster95 she's a sexy *****

    who I think is so ******* amazing
    Isaokomori22 Isaokomori22
    18-21, M
    1 Response Feb 16, 2016

    I loved holding hands with my lover

    before I divorced him. I sure miss that closeness because I am not dating currently. I love holding hands with my own kids when we go for a walk.
    oldersinglemom oldersinglemom
    46-50, F
    6 Responses Jun 5, 2015

    This ones kinda weird>_< okay,

    so a couple months back I was at a friends house, we were with one other person (her best friend, also a girl. Let's call her "Bri" for now. So, of course we go out for a midnight walk (we live right next to each other and in the middle of nowhere so yeah:) ) so we get to the...
    Acualis Acualis
    16-17, M
    1 Response Nov 14, 2015

    Perhaps the Purest Form of Love...

    The gesture of holding hands has meant different things to me throughout my life.  As a child, it meant I would be safe from errant cars while crossing the street or wouldn't get lost in a crowd.  In middle school, it was an innocent act of love from someone you were...
    edgargeorge edgargeorge
    41-45, F
    12 Responses Jul 11, 2009

    ... Although the hands are different

    and imperfect, they still fit together perfectly.
    Ruben1970 Ruben1970
    46-50, M
    1 Response Apr 6, 2016

    The only problem is that i have no one who'd

    like to hold hands with me...
    LoneSouls LoneSouls
    31-35, F
    5 Responses Mar 7, 2016
    Tsgirl86 Tsgirl86
    31-35, T
    1 Response Mar 4, 2016

    It's such a simple thing

    but I honestly adore it. It's reassuring when the one you're with holds your hand tight, making sure to never let go. Always there n.n
    deleted deleted
    4 Responses May 19, 2015

    Time To Move

    Stories Stories stories, so many and so little time. Living still so young, within an existence that still feels forced and causal. . I breath when I feel free, and remain anxious when others needs or before me. Still desire to jump from the clouds and feel the vastness of the...
    Borinquen Borinquen
    46-50, F
    1 Response Oct 8, 2011

    "Can anyone explain the thrill of a kiss,

    " goes the tune sung so beautifully by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. It certainly can be a thrill! But holding hands to me means just as much. Why? Because it is a sign of "soul fusion," or at least a hope for it eventually. Having the kind of hand (with the opposable...
    Dancewithme2 Dancewithme2
    56-60, M
    1 Response Feb 13, 2016

    I like it more than kissing

    or groping because it feels more intimate to me.
    deleted deleted
    Mar 29, 2016
    Anthony2400 Anthony2400
    22-25, M
    Feb 2, 2016

    I haven't forgotten That I am just one person,

    That I am but one voice Attempting to stand out From the crowd. I remember That I have fallen Among the laughter That surrounds me, and that sometimes It gets too loud. I know That I can't sit here And expect my silence To evoke change Without reason. I can see That I don't...
    LadyHeartnMind LadyHeartnMind
    31-35, F
    1 Response Feb 2, 2016

    I wish to hold your hand

    and travel the sandy deserts.. I wish to scale the mountain peaks,wish to sail the blue seas,wish to walk hand in hand through the beaches skipping pebbles,wish to touch the sky ,feel the clouds with you beside.. I want to feel the wintry chills sitting in the portico talking...
    winterfall winterfall
    Mar 22, 2016

    My husband...not so much.

    ..but he does it for me... I love seeing old people holding hands...my parents have been married for 44 years...and they are that cute old couple who still hold hands...I want that.
    amisfitlady amisfitlady
    41-45, F
    4 Responses Mar 7, 2016

    There is something so real about holding hands,

    some kind of complex simplicity, saying so much by doing so little.
    Ruben1970 Ruben1970
    46-50, M
    Apr 18, 2016

    I think it's super cute

    and romantic id do it all the time if I could
    Cheshirecat101 Cheshirecat101
    16-17, F
    Nov 2, 2015
    SvveetKiester SvveetKiester
    41-45, F
    1 Response May 3, 2015

    It would be so nice to be able to feel a gentle

    hand holding mine and to rest in the peaceful stillness of that.
    Injoy1767 Injoy1767
    46-50, F
    Sep 23, 2015

    unless you have sweaty hands.

    i kennot du fo u.
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses Mar 23, 2014
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Jun 29, 2015
    ErraticSarcastic ErraticSarcastic
    31-35, F
    2 Responses Dec 2, 2015

    One time I was out with a friend

    and he said out of nowhere "can we finger cuddle?" And he just started holding my hand. That's my favorite phrase now :) ;* it's soooo cute :D
    churchdadatnight churchdadatnight
    18-21, F
    1 Response Feb 20, 2015

    When holding hands also means guiding,

    protecting, supporting....)
    LadyHeartnMind LadyHeartnMind
    31-35, F
    2 Responses Feb 2, 2016

    I'd love to go hand in hand with the boy of my

    dreams...... Tt would be magical ^^
    000Thallensjaan 000Thallensjaan
    18-21, M
    2 Responses Dec 2, 2015

    It's just so sweet! It makes me feel closer to

    people, but then again so do hugs :) I'm just a mushy person I guess. Haha.
    2grunge4u 2grunge4u
    16-17, F
    1 Response Nov 8, 2014
    katariffik katariffik
    31-35, F
    4 Responses Nov 17, 2014

    I think holding hands in public is one of the

    best ways to show someone how much you care about them. It is so adorable to take a stroll and enjoy the beauty of nature, when one hand embraces the other persons hand locking into a soft and gentle hold bringing on unlimited warm smiles. I like this feeling, oh so nice.
    deleted deleted
    10 Responses Jun 22, 2015
    41-45, M
    3 Responses Feb 4, 2016

    I believe that holding hands with your partner

    is almost important as having sex, it creates a constant and true bond between two people.
    deleted deleted
    Jan 1, 2016

    Voices go on speaking around us,

    but we are in our own little world. It's partially because we're tucked in a corner of the cafe, the wooden table forcing us to sit closer, so that we don't get stepped on by passerby. But it's also because you've moved to the seat next to me. I think it's summertime, but...
    ProcessOfBecoming ProcessOfBecoming
    18-21, T
    1 Response Dec 2, 2015
    Tsgirl86 Tsgirl86
    31-35, T
    Mar 4, 2016

    One of my favorite things in the world is to be

    seeing two people that are really old, still holding hands, still kissing. Tommy Lee
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Apr 16, 2016

    Holding Hands Evokes Nostalgia In Me For More Innocent Times

    my favourite experience holding someone's hand was at the age of twelve, on a hill with an amazing view, with a boy i rather liked. he climbed down a bank and i followed and slipped. he put out his hand to help me up, and i took it. and then we didn't let go, and went for a...
    tearaway tearaway
    26-30, F
    27 Responses Jul 25, 2008

    l understand why people hold hands,

    l'd always thought it was about possessiveness, saying " this is mine. " But it's about mainteining contact. It's about speaking without words...
    Ruben1970 Ruben1970
    46-50, M
    Mar 27, 2016

    Take My Hand

    Sitting here watching the wind no rush for us, just take my hand While we walk to the lake, the park or down the road, just take my hand Hurriedly moving late for the day, not much to say turn and take my hand No matter where we are, we could be in the car, just take my hand...
    soulrunher soulrunher
    46-50, F
    8 Responses Mar 23, 2013

    The spaces between our fingers were created

    so that another's could fill them in.
    Ruben1970 Ruben1970
    46-50, M
    1 Response Apr 4, 2016

    Hold her hand in public,

    it's like saying, you are proud to have her.
    Ruben1970 Ruben1970
    46-50, M
    7 Responses Apr 16, 2016

    that night he holds my hands .

    . he's my first and last dance :)
    ICantDoThisAnymore88 ICantDoThisAnymore88
    18-21, F
    Apr 3, 2016

    My husband & I have always held hands

    wherever we go. "We go together"
    NOWRaptured NOWRaptured
    61-65, F
    Feb 20, 2015

    So I went on a first date not too long ago

    where the most I did with the girl was hold hands and poke her nose. No kisses even. I thought it was semi-successful.
    mkprz mkprz
    31-35, M
    2 Responses Sep 25, 2015

    The most innocent and basic connection of

    intimacy between two people. I like the feeling of having my hands around the girl I am proud to be with and a feeling of security, holding her small hands in my strong big hands. Sometimes if it is just right, holding hands, you can feel your hearts pump with excitement and...
    Kman4You Kman4You
    41-45, M
    1 Response Apr 6, 2015

    Nothing in this world compares to the comfort

    and security of having someone just hold your hand.
    Ruben1970 Ruben1970
    46-50, M
    2 Responses Apr 2, 2016

    And I understand. I understand

    why people hold hands: I’d always thought it was about possessiveness, saying ‘This is mine’. But it’s about maintaining contact. It is about speaking without words. It is about I want you with me and don’t go.
    CaliforniaPsycho CaliforniaPsycho
    22-25, F
    3 Responses Dec 8, 2014
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses Jan 10, 2015

    Holding hands is for me a symbol of peace,

    trust and harmony. But there´s nobody in my life where I could hold hands. :-(
    Loretta78 Loretta78
    36-40, F
    3 Responses Oct 2, 2015

    In a relationship, there's many gestures.

    In my situation, there's quite a few, being that 20% of the time would be holding hands, 20% butt hugs, 20% hugs, 20% waist hugs, 10% shoulder wraps and the last 10% being no gestures at all xD
    iiTetraLoh iiTetraLoh
    18-21, F
    Jan 10, 2016

    I love holding hands with my girlfriend (: last

    night was the first night I realized when I lay in her arms we eventually hold hands until one of us falls asleep or until SHE lets go of course lol ; it's an amazing feeling (: ❤️❤️
    22-25, F
    Dec 22, 2013
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