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    graciadivi graciadivi
    22-25, F
    9 Responses Sep 8, 2015

    New To Scotch

    Recently tried scotch again. Have loved fine beers for a long time and enjoyed bourbons.  I tried Johnnie Walker Black and was hooked. I now almost never drink beer and enjoy a dram or two of scotch every night. I am moving into single malts and so far am loving Dalwhinnie...
    jgaltspeaks jgaltspeaks
    31-35, M
    Nov 30, 2009

    Whisky For the Rest of Us

    Hello everyone - I wanted to let you know about a new community that just launched for people who love scotch and single-malt whiskies: ForScotchLovers.com.  Benefits for joining the community include insider access to rare whiskies in one of the webs best-stocked whisky...
    WhiskyDoug WhiskyDoug
    Jun 1, 2008

    He likes Johnnie Walker.

    . I dont drink.. I intent to get a bottle for him when i next visit him soon. What is nice? He doesnt have any preference as long its from this label.. Im happy to get a bottle but on condition he would get drunk. And he accept my challenged.. Kindly offer your tastebuds.. Lol...
    25minutestoolate 25minutestoolate
    31-35, F
    3 Responses Jan 3, 2015

    The Balvenie Portwood, 21 Year Old

    Tonight it's The Balvenie Portwood, 21 year old. Love it, so smooth, just the right balance. Wow, the finish is so smooth, long and spicey. Just love a very good single malt on a cold night by the fire listening to my favorite jazz with my sexy lady by my side. Life is good...
    Hunter57 Hunter57
    51-55, M
    1 Response Dec 20, 2011

    Love It!

    I'm actually sitting here sipping on a 20 y/o Murray McDavid.  Very nice. I like a lot of different types of Scotch.   Depends on the night and how I feel.  Some nights I want a nice smooth single malt... like and Oban, some nights I feel like something with...
    2nice 2nice
    46-50, M
    3 Responses Jul 4, 2008


    Keep a number of single malts and blends in the hoose. Fun when friends with no experience sipping scotch come over - tfor hey soon find a favorite or two! Fun!
    Seanchaidh Seanchaidh
    46-50, M
    Sep 21, 2009

    Lagavulin Is My Favorite

    I love my scotch more than red wine. I have a small ritual every night. I have to say I have spent more then $10K since 2001 on this scotch. Every night I have my special glass dedicated to this wonderful nectar. I will pour double shot in it with out water or ice. Then after...
    41-45, M
    Jul 9, 2008

    I love Cutty and water the best.

    It has been my favorite drink since my college days. Yes for sure it does burn going down.
    Maryanne1969 Maryanne1969
    46-50, F
    3 Responses Oct 30, 2015

    Single Malt

     My drink of choice strikes many as too manly for a precious little thing like me.  That just makes me laugh.
    docredfield docredfield
    41-45, F
    4 Responses Jan 30, 2010

    Had First Lagavulin In Edinburgh

    I was in the pub, Deacon Brodys, when I had my first enchanting Lagavulin. I must say it's love at first drink.
    DoneWEP DoneWEP
    46-50, M
    Mar 21, 2008

    Love Scotch

    I have become a lover of single malt but must say been enjoying Johnny Walker Black Label blended scotch lately. So smooth and comforting on a cold night. Love to sip and savor my scotch each evening, so relaxing as I listen to Jazz.
    Hunter57 Hunter57
    51-55, M
    Dec 8, 2011


     unfortunately i am too poor at this time to know anything about fine whiskys, except that there is a difference. i've had a taste of the good stuff, and one day i intend to live in that place known as the top shelf.
    janebee janebee
    1 Response Jun 2, 2008

    The Dalmore is a rich,

    not too smokey, fruity not too sweet fine tasting single malt scotch whiskey from the Highland region of Alness. Remarkable texture and taste. Others too try would be Talisker, Lagavulin, Glenmorrangie, Macallan, Ardbeg, Jura, Glenfiddich, and Glenlivet. If your after a...
    havago37 havago37
    41-45, M
    Feb 12, 2014
    ProcrastiNATE1492 ProcrastiNATE1492
    36-40, M
    Jan 25, 2016

    It's Soo Smoooth

    I acquired the taste early in life.  I have my favorites and wouldn't change for the world.
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Jun 1, 2008

    You just can't beat scotch/whisky.

    So much character. So many different flavors.
    deleted deleted
    Dec 25, 2015

    Well I am a long time scotch drinker.

    I prefer islay. Laphroiag and lagvalugun But alas I need to set aside my desire for burnt peat in a glass and prepare for an expedition. Perhaps I'll have a glass now and then for a holiday but my nightly indulgences are over for the moment
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Feb 2, 2016

    Evolution of Taste

    Like many, I started with blends.  Always on ice. And then my I met my first  (single-malt) love, Laphroig 10.  I'm still fond of her. After trying many Islay whiskeys, I somehow stumbled upon a highland, Macallan 18.  This was a mature love, and one that I...
    accomplice accomplice
    46-50, M
    1 Response May 10, 2008
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