I Like Skinny Guys

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    Skinny Is Sexy

    "Skinny is sexy" with guys or girls. At least in my bi opinion. Always felt that way, since grade school even.  I guess i'm just sexually attracted to skinny humans. Including myself.
    aveoho aveoho
    36-40, M
    1 Response Apr 27, 2011

    agree. Long legs with slim gips

    and narrow waist is hot!
    skinnyguys skinnyguys
    51-55, M
    1 Response Oct 28, 2014

    I love skinny boys, but I don't know why.

    .... They are cute and I love them ^^
    000Thallensjaan 000Thallensjaan
    18-21, M
    1 Response Apr 28, 2015
    OhCruelDarkness OhCruelDarkness
    16-17, T
    Oct 30, 2015

    I don't even care if I'm some chubby curvy chick

    that probably elicits "her?" Responses.
    thepooloftears thepooloftears
    Apr 12, 2015
    deleted deleted
    Apr 10, 2015
    boobaloo22 boobaloo22
    36-40, M
    Nov 6, 2015

    I feel like there are a lot of girls

    who want their guy to be "buff" and muscular but I've always preferred a lean body, with maybe just a little muscle tone in the arms.
    deleted deleted
    Jan 22, 2016
    tyguy21 tyguy21
    18-21, M
    Apr 10, 2015

    I'm very much attracted to there body type

    for some reason especially if there tall.
    GabbyWoodBerry GabbyWoodBerry
    18-21, F
    Nov 17, 2015

    Is it just me, or do skinny guys seem to be a

    lot nicer and wholesome than muscular guys?
    wendybunny wendybunny
    26-30, F
    1 Response Feb 11, 2016

    im 20 5'7 and 125 pound.

    pm me if your skinny also :D
    deleted deleted
    Nov 2, 2015

    I'm a curvy size 14,

    and I love skinnier guys!!! Like the young thing before me says -- opposites attract? :-)
    QueenBee479 QueenBee479
    36-40, F
    4 Responses Feb 14, 2014

    Got To Be Skinny For Me!

    Oh yeah. Used to be "Gay Skinny" was a term that meant you were more skinny yet than "Str8 Skinny", which is so hot! I don't care for muscle bound guys, and "Bears" are about the biggest turn-off in the world to me. Its a shame Zac Efron, who used to be HOT skinny, bulked up and...
    kulshady kulshady
    41-45, M
    1 Response Oct 13, 2012

    I Wish More Women Did

    I'm Skinny and I can tell that it is not that many women who like men who are skinny. It has been a life long curse to me. When I was young I had huge problem with it, and was hiding behind loads of cloth. I felt I was unmanly and look awkward. It limited my life in so many ways...
    nightwalk nightwalk
    46-50, M
    1 Response Nov 11, 2011

    Is it hypocritical to want to stay "thick"

    and have a thin boyfriend? Lol I'm a bigger girl but I love love love guys a lot smaller than me....or athletic type. I don't mean to be a ***** but I don't like dating fat guys, I feel totally judged by everyone around me. I want to be with someone who isn't mediocre.
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses May 25, 2015

    Opposites Attract!

    I'm a very curvy, but healthy teen about 335 lbs. I'm single and the thing that bothers me the most is when people ask me why I date thinner guys! I like all kinds of guys chubby, lean, skinny, you name it. I just want someone to love me as foe me just I like I would them. I just...
    BigHeartedChic BigHeartedChic
    18-21, F
    1 Response Mar 18, 2013
    tyguy21 tyguy21
    18-21, M
    May 11, 2015

    I've always liked skinny boys,

    I think they are the cutest.
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Jan 26, 2016

    yes. super cute! like I don't know what it is

    but dang. I've noticed that most of the guys I like are lanky. which is kinda funny because my sister is SUPER into stalky guys.
    shamrok11 shamrok11
    16-17, F
    Apr 9, 2015

    More Like Tall Skinny Guys...

    I don't even so much care if they are ripped or anything... I just love when a skinny guy takes off his shirt and you can see that V-crease along his waist.  I die.  Every time.
    yourunpleasantfamily yourunpleasantfamily
    22-25, F
    1 Response Apr 21, 2011

    Well not so skinny and maybe toned.

    :) And I don't like buff guys like the body of Hulk :( They scare me and kinda give me the goosebumps.. T_T I think this picture is the perfect body of a guy for me. not so skinny, fat and bulky.. :) just right ^_^
    Missnobody2580 Missnobody2580
    18-21, F
    Jun 27, 2014

    Hooray For Us Skinny Guys

    I have always been a lightweight guy but the Mick Jagger hips and rockstar moves have always served me well!
    kriztuhfuh82 kriztuhfuh82
    26-30, M
    Oct 16, 2012

    I always have. Long lanky bods just doit

    for me. I don't think I have ever dated a chubby guy. No attraction to chubby ppl period I guess. Give me a bony bod any day. ❤️
    SweetSyrupOfSchadenfreude SweetSyrupOfSchadenfreude
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Jul 17, 2014
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