I Like Sleeping In Nighties

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    I tried on this nighty,

    and it makes me feel so sexy. I don't try to pass as a woman, but dressing like one is my favorite thing to do. Tonight I'm going to sleep in my sexy, comfy, silky,  and satiny ladies nighty. Tomorrow I'm going to add make up, and thigh highs, and heels, and put up my...
    sissyrachel48 sissyrachel48
    66-70, M
    1 Response Nov 29, 2015

    My new brushed cotton nightie arrived yesterday.

    Tried it on and it feels nice. It will be cosy in the cold winter nights.
    comfi comfi
    56-60, M
    1 Response Jul 21, 2015

    Seven Days and Nighties.

    Sundays nightie is fragrant and white. Soon eyes are closed and I am snoring. The pristine nightie feels very tight. Too much food with chat that was boring. Mondays nightie has a noticeable stain. It’s my favourite and I can’t let it go. My beau with mascara just did it...
    ChrisBloom ChrisBloom
    Jun 1, 2014

    Manuscos flanelette nightie.

    Judith knocked on my door and asked if her friend Mancuso could stay in my spare double room at short notice for a few days because she had no space available due to building works. I asked Judith about Mancuso and what she told me made me curious. The next day Mancuso arrived...
    ChrisBloom ChrisBloom
    1 Response Apr 6, 2014

    I like nighties very much.

    They are the perfect combination of cute and sexy. I love the silky feeling of the satin against my smooth skin.
    thom2332 thom2332
    26-30, M
    6 Responses Mar 27, 2015

    Red Satin

    its so nice to wake in the night and feels the soft fabric against your skin and feel the spaghetti straps slip down your shoulder then when you look at yourself in the morning, waing up all hard.............
    christinemelody christinemelody
    56-60, T
    2 Responses Sep 29, 2012

    Susan Saw me in My Nightie When Susan moved

    into the cottage on the other side of the road, it was not long before we became friends. Over coffee we were laughing and gossiping. “I saw you in your blue silk nightie last night.” said Susan. Our cottage bedroom windows faced each other both sides of the lane – about...
    ChrisBloom ChrisBloom
    3 Responses Dec 18, 2013

    I really do. They make them in different

    materials, but I always like the feelings of the silky material on my skin. I find them really comfortable, and they keep me cool...they are also super cute lol
    DocMcSizzle DocMcSizzle
    26-30, F
    3 Responses Sep 7, 2015

    I like sleeping in my nightdress

    as I don't like pj.s tops and bottom s and they are more cool to sleep in and in my case easy for me
    Joanne181 Joanne181
    18-21, F
    6 Responses Dec 20, 2015

    I love sleeping in women's nighties.

    Tonight after a long 6 hours of stressful driving a sick car home. I am a relaxed surfergurl after a long hot shower, toweled off and motioned my silky smooth legs and arms. Now I'm lounging with a nice sleeping night tea in simple white cotton panties and cotton nighty shirt...
    sissysurfer sissysurfer
    66-70, T
    5 Responses Oct 5, 2015

    As it is stated in here I like to wear a nitie

    to bed as I find it not only influences my dreams but my thoughts and feelings when I wake up. I feel so warm and fuzzy and feminine waking up in a nitie and watching the flash of my polished nails in the morning sunlight.
    amandatrane1 amandatrane1
    51-55, T
    6 Responses Oct 3, 2015

    Just reminiscing about putting my mothers

    brushed nylon nightie when I got the chance when I was a teenager.
    comfi comfi
    56-60, M
    2 Responses Jul 22, 2015

    I wear silky or shiny satin nighties every night

    for a long time now.My choice is midi length and I have several colours and panties to match. My favourite colour is pink and have some in different styles. It's amazing how a man I would be entertaining likes to choose a colour while it doesn't matter to a woman.It is even more...
    Margerie Margerie
    66-70, M
    3 Responses Aug 23, 2015

    Who am I in my nightie ?

    From a toddler I have always loved nighties that are semi-sheer, floaty and have an endearing feminine mystique. For me they have been a welcome and easily available antidote to the emotional stresses and strains that have beset me from time to time. I assumed that my love for...
    ChrisBloom ChrisBloom
    2 Responses Apr 7, 2014

    In my Nightie with my Cousins.

    It has been a hard days night deciding which nightie to wear. I am up on the roof waiting for the sun to shine its last few rays across the cityscape. As I say my last anthem to the sun all I have to do is dream of of bedtime in my nightie with my two cousins who are in theirs...
    ChrisBloom ChrisBloom
    3 Responses May 31, 2014

    My Aunt Gave Me A Nightie

    At age thirteen I went to visit my aunt by train. My parents went off to Paris for a week. My favourite maiden aunt collected me from the bus stop and asked me where my bag was. I had accidentally left it on the bus. Despite all efforts to find it, the bag was temporarily lost...
    ChrisBloom ChrisBloom
    6 Responses Jul 15, 2013

    Jenny gave me a Nightie.

    Five star Jenny lived up to her rating. She was no bargain basement one night stand. As usual I was attracted to her eyes first and then to her personality and body language. Her subtle endearing voice drew me to her like an ever stronger magnet. Once within her grasp her...
    ChrisBloom ChrisBloom
    1 Response Mar 24, 2014

    Started wearing nighties

    when I was a kid and haven't stopped.
    Bobbie1952 Bobbie1952
    61-65, M
    1 Response Apr 8, 2016

    A Good Nighty Repair

    At my own new apartment, I now change from women's outer clothes to one of my nightgowns every night. I change into fresh panties, and a special 38B Bali bra I call my "sleeping bra".  A slippery nightgown finishes my nightwear.  Sometimes I'll wear thigh high nylons. One...
    Keely1 Keely1
    66-70, M
    1 Response May 27, 2011

    I love sleeping in nighties

    and my pantyhose more than anything.
    wtbwoman wtbwoman
    46-50, T
    1 Response Mar 12, 2016


    I love wearing a nightgown to bed but I also wear a bra and panty.Wearing a nightgown is almost the same as wearing a fullslip.I love the feel of running my hands up and down my body.I've had long ones and short one.The color I preffer is white but I've had blue and pink ones.
    Gidget48 Gidget48
    70+, M
    2 Responses Sep 24, 2013

    I just treated myself at Christmas to a cute

    little nightgown with a peignoir. It is a peach color with some lace on the cups and it is all satin. I just love to put it on and walk around the house in it. Girls are so lucky to be able to wear something that feels as nice as this does.
    ReneeTalley ReneeTalley
    61-65, M
    3 Responses Jan 4, 2016

    Good Nighties

    I remember my first nighties to wear as I sleep. It is a pink satin with lace floral design at the bodice and at he hem. It is almost knee length and so soft to wear. I thanked mom for letting me wear this very feminine sleepwear despite I was not a real girl.
    sharinep sharinep
    26-30, T
    5 Responses Aug 12, 2013

    My first experience of sleeping in nighties on

    a regular basis was after my sons had left home to go to university. I had wanted to wear nighties to bed for a number of years and it was only on the odd occasion when my wife and I had the house to ourselves that I was able to be feel comfortable in wearing a nightie around...
    MandytgAndy MandytgAndy
    70+, T
    3 Responses Mar 2, 2015

    My new nightie. Put it in on

    when I went to bed but my wife wanted to fool around. Went to sleep after that. Had to get up to pee at about 2am and put my nightie back on. Got up in the morning and made my lunch and watched the news while in my nightie. Best way to start your day!
    mat2Robin43 mat2Robin43
    56-60, M
    5 Responses Sep 23, 2015

    Sandras and Clarissas Nighties.

    I called home to Sandra several times during the raging storm that had confined me to my office all day. Alas there was no response. As the light waned I became particularly anxious. At 6.30pm I rang my kind neighbour Fran to ask for my house to be checked. Fran reported that...
    ChrisBloom ChrisBloom
    1 Response Jun 5, 2014

    In fact nighties are sexier

    than that of any lingerie.
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses Dec 27, 2015

    My Aunt And I Shared Our Nightie Secrets

    This is the third instalment following “My Aunt gave me a Nightie” and the “I Slept with my Aunt for the first time”. By age sixteen my aunt and I had become soul mates and could talk about almost everything. In a general discussion about life I asked my aunt why she had...
    ChrisBloom ChrisBloom
    Jul 16, 2013

    Every night when getting ready

    for bed, after a nice hot shower, nothing can compare to slipping on a nice fresh pair of satin panties and topping it with a satin nightie. It feels so soothing, as well as exciting and arousing, to snuggle under the covers wearing all satin.
    CathytheCD CathytheCD
    66-70, T
    8 Responses Jan 2, 2015

    I showed Cousin Jo my New Nightie.

    As I got older I warmed to my cousin Jo who worked and lived above the family bakery in town. Despite being asked by my parents to keep my distance from her I was intrigued by the image and demeanour of this happy go lucky relative. I could never work out whether Jo was a male...
    ChrisBloom ChrisBloom
    3 Responses May 10, 2015

    Hello,my name is jacob

    but i like to go by zoey. I have spent the last seventeen years of my life alone because I am a girly-boy. Now I have the Internet and sites like this. i am now seeking help from someone who lives near me. i live in Virginia and am looking for some one I can meet, i love EP...
    zoey764 zoey764
    18-21, T
    Jul 23, 2014

    Do you like my new photo?

    It is me in my fav blue brushed nylon nightie.
    comfi comfi
    56-60, M
    Jul 21, 2015

    I Slept With My Aunt For The First Time

    This is the second installment that follows “My Aunt Gave me a Nightie”. To start with my aunt and I slept in separate rooms when I visited on holiday as a young teenager. This situation changed one autumn night when there was a massive thunder storm just after we went to bed...
    ChrisBloom ChrisBloom
    2 Responses Jul 16, 2013
    SilkandLace SilkandLace
    36-40, M
    6 Responses Oct 10, 2015

    Sisterly love in our nighties.

    I have just come back from time away with my neighbour Judith. She is not a car driver and had to attend a book signing up country. When she was chatting with me about the book signing. She explained that there was no public transport and it would be expensive to arrange a taxi...
    ChrisBloom ChrisBloom
    4 Responses Apr 5, 2014

    I Like Sleeping In Nighties.

    My mother always wamted a girl, from a baby untill I was 5 mother used to dress me as a girl. and at 8 years  old (1947) we had a neighbour whos husband used to be away a lot, my mum sent me to sleep in the Neighbours house one night when her Husband was away. So I go round...
    nalarekab nalarekab
    70+, M
    17 Responses Sep 5, 2010

    This is s new nightie

    that I bought last week. I am at my dads house for the week. If he knew I was wearing this I think I would not be allowed in the house again but this is me. I can't be somethings I am not.
    mat2Robin43 mat2Robin43
    56-60, M
    1 Response Mar 10, 2016

    I love to wear something sexy to bed,

    even if I'm alone. It just makes me good. I like to look pretty even when I'm sleeping lol.
    deleted deleted
    4 Responses Feb 8, 2014

    Not all the time a little hot

    for them right now for camies or teddies. But in winter im always in camie and matching panty
    deleted deleted
    5 Responses Jul 19, 2015

    Ihave been wearing nighties every night

    for some years.I prefer shiny satin or nylon. I also had a girl friend who wore similar nightties to me . The feel was beautiful. I now have a man who visits me regularly and when he stays he wears one of my nighties. The lovemaking is fantastic. Our hands are all over each...
    Margerie Margerie
    66-70, M
    2 Responses Aug 13, 2015
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