I Like Space 1999

The premise of Space: 1999 centres on the plight of the inhabitants of Moonba<x>se Alpha, Earth's Space Research Center on the Moon. 6 People

    Granada studios in America are in preproduction

    mode to create a brand new series of SPACE:1999. Provisional titled Space:2099. This is to be a reworking of the themes and ideals of the original tv series created by the genius of Gerry & Sylvia Anderson & their production team back in 1973. Speculation as to what it will...
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    Sept 13th 1999 - The Moon is blasted out of

    orbit in a nuclear cataclysm . The 311 personnel on moon base alpha are listed as being missing. A planned rescue attempt fails. The international space station is also hurled out of orbit and is destroyed . The Earth is devastated by earth quakes , tidal waves...
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