I Like Taking Baths

Baths are so relaxing so what are some of your favorite bath smells 207 People


    loved them playing with bubbles << lol being carlm relaxed let my mind wonder
    alucardx alucardx
    18-21, M
    Dec 2, 2010

    Great For All Ages

    Mmmmmm. When I was little I loved playing in bubble baths. I haven't taken one of those in a long time. Maybe I should start again. Now I like adding bath salts with my favorite scents, like lavender, and just lying in the lovely warm water and daydreaming. What's nicer?
    delicateaffection delicateaffection
    22-25, F
    Feb 21, 2011

    Well I am in the tub.

    ...cried and then stopped...and then cried again...I am hurting...I hate it...why does this have too hurt soo much?
    SexySam93 SexySam93
    22-25, F
    1 Response Dec 22, 2014

    When I Felt Like I Had A Truly Plush Life

    I built a little ( 1200 sq,. ft. ) house a few years ago, and put in heated floors. It gave me the opportunity to put a full size hot tub in the laundry / sunroom, and not waste the electricity keeping it heated, because it was part of the house. Now I have an indoor hot tub...
    freightdog freightdog
    46-50, M
    Aug 10, 2012

    I feel so much better!

    Nap+Bath=Relaxation....I'm one happy camper lol
    MississippiGal MississippiGal
    31-35, F
    Nov 11, 2015

    With Bubbles and Candles

    I actually wanted my house for the sole purpose . It has a fireplace and a walk in tub . .... That sold the deal ... I love bubble baths ... just wish i had more of a chance to take them ... Its hard for me to do it ... because  i just dont seem to have time to really relax...
    starstruck2xtrme starstruck2xtrme
    26-30, F
    1 Response Jan 29, 2008

    Unusual Bath

    I have an unusual bath ,designed for older people. It has a seat in it and a door. The one problem is that you have to get in it before you let the water in and you can't get out until all the water has gone out.That is not much a problem with a bathroon heather and it is very...
    Fulke Fulke
    70+, M
    May 10, 2011

    Stupid Drought

    I live in a drought area so I can't take baths anymore, but every chance I get I'm there with my bubbles to relax and let Calgon take me away...
    deleted deleted
    Mar 6, 2010

    So Relaxing

    I love to sit in the tub and soak in the warmth and bubbles. Every Chance I get I take a bath unless I don't have much time before I got to be somewhere then it's all shower action. I like using different scents of bubble bath & bath beads and such every time I take one. My...
    mak314 mak314
    26-30, F
    1 Response Oct 25, 2007


    A great way to relax with bubbles, slow music and body wash.
    darkangellights darkangellights
    18-21, F
    Jul 15, 2013
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