I Like to Be Encase In Pantyhose From Head to Toe

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    i love it okey im a boy i always go to the jumbo buy 20 diner pantyhose they so good :)love it but i what to meet sombody ho whant to play i life in holland amersfoort
    lovepantyhose5 lovepantyhose5
    22-25, M
    Nov 24, 2012

    I love the slippery feeling of rubbing my

    nyloned hands all over my nyloned body and head. First time I tried to encase my whole body was when I was about 15 years old, I uses Hanes Silk Reflections and a pair of Leggs for my arms. I put on my mom's one piece bathing suit, an invisible Halloween mask, and a cape. I...
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    2 Responses Apr 11, 2014

    I Did When I Was Young

    When I was about 20 something, I can remember encasing myself in pantihose. Really what I did was I wore one pair of pantihose in the regular way. The next thing I did was I put one leg of another pair of pantihose on both legs, and the other leg over my head and upper torso. I...
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    Oct 28, 2012

    Now this is so awesome,

    I would love this done to me, it is so similar to what I already do, except this is done very well and when I do it I will be wearing my high waist pantyhose up to my armpits and a leg from another pair of pantyhose over my head and pulled down to my neck and my hands cuffed...
    wtbwoman wtbwoman
    46-50, T
    1 Response Mar 30, 2016

    This is what I MOSTLY  LOVE to do

    and my addiction, the above photo is my high waist pantyhose, except when I wear mine, the wonderful pantyhose go all the way up to my armpits and of course the bottom photo is me inside my pride and joy my 6 foot pillowcase that I made myself, I wear my high waist...
    wtbwoman wtbwoman
    46-50, T
    Mar 24, 2016


    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the feeling of being encased in pantyhose from head to toe, then I get into a 6 foot, 600 thread count pillowcase that I made and tie it really tight below my feet. The feeling is so very very very very awesome. Some day I...
    wtbwoman wtbwoman
    46-50, T
    8 Responses Nov 15, 2012

    I've Tried It

    This is something I find fun to do, although, I haven't tried it in a long time. It started with wearing two pairs of pantyhose on my legs, and with time, I learned I could cover my entire body. Of course, I thought I was completely insane at the time. I even referred to...
    BizSuitStacy BizSuitStacy
    56-60, T
    4 Responses May 31, 2011

    Wolford Encasement

    Anyone who is into hosiery would know Wolford is synonymous with quality. But cutting up three pairs of a wolfords.now that is something I would dare say not many have tried for encasement. two pairs of wolford satin opaque 50 were cut, one worn normally.it was the most...
    imladderfree imladderfree
    26-30, M
    1 Response Jan 8, 2012

    The day is getting closer

    for me to do this with my brand new Hanes extra firm support high waist pantyhose and a pantyhose leg I cut off another pair of pantyhose and put it over my head and pull it down to my neck and be inside my 6 foot pillowcase that I made out of 600 thread count sheets, because...
    wtbwoman wtbwoman
    46-50, T
    Mar 16, 2016

    I did it this morning,

    it had been a few weeks since I did it so I was going through some serious withdrawal, I did it for 4 hours this morning, I guess it's my addiction, you know there are worse things I could be addicted too, so I guess this addiction is not so bad. I did it today without the...
    wtbwoman wtbwoman
    46-50, T
    Mar 17, 2016

    Nice N Tight

    this is so goodslip on a bodystocking, blackthen another couple of pairs of tightsthen put your arms in another paid over your headthen just enjoy the feel
    christinemelody christinemelody
    56-60, T
    1 Response May 5, 2012
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