I Like To Dance Under The Night Sky

with or with out the stars..with a full moon or no moon I will dance 48 People


    v=GAmsGtBRCKs It's just ...Wicked
    Ashishishe Ashishishe
    70+, M
    Apr 14, 2014


    For a few nights I have not been able to sleep.So I go outside and walk around the yard,I find myself looking up to the heavens and begin to chant to my elders who have pass to the next world.I start dancing to the sounds of the the night.When you can go out to the night and...
    YouWhoRainDancer YouWhoRainDancer
    41-45, F
    5 Responses Mar 23, 2010

    Every night I wait till my family are asleep

    and sneak outside. It's outside at night that I feel most alive. Just the night, music and me. It's all that I need and all that I want. I feel alone but not lonely, like there's someone there sharing it with me and it really is beautiful.
    ClaudiaLily ClaudiaLily
    22-25, F
    Apr 14, 2014
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