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I Like to Write Erotica

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    Pandora's Box

    The click-clack of your heels echo down the hallway and you know without looking that the seams of your silk stockings, arrow-straight, will draw his eyes up to the hem of the denim mini that is just short enough to make you feel slightly uncomfortable. But you did agree to wear...
    deleted deleted
    5 Responses Dec 7, 2011

    Stockinged Sexx

    Laura told Jesse that he could have sexx with her under one condition and that was that they both had to wear a pair of pantyhose for 24 hours and stay together at home. Then, they had to "make love" as many times as possible with the pantyhose on. If he could handle that for one...
    stankadiddlehopper stankadiddlehopper
    51-55, M
    Jul 15, 2013

    Oh....! Is For Oklahoma, Or Dancing In The Moonlight..part 3

    It’s making me shudder, this dirty, dirty game. What must be going through your mind? We all know what’s happening to your head….. I slow my sucking to a stop; just running my tongue round the rim of your helmet before I lift my head to kiss you hard. Like I said, my love...
    KatarinaVonSweet KatarinaVonSweet
    36-40, F
    1 Response Jul 8, 2012

    Yes Please

    Imagine us standing, me behind you. I pull thick, black leather gloves onto my hands and ask you if you like the smell of leather, if you want to taste the glove. One of my gloves passes in front of your chin, lightly brushing your lower lip. My other hand secures a grip...
    VT2013 VT2013
    41-45, M
    Nov 11, 2013

    Silently i take you into my arms.

    Our lips meet and our eyes close. I feel the shuddering of your breast and the beating of your throat against mine.... We know nothing but the thunder of our veins.... We are swept out into a sea of infinite oblivion. I lift you from your toes as i sweep you off your feet...
    briandowd briandowd
    41-45, M
    1 Response Jan 5, 2016

    Afternoon Delight (part 1)

    My girlfriend was waiting for me to arrive in the late afternoon on a very hot August day in the summer of 2012, as the sun dropped down near the horizon and the shadows lengthened. She was dressed in a tight outfit with a zipper up the front that lifted her full breasts into...
    WildGuide WildGuide
    61-65, M
    Sep 7, 2012

    Oh....! Is For Oklahoma, Or Dancing In The Moonlight. Part 4

    Bad Katarina...she needs punished! Hmmm...Dibergaig is out of the handcuffs...*snap, click*..Katarina is now handcuffed to the chair in front of D..bent over with her butt facing him! Let the fun begin.I will have to work to get D back to a happy state for me...D bends over and...
    moondancelady moondancelady
    51-55, F
    2 Responses Aug 18, 2012

    Call Of The Dance

    I walk out onto the dance floor. I feel you behind me, the floor is crowded and we search for a spot. The bass is deep, heavy, full and dark. In the deep welling of the music lies the call of the dance, beckoning, tempting. Our hips start to move, rotating and grinding. We do...
    moondancelady moondancelady
    51-55, F
    9 Responses Sep 12, 2012

    Communing With Nature And Teenage Lust

    A long time ago, as a young teen, I met a young man I thought the world of. He was a wrestler, gorgeous body, thick neck, beautiful ***.small and full. His arms were rippled and toned, his chest perfectly shaped. Every dip and ripple was mouth watering. For the first time in my...
    moondancelady moondancelady
    51-55, F
    5 Responses Jun 17, 2012


    This is a work of fiction and may be offensive to some. Hmmm, I am dreamimg pleasant dreams. My body feels languid and turned on at the same time. I feel you lips, latching onto my nipples, moving down my stomach..biting, sucking. I begin to realize I am not dreaming and you are...
    moondancelady moondancelady
    51-55, F
    17 Responses Jun 17, 2012

    Hmmm Nightmare

    Erotic Nightmare For the most part my boss has quite understood of my sexual needs. When she first caught me in the restroom, leaning against the wall with the stall door unlocked and my panties down around my ankles, she smiled and closed the door. Since the bathroom door...
    deleted deleted
    Oct 15, 2012

    The Meeting

    *Warning, this is extremely sexual. Do not read if you will be offended. *After months of talking, texting, playing..concrete plans were made to determine if strong currents ran as hard with the distance closed. We arrive at our room, it is dark. You flip the lights on and sit...
    moondancelady moondancelady
    51-55, F
    20 Responses Apr 27, 2012

    I enjoy writing erotic stories.

    I used to post them online all the time. Its not such a big deal to me if someone likes it or not. Heck, I just enjoy writing when I'm in the mood for it.
    thesilentchef thesilentchef
    31-35, F
    2 Responses Jul 18, 2014

    Oh....! Is For Oklahoma, Or Dancing In The Moonlight..part 2

    Hey baby, I think we like tying you up. And I really hope you are nervous. It would serve you right since you told me to behave....and Kat and I are not gonna change our profiles either.Your skin is starting to look flushed..your wrists a little red from pulling on the handcuffs...
    moondancelady moondancelady
    51-55, F
    4 Responses Jul 1, 2012
    goodman72 goodman72
    41-45, M
    1 Response May 23, 2014

    Soft music fills the candlelit room,

    Just the two of us, with all our love to share. I kiss your lips and tenderly caress you. Keep telling you how much i care. My hands are caressing your breasts, The sensation you feel is so thrilling. Everytime i make love to you, It gets more and more fulfilling. Now your...
    briandowd briandowd
    41-45, M
    2 Responses Jan 15, 2016

    Sharing it, With Some Flair

    It's been years and years since I've composed any, however.  Maybe it's time I picked up my illicit pen, and created something nice'n'naughty again?  Interestingly, my 'erotica' (wrapped around a fetish bent my imagination used to indulge) has been published, but in...
    UnderEli UnderEli
    46-50, M
    2 Responses Jul 7, 2009

    I crave your mouth, your voice,

    your hair, the taste of your skin, your sweet sweat as it dips onto me, the feeling of your warm body, the pounding of your hear as it beats against mine....
    briandowd briandowd
    41-45, M
    1 Response Jan 5, 2016

    Lovers' Lane!

      FUNGIRL DISCLAIMER: The following story depicts an adult, mutually consenting, sexual act. It is intended for mature audiences only; if you aren't, then fungirl urges you to stop reading now. I won't get offended if you don't read my posts, but you may if you continue...
    fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
    46-50, F
    25 Responses May 19, 2009

    Sarra And Manda

    This is a work of fiction, its the first one I have ever written, please tell me what you think.  It involves girl on girl  action so if your not into it please skip.    Today was the day. The day I would be meeting my lover.  You see I play...
    SarraF SarraF
    26-30, F
    Feb 17, 2010

    The Library

    I went to the library on Sunday. Pretty quiet. Not too many kids. Wish parents would better control their children in public places. Walked to the fiction area and began to scan the titles. I started on the top row standing and soon was on the bottom shelve, kneeling. Feeling a...
    deleted deleted
    Aug 19, 2012
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