I Like Watching Stars At Night

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    Unfortunately where I live there are street

    light so I can't see stars.
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    Oct 1, 2014

    Pretty Things In The Sky

        I like looking at the stares in the mountains. Its a good thing. There are no lights from the city to get in the way. Its nice to lok at the stares. To see some of the constalations. Even though, I don't know the name of them all.  I like to look at the...
    acjf acjf
    22-25, F
    Sep 2, 2010

    When I was young my mother used to tell me

    that there are fairies living in the stars.I was very fascinated by it and used to spend so much time lying in the garden staring at the stars wondering what those fairies might be doing and how their homes look like. Whenever I go to dad's family farm house I find it so...
    Susana1985 Susana1985
    31-35, F
    3 Responses Mar 5, 2014

    Once I saw a falling star accidentally with my

    friend and I made a wish, I think I still believe these kind of stuff haha even some people think it's silly
    Dilemmi Dilemmi
    26-30, F
    1 Response Jan 21, 2014


    When I grew up I lived In the rural, no lights what so ever.. I remember sitting on the front porch in the evening, just queitly swinging, listening to the cricketts..the stars were something to behold, they were so many, it was almost like the sky was coverd with those...
    Bluebird777 Bluebird777
    70+, F
    1 Response May 11, 2010


    I am in awe of the night time sky.  I forget how truly amazing it is to connect with it, even though I live in a place with almost no light pollution.  On a cloudless night when the moon isn’t shining, it is quite easy to see the Milky Way.   Tonight, the...
    EvesHarvest EvesHarvest
    56-60, F
    3 Responses Aug 13, 2009

    So Many!!

    I love the summer sky cause there are so many stars to view. If I had a telescope, I could spend hours photographing different stars. The view of the galaxy spanning from North to South is beautiful and the meteors. I could watch the sky for hours.
    proximacentauri proximacentauri
    22-25, M
    Aug 15, 2010

    I like just sitting there

    or standing looking at the starts and thinking about random things in life. It gets really deep sometimes
    Answeringyou35 Answeringyou35
    18-21, F
    Jul 22, 2014

    Stars For The Soul

    I Like Watching Stars At Night,. It is so relaxing, good for the mind , body & soul. Plus the Beauty of the Stars always Amazes me.
    sweetnshort sweetnshort
    56-60, M
    2 Responses Oct 2, 2010

    My Orion

    when i was younger we lived far far away from any city. when things got rough in my home i would yearn for the night. everyone would be asleep and i would sneak out of my room and sit on my roof and stare up at the stars. my first constellation (and pretty much my only) was Orion...
    hungrybuddha hungrybuddha
    26-30, F
    1 Response Jun 18, 2009


    i always wonder who or what might be out there, on a planet light years away. they could be laying on their back on the ground, on a planet just like our own, just stargazing and looking at the tiny dot of our sun in their sky. we could be looking into each other's eyes across...
    axeman66 axeman66
    41-45, M
    8 Responses Jun 1, 2009


    To just lay on a blanket at the beach or in the back of the truck and look up at the never ending sky. The stars so bright, coming together to form whatever pictures your imagination can create. I love to show the kids the Big Dipper and one day they'll get to see a shooting...
    mysplitpersonality mysplitpersonality
    36-40, F
    2 Responses Jul 24, 2009

    So Bright, So Pretty

    I saw the most brilliant shooting star I've ever seen tonight! It was amazing! I'm still excited about it! After seeing it I sat outside for a while and saw 2 more which were beautiful, but nothing compared to that first one. It looked so close that I was actually tempted to walk...
    cherryxblossom cherryxblossom
    26-30, F
    5 Responses Aug 8, 2010

    To Be Starstruck

    A place surrounded by mustard fields. all i could see was yellows and greens and those birds which i had never seen. Then darkness sunk in. no bulb which was lit. no voices were heard. when the village was sleeping and winter cold was grey and still. there was no yellow or green...
    deleted deleted
    Aug 13, 2013

    Oh, how I miss the stars.

    I've moved into a light zone where you can barely see them. But I've found my sanctuary down by the marina where I lay down and watch them.
    RedCatHunting RedCatHunting
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Mar 5, 2014

    I love to sit out outside on a cool fall

    evening with my dog and a cup of coffee looking into the sky. It's so peaceful and relaxing.
    Lone1y Lone1y
    41-45, M
    2 Responses Apr 3, 2014

    I 💜 hearing & 👀 what will happen 2 ISON,

    I believe this is the 2nd coming of Christ. After all, he is the only son of God, the great I AM!!
    pyeito pyeito
    31-35, M
    Jan 7, 2014

    You Are Who You Are

    Don't let people change you. Don't become someone you're not. Just what who you are. People may see your flaws but don't let those flaws be a bad thing. You are perfect the way you. Weather you're short, tall, skinny, fat, straight, or gay you are perfect in your own way. So just...
    CharlesXavier CharlesXavier
    26-30, M
    1 Response May 24, 2013


    I like watching stars at night,  I Love it ,you are staring into the Heavens, looking at all the shinning stars, picking out the conselllation. I once  got to view a metor shower that lasted all night and it was greater than any fireworks display known to man
    sweetnshort sweetnshort
    56-60, M
    2 Responses May 30, 2010

    There is something so mysterious

    yet comforting about laying beneath the stars.
    warrioreo warrioreo
    26-30, F
    Feb 26, 2014

    This one time I was having a **** of a day

    so i decided to go to park. i sat on the swings and started looking up at the sky.since it was a really clear night so for a change i could see the stars properly. there I saw a smiley in the sky and since then I go star gazing whenever I get a chance just to see that smiley...
    Pandainpinktutu Pandainpinktutu
    18-21, F
    Feb 26, 2014

    Starry Starry Night

    The times I have most loved watching the stars is with my dad or my uncle because they know things that I don't. The best night sky I have seen was when I was in Spain staying with my aunt and uncle. My uncle wanted to go outside and show me the ...
    charlo charlo
    18-21, F
    4 Responses Jul 15, 2009

    Just Beautiful

     There are nights when i'm going through something that has me upset or depressed, that i will just go outside lean against a car with my ipod and gaze up into the sky and get lost. I feel like the beauty of stars works in calming  me or atleast distracting me for...
    MiracleWhipTrickster MiracleWhipTrickster
    18-21, M
    Oct 11, 2010

    I spent some time in Africa

    and those nights under the stars, priceless. Whenever it's clear here now I remember those nights and am comforted by the natural gift the universe gave us!
    monkeybuisness monkeybuisness
    22-25, F
    Feb 26, 2014

    I wonder sometimes what's it like to be a stars.

    And not the ones you see in the movies or on the television screen. A real stare, twinkling in the sky, always so big and bright, so beautiful. I wonder what it would be like to live in the sky like the stares, and not the ones in the movies or on the television screen, I mean...
    somethin2say somethin2say
    26-30, F
    Dec 31, 2013

    Here I am writing, feeling,

    thinking and looking into the infinite sky. All those things together and so far away at the same time. My thoughts make me drift away in my own world where words are feelings and can't be written but only showed. I think about you but I can't see your face, your body or those...
    deleted deleted
    Jun 27, 2014
    pyeito pyeito
    31-35, M
    Jan 12, 2014

    Comet's Tail

    At the begining of August this year, the comet that had departed our skies (don't know it's name) left a trail of dust that slowly hit our atmosphere creating lines of simple fireworks in the night sky. Sitting out on the porch of the summer hut, I watched in awe this celestial...
    wisiwig wisiwig
    46-50, F
    1 Response Aug 31, 2010


    I live in the city. I love the stars but I don't really get to see them and when I do, I just love them. Also, I love it when the moon is full and white or a harvest moon!!!     
    foreverme73 foreverme73
    Jun 18, 2010

    Looking Up When Feeling Down

    When I was young, my parents took us camping a lot - I have a picture of my dad's and his dad's favourite camping site in my pictures section - the one with the flat smooth rocks. At night time, as I got older, I would wander to the beach by myself - even when I was young, I...
    DeepForest DeepForest
    2 Responses Nov 3, 2010


    Every time I look up in the sky at night. I see the stars twinkling bright. Then I envy them on how're there so free. How there always relaxed and not have a care in the world. When I look at the stars it makes me tank of the future but mostly the past. How the sky was cleaner...
    WhyxDidxIxLive WhyxDidxIxLive
    13-15, F
    Jan 23, 2013

    Star Up In the Sky

      Sometimes I wonder . Whats far above in the sky ? Is a star of " mine " . That star shines brighter than light . Stars of fascination , Stars of fantasy , Star of my dreams . One star belongs to me . That star all alone , full of love . A star that lies beyond...
    CrystalRainsPearls CrystalRainsPearls
    41-45, F
    5 Responses Jun 2, 2009

    Always Moving Never Breaking Ranks.

    Without number they stand in place I indulge the wonderous contrast, immeasureable darkness. To see even the satelites passing by, let the stars fall where they may. Moments in time where all is right. It draws me in through beauty sifts me like wheat. And I stand alone.
    WondersBeyondOurGalaxy WondersBeyondOurGalaxy
    26-30, F
    7 Responses Sep 9, 2009

    Anything involving nature puts me at peace

    and eases my mind. There's just something about the stars, the way they align and how they create a formation. I can stare off into the night sky and not have any worries. Everything around me disappears and not one single worry comes to mind. Actions are slow and then the...
    gh0ulish gh0ulish
    22-25, F
    Mar 5, 2014

    3 Words...

    Perseid Meteor Shower. Happening right now, free to all who can see!! Even if theres no fireworks (meteors) I love watching the stars
    deleted deleted
    Aug 13, 2009

    Love Looking At The Stars!!

    i always walk home after work at night, and i always just love looking up at the starry sky on my way home, there is just something so calming about looking up at the stars!!! well for me anyway!!! lol
    cowshed123 cowshed123
    36-40, M
    1 Response Oct 6, 2010

    Sprinkle Your Sparkle Down On Me

    I am so blessed to live way out here in the middle of nowhere. I love walking out into the field at night and admiring the stars. One of my most cherished things in the world is to stand there while the fireflies are out...It's like you're walking among the stars. They're above...
    cherryxblossom cherryxblossom
    26-30, F
    10 Responses Aug 3, 2010

    The Best Things In Life Are Free

    What is so relaxing for me is just to sit on a rooftop and watch the sky at night, enjoy the beautiful sparkles of a million stars scattered around like a veil in the sky. I feel the same way for tall buildings at night when you see nothing but city lights. But nothing compared...
    arianne19 arianne19
    36-40, F
    Sep 11, 2010

    Don't Do It All The Time

    The night sky is a miracle, especially if it can be seen in a very dark place.  It shows the way to what we really are: little people watching it. But the nights are not made only to watch the sky;  Some of my EP friends keep me cuffed to my pc at times i should be...
    moreandless moreandless
    56-60, M
    Feb 3, 2010
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