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    Just received Satanic Warmaster - Strength &

    Honour on white vinyl, Northern Heritage pressing in the mail and picked up 3 Goatmoon CDs. Saw Satanic Warmaster, Black Witchery, Nyogthaeblisz, and Archgoat live in Cleveland on Sep. 4/5/6 2015 Hell's Headbash pt. 2. Love black metal!
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    Sep 25, 2015
    voslung voslung
    36-40, M
    Aug 12, 2014

    I'm kind of a newb to the genre,

    I've yet to branch out from Mayhem and Immortal; but it's pretty ******* awesome.
    seamzking seamzking
    18-21, M
    Nov 30, 2013

    I Don't Remember How Long It's Been.....

    I feel like I've been listening to Black Metal and other various genres forever. Literally, my father took me to my first Death Metal concert when I was 14 and it was Cannibal Corpse since then, it's just progressed. I'm greatful though, if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have been...
    Andariel Andariel
    22-25, F
    3 Responses Sep 12, 2008

    Black Metal

    I first got in to music like system of a down and Korn. I heard some black metal pretty soon afterwards but I didn't get in to it until I heard "raise the dead" by Bathory. After that I was content to listen to just mainstream black metal but lately I have been looking in to more...
    jaredtucker jaredtucker
    18-21, M
    Sep 29, 2013

    Anahuac Mexicayotl Black Metal

    Xipe Totec Kalpul is a band formed in 2007 in Mexico-atepetl, with the goal to arise the true knowlege from the ancient people in the ancients civilizations in all the Anahuac, Xipe Totec Kalpul convine the force of the black metal music with the prehispanic instruments to...
    kroszt kroszt
    22-25, M
    2 Responses Feb 21, 2010

    I Listen to Black Metal

    i love Gorgoroth, 1349, Mayhem, Emperor, Satyricon, Darkthrone, Dimmu Borgir, Old Mans Child, Arcturus, Opera IX(Italian) and loads more. Some of these bands may not fall into the strict confines of Norwegian Black Metal but i like this music for the unique cold atmosphere i...
    Donalh Donalh
    22-25, M
    8 Responses Apr 15, 2008


    deleted deleted
    Jul 23, 2015

    I prefer black metal with alot of ambient

    influences. Bands like Burzum and Leviathan. I mainly listen to the bands from scandinavia. Like Carpathian Forest, Dark Funeral, Burzum etc etc
    DeclineAndFall DeclineAndFall
    18-21, M
    1 Response Jan 4, 2016

    Ist Krieg

    I've been listening to black metal for years now.. it was at one time even my favorite style of music to listen to, and that's primarily when I did most of my exploration throughout the genre.  Like a lot of people, it started with bands like Cradle of Filth and Dimmu...
    wtfwolf wtfwolf
    18-21, M
    1 Response Jan 24, 2010
    voslung voslung
    36-40, M
    Aug 12, 2014

    'Klippemennesket' by Solbrud (DK).

    3rd track off their second album 'Jærtegn'. Good stuff! Depressing, yet oddly energizing.
    MrHansen MrHansen
    36-40, M
    Oct 21, 2014

    I Only Just Recently Found My New Love of Black Metal

    Even thou i have listen to Dimmu Borgir for about 3 years i never really thought of listening to other black metal bands... But now so far i have heard of Immortal (properly not just by name haha), Akercocke and Opeth. i would be thankful if anyone could gimme some more bands to...
    AutumnChild AutumnChild
    18-21, F
    3 Responses Sep 19, 2009

    Black Metal is the best music

    for me to relieve frustration and anger. This music community a unique atmosphere, especially when it is dark and only candlelight illuminates the room.The best bands for me are Austere, Lustre, Woods of Desolation, Midnight Odyssey and The Crevieces Below. The music is...
    MissSixtyLover MissSixtyLover
    46-50, M
    3 Responses Dec 28, 2013


    I am a female singer in a grind band here in Florida.  Check us out @    www.myspace.com/powerofthelion We just played with Suffocation  Dying Fetus    Origin   and more on the Summer Slaughter tour.     ...
    SandiLee SandiLee
    1 Response Jul 7, 2009

    Ma'am And Gentlemen, What Is Your Favorite

    Black Metal Band And Songs? My Favorite Band Is Venom And Songs Are Venom's Teachers Pet, Bathory's Blood Fire Death And Gorgoroth's Carving A Giant.
    BlackVirgo13 BlackVirgo13
    18-21, M
    1 Response Nov 9, 2015
    voslung voslung
    36-40, M
    1 Response Aug 12, 2014

    So, i used to be somewhat of a dj/vj

    for a metal radio station, i myself specialized in black metal/darker forms of music. Below are the my personal top 10 releases for 2015, figured id get this out of the way since it doesnt look to be changing for the rest of the year. Links included, listenable/watchable ones...
    UndyingWraith UndyingWraith
    31-35, M
    Nov 18, 2015

    One Of Many

    I've listen to lots of types of metal genres and black metal is one of my favorites. The bands I've been listening to are: Dark Funeral Cadaveria Rotting Christ Naglfar Dimmu Borgir Satrycon Watain Venom I wish to keep on listening to more bands, but for that I...
    AngelsReflection AngelsReflection
    18-21, F
    2 Responses May 27, 2010

    At First

    My music before black metal was introduced to me was bands like Korn and Slipknot related. I thought that was good enough music there and never thought about wat could be heavier. Until i moved to California on 07` and met a good friend that introduced me to more great music. I...
    syrax syrax
    26-30, M
    Aug 21, 2013

    How I Got Into Black Metal

    i actually got into metal with the song "Bat Country" by Avenged Sevenfold.  Not quite black metal, I know, but it opened the door.  I bought several albums before i picked up an incredible album by The Black Dahlia Murder, Miasma.  I was blown away! ...
    szymony szymony
    2 Responses Sep 22, 2008

    Pride of the North

    I first got in to Black Metal Through Bathory in 1990. I brought the blood fire death album and was amazed. after listening to metal for a couple of years finally I had found what I was looking for. A few months later Hammerheart was released. This is my fav album ever. It set...
    VinterDal VinterDal
    4 Responses Sep 11, 2008
    voslung voslung
    36-40, M
    Aug 12, 2014

    Love The Atmosphere

    I have been into black metal for a while now. I really enjoy the feel of the music, especially when it has keyboards or an symphony. My favorite bands are Gorgoroth, Nokturnal Mortum, Mayhem, Dimmu Borgir, Emperor, Immortal, Obtained Enslavement, Limbonic Art, and Illnath.
    jacob135 jacob135
    18-21, M
    Mar 20, 2010


    As far as my introduction to black metal goes,Venom was the best of these bands.As well as in some eyes being a part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal.Dimmu Borgir is also as fine band.
    Pumpkinhead89 Pumpkinhead89
    36-40, M
    Feb 2, 2012


    i got into black metal last year and it was because of logan asking me to listen to this song and i loved the song and ive liked black metal ever since
    poisongirl poisongirl
    18-21, F
    1 Response Jan 3, 2008
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