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    June 20, 2014 It was a sort of overcast day.

    I was alone at home except for my dog, Ebony, and my cat Smudge. The dead bolt was locked and the alarm system was on. I was sitting at the dining room table, drinking a bottle of water. The table is about 6 to 8 ft. from the front door. I heard 3 knocks on the front door. Ebony...
    minimeowz minimeowz
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    1 Response Jun 21, 2014

    No Seriously, It's Kind Of Annoying

    I should probably preface this by saying I'm not religious or superstitious at all. I'm honestly pretty much an atheist. However, my house has something else living in it. We've been aware of it since we moved in and have kind of just gotten used to it. But it's still a little...
    antiflash antiflash
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    1 Response Jul 23, 2013

    Same routine every night.

    In the middle of the room at 12 I wake up and there is a women in the middle of the room with a shadowed face but everything else is bright white. But two hours later a pitch black shadow of a man appears at the doorway. I'm used to it but when I think about it my stomach twist...
    deleted deleted
    Mar 25, 2016

    We Ghost Bust In My Church: It Is A Part Of Spiritualism

    In my spiritulist church our ministers talk with ghosts, spirits who refuse to go to heaven, and tell them to go to the light. That is how we do "ghost busting" in real life. I've done it myself. We sit in our circle and when our Minister can see that our guardian angels are in...
    harvard2 harvard2
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    Jul 27, 2013

    The Ghosts In The Hall Tripped The Burgler Alarm

    My house is haunted. I'm not sure how many we have but I do know the former owner died here. Most people who have been here have experiences from just chills to actually seeing things or being touched. My 2 cats and my dog are always on alert. They watch the hall. It is dark and...
    minimeowz minimeowz
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    3 Responses Jun 11, 2013

    One week ago today, full bodied apparitions

    started appearing in my home. Inside and outside - the next day there were even more apparitions appearing. I've had a paranormal group in to investigate but I have the feeling that there is something more to this than mischievous spirits at play. At dinner the other night, the...
    strangeevents strangeevents
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    1 Response Jun 9, 2015

    Well, the spirits are moving

    once again here at mini 's haunted house. We were all out for the afternoon. Just the dog & cat at home...or so I thought. Himself got home before me. Upon entering the house he discovered a phone message from the alarm comp. stating the sensor in the hall detected movement. He...
    minimeowz minimeowz
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    1 Response Jan 22, 2014

    Our House Is Haunted By Six Ghosts

    When me my Husband Alex and our twin boys moved into our house in Two Thousand and Five it was perfect. It was our first home together as a family. Three weeks later I was putting the boys down for a nap when out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw Alex standing beside me. I...
    BabyKitten2009 BabyKitten2009
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    8 Responses Jan 3, 2009

    My house is very alive.

    This includes lights going on and off, voices, objects moving, being touched. You name it, it's happened. Well not the demonic stuff but the good spirits. The house I live in now, is with my grandparents, our two dogs, and a bird. With three animals, you are going to hear the...
    Iwasanaccident Iwasanaccident
    Mar 14, 2014

    Dial "G" For Ghost

    Here we are again. Apparently the spirits are churning once again here at mini s ghostly abode. I was in the bedrroom on the computer. My sweetie called to me and asked if I was finished with the phone. I was. I decided to join him in the livingroom for a t.v. program. As I sat...
    minimeowz minimeowz
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    2 Responses Aug 6, 2013

    I Have Several Ghost Living In My House

    I move to this house in aug of 11, briging with me 2 spirits not my choice theres. My daughter sees them and after living here for just a few weeks she said there is lots of them. I only know of 8 ghosts in this house. We have had investigators come and invesitagate. They had...
    eagle45410 eagle45410
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    2 Responses May 12, 2012

    My Room

     I haven't noticed that much of our house is haunted, besides the room I live in with my sister. The room is above the garage. It is a pretty good sized room, I don't know the exact measurements but it is big enough to hold all of our stuff combined. Anyway we have these...
    justthatgirl justthatgirl
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    4 Responses Nov 16, 2009

    Twisted Series Of Events

    I am 19 years old. My grandparents moved here from Greece in the late 40s. They bought a big house and settled down with 4 children. Fast forward years and years, including a lot of family drama (which I think has a major influence on the haunting). My dad buys the house for his...
    Lizarddd Lizarddd
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    1 Response Jan 24, 2013

    Our Haunted Life

     My family and I live in Northern California in a haunted house. At first the effects were small and innocuous, things like things falling off of shelves or off of furniture with no logical reason for falling. Recently however things have taken a more sinister turn. There is...
    Gotmusicinme Gotmusicinme
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    2 Responses Jan 18, 2010

    Paranormal Things Have Happened To My Family My Whole Life....

    When I was 5 I went to visit my grandma (we are all neighbors, we live on the same street/neighborhood) and I ended up taking a nap in one of her many rooms. I woke up because i felt something cold on my face and woke up to find a little girl playing with my hair, I screamed and...
    jbarrera404 jbarrera404
    18-21, F
    Oct 28, 2011

    I live in a house that is haunted by the spirit

    of a pregnant girl who committed suicide before I lived here. I oftentimes see things out of the corners of my eyes, or at night I'll hear crying or pacing from the other room. It creeps me out sometimes, but I can sense that her energy is gentle and sad, not angry or dangerous...
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    1 Response Aug 14, 2015

    Need To

    I dont see my self NOT living in a haunted house. It would drive me crazy. Every time I look for a new home. If I dont feel any one is still around, I'll move on the next house. Till I find one.
    AvaLynne AvaLynne
    31-35, F
    Oct 6, 2012

    Living With A Haunting

    Well, I'm not sure just how much of the last 12 years I can fit in this box but I'll try not to make my story too long, but long enough to include as many details as possible. My family and I bought our house in 1998, a 13 yr. old house that fit into our budget. In 1999 my son...
    Gypsymoon1969 Gypsymoon1969
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    7 Responses Oct 16, 2011

    2 Haunted Houses In One

    If you dont already know my parents are divorced. So we both live in different houses. If you read my previous story you already know my dads house is haunted. Well I just found out that my moms house is haunted to. I was watching TV with my parents and all of the sudden I heard...
    cutekylie28 cutekylie28
    18-21, F
    May 5, 2011

    Oct. has always been an active time

    for the spirits at my house. I guess they just draw more power during the days closer to Halloween. I have said before my hallway seems to be a portal. It is cold and dark, always. We see shadow figures moving up and down the hall a lot. We have heard loud audible growls and...
    minimeowz minimeowz
    61-65, F
    Oct 24, 2015

    I woke up in the middle of the night yesterday.

    Anxiety. I don't really WANT to leave my Husband and find a new guy etc. I seriously miss the sweet masculine guy I married. Where did he go? Do our bodies or souls define us? Is Love about our bodies or souls? With him it has been about "I LIKE him!" With body...
    ObiOneyouremyonlyhope ObiOneyouremyonlyhope
    41-45, F
    Jan 17, 2015

    The Not So Scary But Scary Story

    so i was at my dads and sleeping its a nice house everything was taking care of from the previous owner. But one morning at around 3 i woke up and there was a black shadow so i stood up it ran away. And then i went under the covers i said nicely is anyone here and from the vent...
    dimichicka1304 dimichicka1304
    41-45, F
    Dec 9, 2011

    My Haunted House

    The house that I have lived in for the past 9 years is haunted. Things began happening shortly after we moved in. mainly I just hear noises, as if someone is in the next room moving around, or if Im downstairs I hear footsteps upstairs. Just recently I was sitting downstairs and...
    ks1967 ks1967
    41-45, F
    1 Response Jan 15, 2011

    My Very Old Haunted House

    Okay, so my house is almost 100 years old. I’ve been living in it for about 10+ years. If you see it, you'd be scared to sleep in it. It's a big, brick house on the East side where I live, which is rundown kind of (Where the Mexicans and Blacks lives) and have old houses. So...
    KayKay12497 KayKay12497
    13-15, F
    2 Responses May 20, 2012

    its a little girl in my closet ,

    i hear her giggling from time to time ......the spirit must loathe the consciousness
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses Nov 1, 2015

    I Live A Haunted House

    Hi Welcome to My life -- Of the Paranormal about me I live in San Diego In La Jolla California about me my house is haunted Why because long time ago used be a trolley station long time ago they shut it down some reason About me I've experience lot of strange paranormal things...
    26AngleFaith 26AngleFaith
    26-30, F
    1 Response Jun 1, 2013

    The Day I Met Elizabeth......

    Like most people, I never believe in ghosts or spirits. I assumed that once you died, you died. All of that changed in the 7th grade when a girl named Elizabeth moved to my small town. We became instant BFs. I remember almost everyday her saying, "She was scared to be home...
    hauntings hauntings
    1 Response Dec 20, 2011

    Lancashire Witches Trail...

    I grew up in an extremely haunted house in Lancashire. The said house, we learnt later, was built on a witches trail in the penines. Starting from when I was a very small child myself and my sister saw apparitions , a man in a top hat came from the wardrobe, a young girl with...
    Tishtosh85 Tishtosh85
    26-30, F
    2 Responses Nov 4, 2012

    My Ghost Story

    I had just moved in with my husband, the house isn't terribly old but not a new house basically an older farm house, two story , with a big wrap around porch. Anyhow, the 1st experience I had was I was on the phone, when I heard a noise in the laundry room, there is a pocket door...
    Bubbles65 Bubbles65
    46-50, F
    2 Responses Feb 6, 2012

    I love in a apartment with three other girls

    and usually people crash here anyway so there is usually around 8 people in the apartment constantly. Tonight after I get into my bed I hear the front door shut but here's the thing. When I walked into my room everyone was asleep including my roommate. There was one person on...
    WolfQueenSpirit WolfQueenSpirit
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    2 Responses Feb 5, 2014

    I live n a 3 story house,

    City of Angels, my house is over 100 yrs. old, if the walls could talk!!!
    pyeito pyeito
    31-35, M
    Jan 7, 2014

    LIGHTS In My Room

     It looked like it was going to be another beautiful day, and we didn't want to waste a moment of it. My daughter and I agreed on doing a little shopping. While I sipped on my coffee, She jumped into the shower. I looked into my closet, trying  to...
    ladystar7 ladystar7
    70+, F
    4 Responses Sep 26, 2009

    Seemed Normal

    My great grandmother's house was haunted. She was the oldest person in our family, to the point where she outlived her husband and children. There's literally a generation gap. Anyways every time someone would die she would take a personal item from them and put it in her house...
    wolfcon wolfcon
    22-25, F
    1 Response Jun 22, 2011

    I live across the street from Herb Baumeister's

    former residence (farm). He supposedly strangled 18 gay men on his farm, particularly where the indoor pool is. When I first moved into the house across the street, I thought it was awesome. I thought nothing of the Herb Baumeister ordeal and only thinking of planting tomatoes...
    andic1983 andic1983
    31-35, F
    Jul 15, 2014

    My Grandmother Did

    When I was a little girl, I use to go to her house but I didn't remember much about it and I can only remember a shadow of her as well. But her house wasn't just any house, it was a mortuary before she bought it. Yes, I said, a mortuary. I'm not sure if I could do that and I'm...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Oct 16, 2011

    I Don't Live There Anymore

    I am not one to believe in ghosts without evidence, but there is always that little corner of your mind that wonders, I suppose. Nevertheless, I am more inclined to be practical, and chalk up my experiences to natural occurrence...when I can. In the house where I lived with my...
    Rolle2323 Rolle2323
    61-65, F
    2 Responses Nov 23, 2010

    Bad Spirits In My House

    Its been about Three Years Living in this house. The house im currently live in is built new in 2005 On Land. Since Then alot of Scary things happen To Only Me well.. The First time i experience a Ghost is when I Was Sleeping in my Room dark I know I was Awake In The Middle Of...
    lovelyme92 lovelyme92
    18-21, F
    5 Responses Jun 14, 2009
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