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    I'm Nomadic, In One Sense

    I like to live in a tent when the weather is good. There's too much snow here in the winter. I did it this summer, and it was such a good experience that I plan to do it every summer. I also spent several weeks in a tipi that I built.
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    4 Responses Dec 20, 2008

    Small Tent-no Rent !

    Well....I don't actually LIVE in a tent but I do sleep in one every night. Why would  woman who owns more than one home sleep in a tent? Stay tuned and I will explain.... It is ...um...a strange story. {have photos,will post soon} You won't believe what all I have in my...
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    My Home Is a Tent

    I live where I work which is at an Adventure Resort... they have an employee camp which they let us live on for free and even provide us with platforms for our tents... Mine is a 10'x15'cement slap...  I have a 16'x8' tent on the slap (yes it hangs over a bit;) and...
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    This Is Why I Keep the Tent Zipped!

    I do NOT like spiders in my living space. Every year the male Tarantulas march by the thousands looking for girlfriends. There is even a Tarantula Festival near here! They would give me a cardiac episode if one crawled over my face in the dark.I mean,these things have...
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    Well; Not All The Time.

    I live in a tent; when I’m not living out of my Chevy Blazer. I’m not homeless or anything like that I just really love the outdoors. So if there is any break in my work schedule you wont find me in a five star hotel. I’ll be roughen it in the back woods.
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    Mar 29, 2012

    ONE Reason I Sleep In a Tent!

    Below is one reason I sleep in a tent.There are other reasons that I will share with you soon.  My tent is pitched in a most unusual location.I have my tent pitched right smack dab on the top of my heated queen sized waterbed inside my cabin! I do. You KNOW...
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    Another Reason I Sleep In a Tent!

    There are raccoons here on the banks of Rattlesnake Creek. The big ones bring the smller ones and show them the pet door I leave open for the feral cats. Next thing I know, my room is FULL of coons and after they finish eating the catfood,the big ones sometimes attack and...
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    Heading Off To Live In A Tent

    We are giving up our life in order to LIVE and plan on living in a tent with me, my husband, adult daughter of 24 and 2 children who are unschooled of 12 and 9 years old! We will be living in a tent while we travel all over the United States. I can not wait! We will be doing this...
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