I Loath My Childhood

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    Loathe Is the Word!

    I had a horrible time growing up, not only because I was the scapegoat in my family, but I was ostracized among my peers because of being in an all-white school and being mixed-race.  What's worse, we lived in an all black neighborhood for a couple of years in my uncle's...
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    As a child, I grew up in a very good environment, with a loving home, and my dad was a doctor and runned a jewelry place and our finance conditions were good and I had everything a child would ever need. When you looked at my family and I, u'd thing that were...
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    All I remember about my childhood is a lot of anger and fear...a lot of yelling. And now that I have grown up I have inherited that trait that I couldn't stand. I scare myself sometimes.
    ameeker ameeker
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    Painful Childhood

    I had a very bad childhood, and I just hate to even remember it. My parents always fought, and were so close to getting a divorce. My dad terribly hit me a few times when I was a kid, and once he even hit me about three times on my head, two times at my face, four times at my...
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    The Worst Year Of My Childhood

     “Hey, we brought snacks. This is Rebecca, remember her from Junior High?”My friends were in the doorway. Of course I remember Rebecca. We were in 7th grade together when I lived in my old town. I had just changed schools to get away from the bullying I was...
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    Jan 7, 2010

    Oh, Now You Want Me to Love You???

    Yeah, life as a kid sucked pretty bad.  It wasn't as bad as some I have read here, but we all have our own personal he11.  My childhood has shaped me into the cynical, untrusting recluse I am today. I grew up as a fat kid and everyone found it necessary to...
    Bruno Bruno
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    By the time I was 25, I felt I had lived 2 lifetimes.  Partly because I never was really allowed to have a childhood and due to the abuse suffered during that time. I was raised by a Borderline Personality with alcoholism, all innocence is ******** away and I was forced...
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    More Degenerate With Each Passing Day

    "What doesn't kill you can only make you stronger", such a cliche, but it rings true to many a people, in my case it's to the contrary. I was born in south asia, in a upper-middle-class family. Till the age of four; life consisted of playing with girl servants, waiting...
    umathena umathena
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    Would I Do It Again? Yeah, But Only If I Was Allowed A Gun..

    I hate that I can't remember a lot of positives about it, and that aren't that many photo's of me laying around having spent most of the time avoiding mirrors and my reflection.  The times I felt safe are pretty few and far between, and as I had it pointed out to me last night a...
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    My parents put the "D" in dysfunctional family

     My father was a medical doctor, so all the kids and teachers at school assumed we were little rich kids. The truth is, he spent all his money on mistresses, partying, and the like, and ended up without enough to care for his wife and three children. My mother was not much...
    paulinlv paulinlv
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    I Wish I Could Disappear Into Thin Air

    that's a part of me i don.t want to uncover, i feel if anyone knows my past they will hate me, or think I'm making things up. I try to keep away from people to shield myself, but at work, they've come to this conclusion that I'm some sort of proud *****. I take pills most of the...
    crimsongoddess crimsongoddess
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    This One's For the Kids

    daddy tried to kill mommy, made me watch him make her try to eat her own vomit one day. i was like 5... then they divorced but still saw me on the weekends. In this time together he managed to call me the devil.. like seriously... then my mother was twisted in her own way from...
    QuincyArcher QuincyArcher
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    In Some Ways, Yes

    I loved my parents and siblings - but I never came home from school without hoping that Daddy had or would go to bed early, or that there wouldn't be any dinner-table fights that would make me sick to my stomach and prevent me from having a decent meal for dinner. Daddy sat at...
    MaryJanine MaryJanine
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    May 20, 2013

    Those With the Best Intentions

    My parents divoriced when i was a year old. They had a very bitter divorice lukily i was to young to remember it. my mother married a rich man when i was 3 years old. She didnt love him but she came from a poor mexican family and she was doing everything she could to give me and...
    lvtd lvtd
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    The Child No One Wanted

    when i was 2 my mom divorced my father. when i was 3.5 my mother remarried. my father kept my mother in court very often.  he stalked her.  he prank called her, etc. in my 4th year my half brother was born.  my mother and step-father took my father to court...
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    Growing Pains

    I grew up with a pretty rough and unstable childhood. My parents ended up in jail, so I lived with my grandma from 2-6, when I was adopted and sent to a rough boarding school, where young kids were beaten literally every day. (Real beatings, not just a slap/kick/punch around...
    Shinypuddle Shinypuddle
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    Aug 3, 2007


    When I was born, my dad yelled at the doctors and my mom, saying he didn't want me because I was a girl. He favors my brother, and he will talk to me. But does not prefer it. He has never really liked me, and I honestly don't know why. He has never been there for me or really...
    Abigailrose98 Abigailrose98
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    Jun 24, 2013

    My Childhood

    I loathe my childhood because I saw my parents marriage crumble. My dad, an ex-alcoholic with anger issues, and my mom, who suffers from depression and bi-polar disorder, would always battle it out as soon as I got home from school everyday it seemed. The fights were usually...
    FrozenOcean FrozenOcean
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    Mar 23, 2012
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