I Lost My Son

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    I keep thinking the Iraqi war was just a

    nightmare. That my son is still here with me...next to me...in my life...watching his own son grow up, but it's not, it happened, and I lost big. He started in marshal arts at 4 yrs. old as did his younger brother. He played football and hockey, which to me are extremely...
    Mcinacann Mcinacann
    41-45, F
    7 Responses Dec 30, 2013

    I lost my son last Sunday to heroin.

    Viewing is today, funeral tomorrow.
    demented4life demented4life
    46-50, F
    2 Responses Aug 14, 2014


    I lost My 18 months old baby boy and me my husband and daughter are having a hard time coping. We need help. I need help. I miss him so bad.
    Onewayup Onewayup
    36-40, F
    6 Responses Jun 16, 2012

    Found My Lost Son

    I worked at a University teaching working adults Information technology, when one day I fell in Love with the mot beautiful woman in the world. I grew deeper in Love and one day on June of 1997 after making love to her the night before she left without a warning. Everything was...
    drjoeval drjoeval
    1 Response Nov 21, 2010

    I Lost My 25 Year Old Son 11-15-08

    Man this has got to be the worst thing I have ever had to deal with. My son and I were best friends, he lived, worked, rode motorcycles, talked story and even hung out together. Since his passing I realized my wife has her group of friends, but he was really my only close friend...
    ennisr50 ennisr50
    6 Responses Dec 25, 2008

    My son Matthew killed himself about 2 months

    ago. I cant stop thinking about him. I miss him so much. I feel horrible because I knew he was sick but I never looked much into it. I didn't want him to take anti depressants because he was 13 when he started feeling the way he did. I told him that they could mess up his head...
    17keith 17keith
    36-40, M
    Sep 7, 2014

    Losing My Son 25 Oldest

    I am deaf my name is mark. If you want call to me that how have use videophone interpreter qualified secret my number is (503) 828-9369. But why reason ex-girlfriend said won't his name give to me so I not know my son name and she said got pic gave to me he is 3 yrs old and I...
    Feb 8, 2013

    My Beautiful Son

    I lost my son 12/25/11 in an auto accident He was 16 yrs old I am so lost and feel so hopeless I dont know if I can get through this He was such a loving soul always smiling always thinking of others before himself I just want to know why such a light was taken from such a dark...
    lostnohope lostnohope
    5 Responses Feb 7, 2012

    I dated a gurl for a good month then I ended it.

    ..a week later I get a call from her best friend that she hung up on her after saying she was going to end her life...I skipped school and rushed to her apartment with her friend I found her in bloodied bath water I grabbed a sheet and wrapped around her rocking her,holding her...
    LilBroGotHisWings LilBroGotHisWings
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Oct 12, 2014

    My Son

    we had joey over nineteen years we lost on dec 10 of this it was horror of a night one mintue on my lapp next watching his daddy do deadlift on my computer next in bed and die my wife try to bring back he fought for sevral hoursbut 3:33 joey went to be with the lord joey did not...
    joeydaddy joeydaddy
    51-55, M
    Dec 29, 2009

    I know i made a lot of bad choices in my life

    when i was young. At 20 i had my first son, and we were close until i relocated when he was 9. Since then we talked here and there. He came out one summer and we had a great time. But now that he is older and he has his own family i dont ever here from him. I tried callin...
    51-55, M
    1 Response Jan 24, 2014

    I Need A Friend

    i lost my 23 year old son 2 years ago a nd have not been able to say goodbye or come to terms with it i need someone to talk to...thanks
    macaokay macaokay
    2 Responses Jun 18, 2010

    I Lost My Best Friend, My Son.

    Wylie passed this January. He was 11.  We fought together the most devastating form of childhood cancer.  Brainstem giloma's(DIPG) for 15 months, now he is gone. He fought a brave fight with western and natural medicine. It is very difficult for his little borther and I have to...
    forwylie forwylie
    May 22, 2012

    To Many

    I had adopted two boys at different times. Both babies beautiful and wonderful gifts from God, just as all babies are. But in our state the birth mom can change her mind. They both did. Giving my babies back, not once but twice was the worst thing i have ever had to do. I didn't...
    Hisproperty Hisproperty
    41-45, F
    Oct 28, 2012

    Losing My Son 25 Oldest

    I am deaf my name is mark. If you want call to me that how have use videophone interpreter qualified secret my number is (503) 828-9369. But why reason ex-girlfriend said won't his name give to me so I not know my son name and she said got pic gave to me he is 3 yrs old and I...
    1 Response Feb 8, 2013
    simpleman1392 simpleman1392
    22-25, M
    1 Response Mar 5, 2016

    I Lost 2 Sons

    First son was in 1977 from brain cancer at 8 months old. Poor Steven didn't have to suffer too long, just a couple months from the time he started have symptoms. Then in jan of 2002 I lost my Troy at 13 years old to a horrible freak accident in the shower getting ready for school...
    cheryltoo cheryltoo
    56-60, F
    3 Responses Dec 10, 2012

    My Son Kevin

    I lost my son Kevin on 31st August 2009. A phonecall to tell me I had lost my boy, ok he was an adult 24 years old and was living his life. Doesn't hurt any less, the guilt that I wasn't there to protect him is still very strong. Kevin was a soldier and died in an explosion in...
    AJE1963 AJE1963
    51-55, M
    1 Response Apr 16, 2013

    Jason Forever Forever Jason

    No easy way to put this, as with many of you, I lost him March 22, 2011, gun to the head. I was there, downstairs, as was his brothers. I worked on him, tried to save him, he died in my arms, he was 13. My story can be found here, www.jojowoodwrite.blogspot.com Like many of you...
    41-45, F
    1 Response Sep 2, 2013

    Mason'S Story

    There are currently over 110,00 people waiting for an organ donation. The largest group waiting is from 18-49 years of age. An average of 18 people die each day while on the waiting list for an organ donation. Organs and tissues from a single non-living donor can be used to...
    hkolb hkolb
    36-40, F
    Apr 17, 2013

    My Son Shonakappa I Use To Call Him With Love As Rana Too

    He was born on 10/7/1994 at 10:33 AM and passed away on 6/6/2012 at 3:55 AM . Even for today I am unable to belive that my only son is no more and he died due to negligence of a duty nurse who wanted to rush home after her night shift, he was in ICU after the surgery of his...
    Feb 17, 2013

    I Lost My Love

    It is almost two weeks that I have lost my lovely little baby boy at 37 weeks and the more time goes the more I miss him. oh my... I can not believe it
    mylovelyson mylovelyson
    31-35, F
    1 Response Oct 21, 2012

    I Lost My Son

    four years ago i lost my only child. he was forty years old and my whole life. he was in a very bad marriage. a lazy wife who was always sick. she became addicted to pain medication. would do anything to get pain meds. ended up writing a Rx from her doctor. for oxycotin. got...
    peapielee peapielee
    6 Responses Jul 19, 2008

    My Baby Was Born Sleeping At 35 Weeks & 5 Days Pregnant.

    May 10th 2012, I woke up 7 am to take a shower. 7:30 I started noticing crampings. Told my husband about my crampings that they felt like my contractions like when I had my daughter (turned 3 in March). He said its probably my Braxton Hicks contractions, so I kind of ignored them...
    SethsMommy SethsMommy
    22-25, F
    1 Response Jun 1, 2012

    You Are My Sunshine

    My son was 47 a loving man never married but was a father to his nieces nephews. The nightmare started on august 3,2012 and lasted until september 27 2012 he was on life support most of the time I hope and pray he did not suffer but doctors had hope he had Lvad a mechanical...
    stormy59 stormy59
    66-70, F
    2 Responses Oct 10, 2012

    Losing a Child

    I lost my son last may to meningitise, the worst thing is i managed to save him when he was born to the same thing (late onset menigitise) now i am using drugs to aleviat the pain he was only six years old, chicken pox killed him
    trevster trevster
    4 Responses Apr 1, 2009


    I lost my son almost 4 years ago and just this weekend I had a issue come up I was asked if my daughter was my only child i had and i said yes and ever since then i feel that  i short change my son   I just do not know what to say to people when they ask it is like...
    jeremyjohnson16 jeremyjohnson16
    3 Responses Sep 8, 2010

    Im 16 And Lost My Son Aiden At 24 Weeks And 5 Days

    It was 2-10-2013 Sunday morning i woke up fine i did the normal get up go p and then go find something to eat. Well i went back and layed in bed and the i started to get this bad pain in my stomach and back. so i got up and told my mom. she said to go lay in the tub. so i did...
    RIPAiden RIPAiden
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Feb 22, 2013

    Loosing A Baby Son

    stormyknight stormyknight
    56-60, M
    3 Responses Nov 23, 2011

    In Memory Of My Oldest Son

    When i was 17 yrs old i was physically abused my the man i had fallen for when i was 15 yrs old and little did i know but at the time i was 16 weeks pregnant with a baby boy.. I'll never forgive the guy i was with for the hell i went through.. Granted i have two other children...
    Semperfi112112 Semperfi112112
    22-25, F
    1 Response Sep 15, 2012

    I lost my son on Sept 1,

    2014 in a motorcycle accident. It hurts more than can be imagined.
    Dotbar Dotbar
    51-55, F
    7 Responses Nov 18, 2014

    I Had To Decide To Turn Off My 3day Old Sons Life Support

    my son died due to medical error. he was my first born child and i had a healthy pregnancy. when i went into labour they broke my waters and there was thick meconium, the doctor did not call for a c-section, my babys heart monitor showed he was in great distress and yet they...
    4evaluvd 4evaluvd
    Sep 24, 2012

    My Son

    We lost our son 8 1/2 years ago. He was born 19 weeks premature. Way to small to be able to survive. Not a day goes by that I don't think him.
    Cynn Cynn
    41-45, F
    2 Responses Jun 13, 2008


    The worst day of my life was June 1, 2012. The day that my 30 year old son passed away in an ATV accident. He left behind a wife, four children, ages 10, 3, 2, and the youngest just turned 1 on June 23rd. I am totally devastated. As if it could possibly get any worse I am a...
    Jasonsmom Jasonsmom
    51-55, F
    1 Response Jul 2, 2012

    I lost my son on April 1,

    2015 from a motorcycle accident. A man ran a stop sign and he was pretty much killed instantly. He was 24 years old and the light of my life. The man never even got a ticket. I walk around in a daze a lot, I'm not the happy person I used to be. I have 4 other children, but...
    slink501 slink501
    66-70, F
    2 Responses Jun 30, 2015

    Trapped inside my own mind like a caged animal

    I yearn to escape the arduous memories that play like a broken record skipping back to the beginning over and over walking me through the tragedy as if on a continuous loop. I see the smoke billowing, I hear myself screaming…I feel my heart pounding inside my chest frantic...
    SapphireLaLuna SapphireLaLuna
    46-50, F
    1 Response Jan 19, 2014

    My Tim

    Lost my son on Oct,7 08 was the most horrible day of my life. he was 38 yrs old. He was my first born.Too hard to write more
    annie1953 annie1953
    56-60, F
    3 Responses Nov 23, 2011

    Lost My Son At A Dy An Half Old

    hi i lost my son just 4weeks an aday ago . woke up in the mornin at 6oclock 2 what i thought was labour pains, it got 2 about 8.45 an it felt like they were 1 after another so i went 2 the hopital were they checked 4 heart beat there was a heart beat but was beating a little slow...
    reecebaby reecebaby
    31-35, F
    Jun 8, 2010

    I was depressed all the time a mother of toe

    and one on the way I felt lost I had a home And husband a car a boat a family.. No reason I know now to be depressed I lost my 7 month old son he died in bed with my husband a freak accident who was blamed he went crazy beat me left me for my cousin he ended up In jail now he is...
    laceykight laceykight
    31-35, F
    Apr 13, 2014

    Why Didn't He Take Me With Him

    He finished opening his Christmas gifts. We told him we loved him and give him a kiss and went to sleep. That was the last we got to talk, hug, laugh or give him a kiss. December 25th 2010 I woke up to hearing my wife calling out our sons name. I jumped from the bed to the floor...
    livtorace livtorace
    41-45, M
    6 Responses Jan 25, 2010

    Tyler Got His Wings May 3rd 2013

    Hi, a lot of you know me, I have been away for a while. On May the 3rd I got the worse news a mother could get, my son was found dead where he choked on his own vomit. My life has totally changed. I miss my baby every second I am breathing. I still have 3 sons here with me and...
    kimintheclouds kimintheclouds
    36-40, F
    6 Responses May 18, 2013

    Losing My First Born Son

    8/19/2009 I never thought in my wildness dream I would have lost my oldest son out of my eight children. On this date, my son and I spent most of the day together. That evening we were hosting a bike nite and he was the DJ and I was his MC.  A son and mother act if...
    djtc djtc
    6 Responses Nov 15, 2009

    My Son Jojo

    WELL ON OCT 21,2011 I was told my has a mass the size of a football and i thought that was the worst day of my life but i was wrong the worst day was nov 28 2011 my son passed I'm so lost i fell like i lost my son and i can't find him. You mother's know what i'm talkng about like...
    luzturner luzturner
    51-55, F
    1 Response May 8, 2012


    After making a bad choice getting married to early, getting devorced, promising never to get married again , meeting my perfect match in the middle of the desert , she had two kids and i had two kids, same birthday , well just so much ... Anyway time goes by and we have our firs...
    31-35, M
    Jan 26, 2010
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