I Love Asheville

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    I've Lived Here 15 Years

     I came to Asheville 15 years ago for a job, and have enjoyed every minute of it.  Now I have a different job, but I'm still here.  I won't say that I'd never move away, because you never know what life will bring, but I see myself retiring here eventually.  I...
    McStumpy McStumpy
    2 Responses May 23, 2009

    Love To Move Back

    I moved to Asheville to live near my son, his wife and my two granddaughters. I lived there for a year and was laid off the job I moved across the country for and it wa a job I loved. I moved back to the Midwest and I do not like it here and I want to move back to Asheville but I...
    catstevens56 catstevens56
    56-60, F
    Jul 15, 2010

    I Miss You

    I miss you Asheville, mountains, Spring Creek, hiking, drinking spring water, swimming at Puncheon Camp....oh, I am so homesick!
    deleted deleted
    3 Responses Oct 26, 2012

    Still here, message me

    if you want to chat
    joshdama joshdama
    31-35, M
    2 Responses Jun 12, 2015

    The Most Beautiful Place In the World!

    I was born in Asheville, and ever since leaving, I have planned my life around going back. The people there, the trees, the way the water tastes, the festivals... My life in Asheville was fuller, more real, and happier than it has been anywhere else. I am going to college at...
    ParselyTree ParselyTree
    18-21, F
    Feb 22, 2008
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