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    Any girl here from australia around 16-20?

    I am really interested in interacting with you! ;)
    kaku1994 kaku1994
    22-25, M
    Mar 10, 2014

    Guysss plz check out the new amazing song

    that is SOO AWESOME and it is the 'new' Australian national anthem or as they say it is. It's called 'Straya' to the tune of hey ya! For all you Aussies out there 😏☺️. WE ❤️ AUSTRALIA
    faykath faykath
    13-15, F
    1 Response Aug 28, 2015

    Bundy, a small town, population 2200 more

    or less. My house is on Hill Street. It's a small house, 2 bedrooms, living room/dining room/kitchen. The deck overlooks the back yard, a small one with a lemon tree and lots of bees. In the bedroom i have a mattress, with a sheet, comforter, pillow, radio and of course my...
    mrmoose1947b mrmoose1947b
    66-70, M
    Sep 28, 2015

    Barry Humphries

    It's a great,outdoors country, i know it's hot and wet (Darwin in particular), but it's the only hot and wet country i'd be happy to visit, i love the down to earth humour and their sarcasm, it suits me fine. It's a long way away but well worth sitting in a plane for hours on end...
    AtomicWater AtomicWater
    41-45, F
    1 Response Nov 9, 2010

    Australia...The Land Whose Motto Is "That Which Doesn'T Kill You...Is Just Biding Its Time"

    Jellyfish, spiders, snakes, crocs, sharks, burning sun, possums AND NOW THISI feel lucky to have returned alive Australians less likely to suffer attacks from drop bears In a second study sample, a number of Australian-born research assistants were monitored and their data...
    KatarinaVonSweet KatarinaVonSweet
    36-40, F
    6 Responses Apr 15, 2013

    Australia Rocks!

    I was born and raised in the US but hate it. I have always loved Australia. It's like the best place in the world to be. I plan on moving there pretty soon.
    jupy103107 jupy103107
    1 Response May 19, 2008

    I have loved Australia all my

    life because of the large vast area it covers it has mysteries that interest all who read an learn about it.
    marblemuck marblemuck
    66-70, M
    Oct 31, 2015

    I love Australia and the lifestyle

    and people there...but I have no ep friends from there at all...I wonder why?!
    stefanv stefanv
    56-60, M
    Jan 25, 2016

    I have travelled all around the world

    and seen many beautiful places and cultures which has only increased my love and passion for the country I call home. Its the sense of space which comes from living in a big country with a small population which makes it so special. you can travel for days in some parts without...
    wishingicouldlovemore wishingicouldlovemore
    41-45, F
    4 Responses Jan 3, 2015

    Visiting Your Country :)

    I'll be visiting Australia for the 3rd time but this time wont be holidaying but visiting/deciding universities after my advance levels. I extremely fell in love with Australia during my second visit, friendly people, outgoing, beautiful landscapes, multicultural society (like my...
    regieJR regieJR
    18-21, M
    Nov 5, 2012


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    slapmybutt slapmybutt
    Feb 14, 2012


    i back-packed in australia in late 2000 to late 2001 ... not only is it beautiful to see, the land the animals so on....... but the most beautiful thing about the land down-under is its people!!! thank you all  
    burwi333 burwi333
    36-40, M
    Nov 2, 2010

    These pictures were taken late yesterday

    and over night on the outskirts of town .Damages were minimal , not lives were lost , thanks to our fantastic firefighters and those who helped them .The photo from the plane window was taken from a flight coming into land at Melbourne airport ... they have their own fires to...
    happinesswinsxx happinesswinsxx
    46-50, F
    8 Responses Feb 10, 2014

    The Place That Has My Heart

    My famililies history goes right back to the first colony at port Jackson in Sydney Cove. I wonder what my convict ancestors must have thought after a long boat ride to arrive to nothing more than a few tents and huts surrounded by bush but they persevered and endured and made...
    hopefuldreamerwithawildspirit hopefuldreamerwithawildspirit
    May 23, 2013

    I got my first taste of "down under"

    when I was in the US Coast Guard. On an icebreaker we stopped into Sydney and Hobart before hitting the ice at McMurdo Station. I remember approaching Sydney Harbor with the high cliffs on each side which reminded me of England for some reason Then we saw The Bridge and the...
    shakenama shakenama
    41-45, M
    1 Response Jan 16, 2015

    Love It Here.

    I recon all parts of the world have something special about them and there are parts I’d love to see with my own eyes and say G’day.  But for me, nothing beats my home, nothing beats Australia.  Mate, I love this country!
    Dropbear Dropbear
    46-50, M
    6 Responses Jun 10, 2009

    Melbourne's the best.

    I'm planning to move there when I'm older.
    CallMeShayYeah CallMeShayYeah
    18-21, F
    Jan 12, 2015

    I'm renovating my house,

    will sell it and move to Australia before winter.
    Glassshoes Glassshoes
    51-55, F
    Mar 1, 2016

    Officially in Australia:) I am excited:) can't

    wait to go pet some kangaroos:)
    BabyBabz BabyBabz
    22-25, F
    Mar 20, 2014
    kaku1994 kaku1994
    22-25, M
    1 Response Apr 5, 2014

    I would like to have a chat with anyone

    who is Australian. I am also looking for a partner who is from Australia :-P
    ILoveAustralia ILoveAustralia
    22-25, F
    Jun 15, 2014

    'My Island Home'

    I was born and raised in Australia and have not been any where else in the world yet! Not keen at all on flying or all that water in between here and all the other places in the world. I've traveled to nearly all the Australian states and seen some great places and met some...
    logisticmosquito logisticmosquito
    Aug 26, 2007


    It's so quiet here and honestly, people are much more health-conscious. It's a very balanced life... It has its ups and downs, pros and cons, but much more balanced than what it is elsewhere.
    Gurlwithgun Gurlwithgun
    18-21, F
    Jun 7, 2012

    Down Under For Me

    When i was a litle kid i always used of dreaming to visit Australia.. And if you ask me why i have this fascination with this country i think it might be of all the traveling i have done. Maybe part of me wants go to a country that is the most farest away from mine. But i know...
    peonyrose peonyrose
    22-25, F
    3 Responses Jul 11, 2010

    I Visited,

    When I was 17, I had the opportunity to go to Australia.  I did.  I was apart of this group called People to People Ambassadors.  It is where teachers would take group of students overseas to various country representing the United States.  In the process of...
    deleted deleted
    3 Responses Nov 11, 2010

    Hey everyone sorry I never got the chance to

    tell you. I'm in Australia for three weeks so no I didn't die or anything. I'll try to message you guys but it'll be VERY RARE! See you soon! - Marshall
    Humanitas Humanitas
    18-21, M
    2 Responses Jul 11, 2014

    The Only Country For Me!

    ...YES!..I love my country! From the coast to it's rugged outdoors there is so much to see and do! There is an ease that we love in this country! We havea style that no-one can copy! The weather is great and the days are perfect!   YES!..I love my country...
    mzdivine mzdivine
    4 Responses May 14, 2010

    As much as I love Summer.

    ... I hate this !
    happinesswinsxx happinesswinsxx
    46-50, F
    9 Responses Feb 9, 2014

    You Bet

    I have travelled overseas quite a bit in my life and although I've found other countries to be interesting and beautiful in their own way I can't imagine living anywhere but here. Granted there are things about this country that aren't ideal, but every place in this world has...
    deleted deleted
    Feb 24, 2012

    Why I Fell In Love With Australia

    I fell in love with Australia when I was in a student ambassador group. I was there in 2001 for a little less than a month. I didn’t want to come home. The people were so nice and open minded. It was beautiful, I loved all of it. We got to go scuba diving on the great...
    gloria2324 gloria2324
    22-25, F
    3 Responses May 10, 2009

    a scottsman, a chinaman,

    a pom and an aussie were in the pub debating whose country was the best. the scottsman reckoned his was the best, because we got the greenest grass. the pom reckoned his was the best because they had the most beautiful flag. the chinaman reckoned his was the best because of...
    InappropriateKangaroo InappropriateKangaroo
    26-30, M
    1 Response Feb 10, 2014

    Best Place In Australia?

    Me and my friend just booked tickets to australia, kingsford airport. We decided to visit beaches, like Bondi Beach... any places? special, food or anything? Excited. And any australia holiday story guys?
    deleted deleted
    3 Responses Oct 26, 2012
    happinesswinsxx happinesswinsxx
    46-50, F
    2 Responses Feb 10, 2014

    I Am A 26 Y/O American And Have A Lot Of Money Saved Up. I Want To Move To Australia Or Canada But Am Not Really Sure...

    the best path to take. I already quit my job and sold my house and am living in a rental that I can leave at any time. What is the next step in the process I should take??
    WorkandplayHard WorkandplayHard
    31-35, M
    1 Response May 20, 2013

    Just came back from Melbourne,

    Love the people and the place so much! Looking forward to go back!
    Ashleyoo0 Ashleyoo0
    26-30, F
    3 Responses Mar 27, 2015

    God , even though I'm not from here.

    It's such a beautiful place. #aussiepride
    deleted deleted
    5 Responses Jun 28, 2015

    Christmas day today, So all you people in the

    northern hemisphere might throw snowballs at each other but here in Australia we throw sand at each other because we are born and bred tough, Well I'd like to think anyway............... Merry Christmas, spread the joy of the season of giving not only with friends and family but...
    Arizv11 Arizv11
    22-25, M
    Dec 24, 2014
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