I Love Beef Jerky

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    I Love Beef Jerky Too!!

    I get mine from Trader Joes. I can eat a pack a day. lol I dont eat a pack a day though because it is too expensive at the end of the month. but if i could, i would :)
    mama12345678 mama12345678
    51-55, F
    Dec 30, 2012

    I love beef jerky Whenever I want to buy a

    bag I think about it because 1 bag cost $11.99 or at costco it's $18.49 I'm not cheap but I love spending my money where I can buy more then 1 thing.
    lorrena19 lorrena19
    22-25, F
    1 Response Apr 8, 2015

    yes. I love beef jerky.

    it's great. I'm great. we're great.
    youAREmyBAE youAREmyBAE
    16-17, F
    Jan 18, 2016
    LikeAPrayer LikeAPrayer
    18-21, F
    1 Response Oct 12, 2014

    Ted's Beef Jerky

    Tedsbeefjerky Tedsbeefjerky
    2 Responses Mar 18, 2010

    Beef Jerky

    Not something I would buy often but yeah, I like beef jerky.
    Whateverrrrr Whateverrrrr
    36-40, F
    Aug 19, 2011

    Blitzen Got Offed

    mmm reindeer jerky, rufdalfs gone cannible, andi got a taste... 
    alsorolo alsorolo
    36-40, M
    Jun 14, 2009

    I Make My Own

    Everybody in my family love's beef jerky and I cant keep enough on hand when the grandkid's come for a visit. I shop for good lean roast's and steak's to make mine with as none of us like it made with burger. The last batch I made for my daughter and family was seven pound's of...
    Robert1256 Robert1256
    51-55, M
    3 Responses Jan 2, 2011

    i dont buy it cuz its expensive.

    but mmmm teriyaki beef jerky is soo good i have a craving for it now
    Ang012685 Ang012685
    31-35, F
    Apr 9, 2015

    The Best Beef Jerky

    I have been trying for years to make my own beef jerky, and have done a good job at it.  But, in the long run I end up spending more time and money than it would cost to buy a premium beef jerky.  Well this past holiday someone gave me a bag of “a Couple O&rsquo...
    oceanrockn oceanrockn
    41-45, M
    3 Responses Jan 18, 2010

    Best Beef Jerky!

    Has to be Strollo's Homemade in Jersey
    JoeyD32 JoeyD32
    2 Responses Sep 24, 2012

    Lawless Jerky; Worldly Flavors Like Japanese Curry, Thai Chili, And Vietnamese Pho

    Hey y'all. I was a practicing attorney in California hating my job. I quit and took my long-time jerky making hobby way more seriously. With some help from Kickstarter, I started Lawless Jerky this past Spring and now am up and running on LawlessJerky.com. With "Braver...
    tolnick tolnick
    31-35, M
    Sep 4, 2013
    jayson14 jayson14
    18-21, M
    Jan 24, 2015

    Meat For People On the Go

    There's something about a meat product that needn't be refridgerated, even after being opened... one that you can have one or two pieces that can last you a whole day and can be easily thrown into a backpack without worrying about making it stink.. It's incredible.  If you...
    BlasphemousAngel BlasphemousAngel
    31-35, M
    3 Responses Jun 17, 2009

    New Taste To Beef Jerky

    I ordered some jerky from www.burning-o.com and its probably the best jerky I've tasted. I'm not sure what it was marinated with but definitely not soy sauce or teriyaki sauce. It only comes in extremely spicy and cover with lemongrass. Very interesting taste and I urge for...
    IPIhuc IPIhuc
    3 Responses Dec 30, 2010

    I Love Beef Jerky !

    If there is one food that brings out the carnivouous craving in me, it's beef jerky. Sometimes late at night I get an over bearing yearning for it, I go to the convenience store and get the biggest sack I can find and shamelessly devour it like some hungry savage that hasn't...
    41-45, M
    Mar 27, 2012

    I Make Incredible Beef Jerky!

    I love almost all beef jerky, and I have recently started my company with a jerky recipe I've been doing for years and years. Jimmy's Sticky Jerky (www.jimmysstickyjerky.com).
    jnielsen427 jnielsen427
    Nov 9, 2012

    I Eat It Alot

        i love to eat alot of beef jerky when i am camping .
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses Nov 5, 2009

    Kangaroo Jerky?

    I never believed in a million years that such a thing was real. I mean i was on vacation when i came across this stand that had a million different animal jerkies. Kangaroo, aligator, hourse(eew), duck, zebra, lion, ect. ect. Can you  believe that they have all those?
    iiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiii
    22-25, M
    4 Responses May 27, 2009

    teriyaki beef jerky is what i buy.

    .mmm but it cost so much.. i wonder why that is..
    eyeamalive eyeamalive
    51-55, F
    2 Responses Nov 8, 2015
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