I Love Black Metal

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    My favorite song in this days: Dissvarth - Into

    Darkness Now Your Spirit Flies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ajssvA9iFU This song is so beautful
    MissSixtyLover MissSixtyLover
    46-50, M
    Apr 12, 2015

    I Love Black Metal

    I love loads of black metal bands such as 1349, Mayhem, Emperor, Watain, Nattefrost, Satyricon, Dodheimsgard, Old Cradle of Filth, Gorgoroth, Burzum, Sirius, Thorns among many others. The is cold, dark and atmospheric, the lyrics insightful and impassioned. I believe black metal...
    Donalh Donalh
    22-25, M
    5 Responses Dec 13, 2008

    Like all black metal,

    this requires some decent speakers or headphones or it'll just turn into 10 minutes of indistinguishable noise.But do that, and you'll find yourself in the midst of a terrible, beautiful storm, debris swirling around you, tearing up your fragile human form. Just ******* awesome...
    MrHansen MrHansen
    36-40, M
    Feb 20, 2015

    Summoning - Old Mornings Dawn (Imo,

    the entire album is great)
    Zapxbolt Zapxbolt
    18-21, M
    Dec 31, 2014

    So, i used to be somewhat of a dj/vj

    for a metal radio station, i myself specialized in black metal/darker forms of music. Below are the my personal top 10 releases for 2015, figured id get this out of the way since it doesnt look to be changing for the rest of the year. Links included, listenable/watchable ones...
    UndyingWraith UndyingWraith
    31-35, M
    Nov 18, 2015

    Some of my favorites of all time.

    Emperor Blasphemy Revenge Mayhem Burzum Darkthrone Nuclear hammer Black Witchery Portal Conqueror Forgotten tomb Dark fury Dragged into sunlight Christcide Horna Sargeist And many more
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    Mar 21, 2016

    Black metal is definitely my favorite genre of

    music. My favorite artists would have to be Blasphemy, Darkthrone, Burzum, Satanic Warmaster, Archgoat, Black Witchery, Revenge, Proclamation, Beherit, Sarcofago, and Conqueror.
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    1 Response Sep 25, 2015

    The Boogie Man Wears Black And White Makeup...

    While I enjoy such acts as Emperor, Satyricon, Old Ulver, Ved Buens ende, Immortal (old) and Mayhem (Don't care if it's the true Mayhem). And I have read about all the myths in Black Metal, murder, Church Burnings etc.... I think the gimmicks at times are childish and corny. I...
    nougatsmeden nougatsmeden
    26-30, M
    Nov 24, 2011

    Loving It

    I'd be lying if I said I don't love blackened thrash bands like Destroyer 666 and Aura Noir. But purist BM bands are great too, so Darkthrone, Inquisition and Peste Noire to name a few.
    Assposed Assposed
    41-45, M
    Jan 2, 2013


    I find myself drawn to Depressive Suicide Black Metal like a moth to a flame waiting to be burned alone in the darkness. Anybody else listen to this genre of music? Been listening to this style of music for several years now, Nostalgie, Happy Days, Unjoy, Trou Noir, among others...
    ForestofStars ForestofStars
    36-40, M
    6 Responses Jan 9, 2013

    Black Metal Is Not Just Norwegian

    I love Black Metal, and think it is an underrated art form, and I do firmly believe that it is art. After all, there is no rule that says art has to be pretty or pleasant. It takes a lot of time and practice to play at the speed Black Metal guitarists do, and still maintain a...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Oct 15, 2011
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