I Love Bob Marley

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    God Bless This Man

    I love how he stood up for what he believed in. If it wasn't for his music I wouldn't be alive right now. JAH RASTAFARI
    Love420weed Love420weed
    18-21, M
    2 Responses Mar 9, 2013

    Three Little Birds

    Dont worry about a thing, cause every little thing gonna be all right. Singin: dont worry about a thing, cause every little thing gonna be all right! Rise up this mornin, Smiled with the risin sun, Three little birds Pitch by my doorstep Singin sweet songs Of melodies...
    ThaLonelyStoner ThaLonelyStoner
    22-25, F
    1 Response Mar 27, 2009
    iamcody iamcody
    18-21, M
    Mar 26

    I'm Like Bob Marlely

    I'm like bob, because I'm bulletproof too, you can shoot me and I will still love the world the next day :)
    LostNick LostNick
    22-25, M
    1 Response Oct 23, 2013

    Singin' Dont Worry...

    About a Thing... Cause every little thing, gonna be alright..."M", these are my sentiments exactly, Bob rules!! :)
    lifesinlimbo lifesinlimbo
    51-55, F
    3 Responses May 17, 2014

    Happy Birthday Bob! You are something of a

    deity to me. You are so much more than a pothead with a guitar like some people make you out to be. A lot of people don't get reggae it seems. They are too focused on wanting the next big thing to stop and smell the roses. That's you in a nutshell. You are there to help us all...
    DIlchotome DIlchotome
    18-21, M
    Feb 6
    Toro710 Toro710
    36-40, M
    1 Response Nov 21, 2014
    MississippiGal MississippiGal
    26-30, F
    1 Response Mar 17, 2014

    I don't wanna wait in vain

    for your love. From the very first time I blessed my eyes on you.. My heart says "follow through". But I know now that I'm way down on your line. But the waiting feel is fine. So, don't treat me like a puppet on a string. 'Cause I know how to do my thing. Don't talk to me...
    BrowningEmpress BrowningEmpress
    18-21, F
    Feb 10, 2015

    400 Years

    I love the version from his 1973 album Catch A Fire, best. It was like an anthem back in the day.Sung by Peter Tosh400 years (400 years, 400 years. Wo-o-o-o) And it's the same - The same (wo-o-o-o) philosophy I've said it's four hundred years; (400 years, 400 years. Wo-o-o-o...
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses Aug 24, 2013

    Bob Marley

    the first time i ever heard him was about 8 years ago on the radio buffalo soldier and no woman no cry were the first 2 songs i always liked his music too bad i can't find more of it he is good
    litelover litelover
    36-40, M
    4 Responses Feb 6, 2012

    "Three Little Birds""Don't worry about a thing,

    'Cause every little thing gonna be all right.Singin': "Don't worry about a thing,'Cause every little thing gonna be all right! "Rise up this mornin',Smile with the risin' sun,Three little birdsEach by my doorstepSingin' sweet songsOf melodies pure and true,Sayin', ("This is my...
    ConfusedAgainAlways ConfusedAgainAlways
    26-30, F
    1 Response Sep 25, 2014

    I'm not really a big fan of his music

    but yep, some of them but what I love most about him?, is his views in life. :)
    Jaisz Jaisz
    22-25, F
    Apr 10, 2015

    First Introduction To "uncle Bob"

    I have a very vivid memory of being introduced to Bob Marley's music (or Uncle Bob we call him). My older brother lived with his father and we never really saw him that often. I adored my brother, but at this age I was on the cusp of forming an attitude of what a real let down...
    pouritanga pouritanga
    26-30, F
    1 Response Aug 11, 2012
    YouAreAllPesants YouAreAllPesants
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Mar 18, 2014
    readytotext readytotext
    51-55, M
    May 10, 2015
    Wutang13 Wutang13
    13-15, M
    Oct 25, 2015

    Some people feel the rain.

    Others just get wet.
    Goliath2014 Goliath2014
    41-45, M
    Jul 14, 2014

    Bob Marley wrote songs about peace,

    love, equality, and revolution, but the kids of today only know him for smoking weed.
    GrimCreeper0150 GrimCreeper0150
    22-25, M
    Aug 1, 2014
    lavidah lavidah
    18-21, F
    Nov 9, 2014

    His music is like no other,

    so much meaning! I can relate to alot. Of his music.
    cheekymonkey21 cheekymonkey21
    22-25, F
    Aug 11, 2014

    Words can't even describe how much of an

    inspiration he is to me and my mentality and outlook on life
    oxzymoron oxzymoron
    18-21, M
    Aug 23, 2014
    deleted deleted
    Jun 23, 2015

    Never Gets Old

    I've been listening to his albums for years and they stay fresh. I love his early roots stuff, I love the Survival album, I love when he got the women in the background. It's all around good, loving, lively, meaningful music. At times, I feel he was a religious fanatic and I...
    Kasekosmos Kasekosmos
    22-25, F
    Jul 2, 2013

    One love.... What does it mean to you?

    To me it is the greatest song ever written and gives me hope that someday we can all live in harmony. No one can replace Bob, he has been dead for 33 years and no one has even come close yet. He was perfect to promote love between races and people in general. Love is within...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Nov 4, 2014

    Been to Jamaica. His work had

    such poignant lyrics.
    PeterSp8 PeterSp8
    46-50, M
    1 Response May 26, 2015

    Truly A Legend

    Not only did he produce great music that taught moralistic lessons and radiated with good vibes, but he was a truly inspirational man. He lived by strong God-breathed principles advocating love and peace. Whether you're a religious person or not there's no denying the impact he...
    FormedFromClay FormedFromClay
    18-21, M
    Oct 1, 2013
    deleted deleted
    Apr 16, 2014

    Bob Marley . Sounds so good https://www.

    facebook.com/video.php?v=10152702268238717 It's worth a listen
    Sammy4u2 Sammy4u2
    18-21, F
    Apr 13, 2015
    mistletoe41 mistletoe41
    41-45, F
    1 Response May 17, 2014
    ChillVibes2 ChillVibes2
    18-21, F
    4 Responses Aug 1, 2014

    How could you ever give your more to receive

    your less? I think most of us do (I'd like to hope good people supersede the bad).
    Spookyluv33 Spookyluv33
    31-35, F
    Aug 4, 2015
    bobscock bobscock
    51-55, M
    Feb 3, 2015

    its true <3 he's the man.

    no woman no cry is good, redemption song is my favorite and is this love is a close 2. i also love zion train and 3 little birds.
    brineff91 brineff91
    22-25, F
    3 Responses Mar 8, 2014

    Because Of Him..

    Yes, its because of Bob Marley that i was able to embrace, with pride, the fact that I believe in humanitarianism. I do believe in the human race and the power of love! No, I'm not some flower child rather I'm a child of the people. I'm not gullible or Nieve but am intelligent...
    1luvchile 1luvchile
    31-35, F
    Nov 6, 2012

    Rainbow Country Bob Marley Hey Mr.

    Music Ya sure sound good to me I can't refuse it What got to be, got to be Feel like dancing Dance cause we are free I got my home In the promise land But I feel at home Can you overstand Said the road is rocky sure feels good to me and if your lucky together we'd...
    Sexylexixxx Sexylexixxx
    41-45, F
    2 Responses Sep 29, 2014

    My Idol

    I don't know if anyone agrees with me or not but I feel Bob Marleys's words and songs can bring change in a person's life. He is my idol. I wish I could have met him so I regret now that I couldn't... I know it sounds silly but I do pray to him..... I believe he is a great man...
    cryst24 cryst24
    26-30, F
    Oct 31, 2013

    i just do not appreciate it

    whenever ignorant people stereotype Marley fans, like what is the point? I love Bob Marley dearly and his music gets me through a lot of stuff, but people automatically judge me and say "oh she's a stoner"...For people who actually know and love Bob Marley, they know that there...
    aleiyavonvanitysixx aleiyavonvanitysixx
    16-17, F
    Jun 7, 2014

    I love any musician with the last name "Marley.

    " Bob, Damian, Ziggy, Stephen. Love 'em all.
    AKMike AKMike
    51-55, M
    1 Response Jan 7, 2014

    Saved Me!

    I grew up with marley, it was self taught that reggae was spiritual lively and beautiful... My parents were alcoholics and it got quite severe but listening to the positive energy that flowed from bob I was okay! It even led me to meeting my mate... It's been 2 years with him and...
    ThursdayPeacePaige ThursdayPeacePaige
    13-15, F
    2 Responses Jan 26, 2013

    Related Experiences

    i love all of you for start and i love me.Equally and unconditionally. i love Omkar and i love wood elfs and Dragons and soulmates. i love frogs too. and sun; i love the sound of...
    monty1212 monty1212
    26-30, F
    Apr 21
    There are so many kinds of love: Love between parents and children, love between grandparents and grandchildren, love between sisters and Brothers, love between men and women, love...
    Loretta78 Loretta78
    36-40, F
    Apr 21
    Part 2 Second year is an interesting story. So much happened and yet so little. It started well, I returned to Uni and thanks to that final night out we’d all become friends...
    Tobey94 Tobey94
    18-21, M
    Apr 21
    Hey guys I'm in a huge rut at the moment and I feel like complete crap. I've fallen in love with a girl I met online on a depression support app. She's from the US and I'm from the...
    DeanMart1n DeanMart1n
    18-21, M
    3 Responses Apr 21
    In the last week, as part of my recovery I reached out to my first love after 15 years to apologize for breaking his heart when we were kids. I didn't know that our love back then...
    wowodeals wowodeals
    31-35, F
    Apr 21
    OPEN HEAVENS FELLOWSHIP DAILY DEVOTION YOU CAN HAVE A PURE AND PASSIONATE RELATIONSHIP 1 Corinthians 15:34 Awake to righteousness, and sin not; for some have not the knowledge...
    ganyoji ganyoji
    22-25, F
    1 Response Apr 21
    I’ve written a lot about miracles. Here’s one more. It’s the story I want to leave EP with.I sewed yesterday.It was miraculous. Just a couple of simple things...
    WindSylph WindSylph
    46-50, F
    2 Responses Apr 20
    This will be a long post but I hope you bear with because this is something that’s been eating at me for a while. I fell in love with the most amazing girl I’ve ever met. The...
    Tobey94 Tobey94
    18-21, M
    Apr 19
    My Undying Love for Ed...It’s been 3 years since I last wrote a blog about my first love. Now, I’m going to write again.I don’t know how I will start my blog...
    red2006 red2006
    18-21, F
    1 Response Apr 19
    I met this guy about 6 months ago and he was the first person I ever fell in love with. At first it was so intense, I felt the need to talk to him or spend all my time with him, he...
    Drakaria Drakaria
    18-21, F
    1 Response Apr 16
    For those that like EDM music, this is a good song from Lionel Richie that l found in my records. Lionel Richie - all around the world ( Bob Sinclar remix ) https://youtu.be...
    Ruben1970 Ruben1970
    41-45, M
    Apr 14
    You Never Allow Me To Express My Sadness When You Betrayed Me I'm sorry if you think that I am selfish even my friends didn't knew about this relationship I hope you can see what...
    SnowOnFleek SnowOnFleek
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Apr 14
    I always wondered.... I always stared at the stars, sometimes I wept and wondered upon the heavens for someone like you. .... A lot of the times I just hurt more than words can...
    AmazingPoet AmazingPoet
    41-45, M
    1 Response Apr 13
    This has to be my favorite poem ever! It was many and many a year ago, In a kingdom by the sea, That a maiden there lived whom you may know By the name of ANNABEL LEE; And this...
    Donnaen Donnaen
    18-21, F
    1 Response Apr 13
    I met someone online - 15 years ago, what I believe to be my soulmate. Yet - we have never met in real life. I kid you not. We met when I was 25, lived in different countries...
    Taffycatz Taffycatz
    36-40, F
    12 Responses Apr 12
    How did I do it. I wasn't in love with you for first few months but the way you loved me and care for me I fall in love with you. As I start falling in love with you. You was...
    rosecr rosecr
    36-40, F
    Apr 12
    Whenever I'm alone with you You make me feel like I am home again Whenever I'm alone with you You make me feel like I am whole again Whenever I'm alone with you You make me feel...
    itsMaggimay itsMaggimay
    36-40, F
    2 Responses Apr 11
    Well you only need the light when it's burning low Only miss the sun when it starts to snow Only know you love her when you let her go Only know you've been high when you're...
    kk1874 kk1874
    31-35, F
    Apr 10
    "Only once in your life, I truly believe, you find someone who can completely turn your world around. You tell them things that you've never shared with another soul and they...
    AwakenEdge AwakenEdge
    41-45, F
    2 Responses Apr 9
    My beautiful guy pampers me a lot. He brought me pizza, vegan food, chocolates! The best part was that when i asked him "what if im the meanest person ever?" He replied with," i...
    XXLovelyPoisonXX XXLovelyPoisonXX
    22-25, F
    1 Response Apr 9
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