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    Cher - Strong Enough

    Cher is such a strong person...she has been through a lot of ups and downs...and she always manages to pick herself up.....    
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    Mar 6, 2010
    whisperingsunshine whisperingsunshine
    31-35, F
    2 Responses Aug 21, 2011

    I Got You Babe!

    It's funny, I have that same album, which is this group's logo! Whoo-hoo! I love a lot of Cher's music... I can dance all day to "Believe" and I have her songs on my i-pod, of course! :-D I do enjoy the old song, of Cher and Sonny Bono! And I've taken to call...
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    Mar 26, 2009

    I Just Had A 90 Minute Cry

    I just watched the HBO 1999 "Do You Believe" concert from Las Veas DVD. It is quite a bit different from the 2002 Farwell Tour show my wife and I saw in Philly that year but it so much reminded me I just couldn't stop crying. She has so much talent, so much energy, so much life...
    MPsslavetommy MPsslavetommy
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    1 Response Sep 21, 2010

    The Song "believe"

    I loved Cher from before her release of "Believe," but that song really pushed me over the endge into her fandom!I had been in a serious relationship for 6 years, since the start of my university days, only to get dumped on 12-30-99.  Yep...my hopes for the new millennium were...
    debmichelle debmichelle
    May 21, 2011

    Cher - the Bomb

    Wow, excellent group and the most glorious woman singer there is and ever was.  She is amazing and her ability to sell and enrapture you at the same time are unbelievable. This is especially true in my favorite music video of all time, "If I Could Turn Back Time"...
    nudeinva nudeinva
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    4 Responses May 20, 2008

    Cher - If I Could Turn Back Time

    In my opinion this is one of her best songs...but she has had so many...  
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    2 Responses Mar 6, 2010
    rsech99 rsech99
    18-21, F
    Apr 30, 2015

    One Cool Lady

    I have liked Cher now since I went to a concert with her & Sonny when I was about 12 or 13.I always watched her shows on TV,& I especially love her movie,"Mask".I think she is a very versatile,talented diva.I watched her retirement show & farewell.I still...
    mixedupmama mixedupmama
    51-55, F
    Jan 17, 2008

    I'mma Share My Cher Story!

    I love her I don't care how many nips & tucks, lifts and plucks that woman has had she is beautiful and I love her music! Everything from sonny & cher to half breed to her most recent stuff - my favorite song on that believe album is that mix of we all...
    TimeforT TimeforT
    31-35, F
    2 Responses May 28, 2008
    iceismylife15 iceismylife15
    18-21, M
    Jul 15, 2014


    Just came across this group and all I can say is "it's about time". Cher is the BOMB! Going to add video now... *heavy sigh* and I even love going to drag shows that portray her. BRAVO!
    mysplitpersonality mysplitpersonality
    36-40, F
    2 Responses May 20, 2008
    Incommunicado1 Incommunicado1
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    Apr 18, 2014

    Cher Believe

    Cher is and always has been one of my role models.....     
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    Mar 6, 2010
    deleted66 deleted66
    41-45, F
    Jun 14, 2010


    I saw her in concert with friends and my Hubby.  The tickets were a wedding gift, since they went on sale the morning of the wedding & I knew I wouldn't get in line for them! She was awesome in concert!  I would love to see her again, but until I do, I just watch...
    debmichelle debmichelle
    Jun 13, 2008

    Best Female Artist Ever!

    I FREAKIN LOVE CHER!! She is the best singer! I remember hearing believe when I was a little boy. I remember on TV, in the car, on radios, in the store, in many places hearing Believe. I just kept hearing it, a lot. I never got sick of it. I just listened to it. But when I hear...
    confessionstotell confessionstotell
    13-15, M
    1 Response Jan 25, 2011
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