I Love Cold,wet Days By a Fire

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    Hmmm..roll On Autumn

    Can we add a good book a cup of tea a big armcahir and a blanket for my knees..oh and a cat? It is so hot here that I am "glowing" but justthe thought of a nice fire and a cold wet day makes me feel gooood :)
    usernamenotavaliable usernamenotavaliable
    Aug 3, 2009

    How Nice! ...

    How nice! Heavy,cold rain outside, and me by a fire... I'd add  a comfy sofa, a duvet, a soft carpet, a glass of brandy (or something like that) and a handsome, smart guy making interest talking... too good to be true!!
    PurpleQueen PurpleQueen
    36-40, F
    3 Responses Jul 11, 2009

    The Warmth you feel as you are ❤ Rushing from

    the wet and the cold, shedding off the dampness that chills you, leaving a crumpled pile of wet clothes on the floor...you walk into the living room as the fire blares in the fire place. Its warmth melts away coldness and the chills that was once there. The very sound of the...
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    1 Response Dec 13, 2014

    Yes I Do

        i love cold wet days by the fire  . only problem is i don't have a fire place ? weird yes i know .
    deleted deleted
    Dec 6, 2009

    So Soothing

    I do love a good fire on a damp day.  There is something so comforting about curling up in a big armchair and staring at the flames, knowing it is cold and wet outside, but dry and warm inside.  I also love the combined smell of woodsmoke and rain.
    Geode Geode
    31-35, F
    Jul 11, 2009


    i love to sit my back againt a warm tostie fire and just warm up. Or cozy up with someone next to a fire with flames flickering and red light dancing across our bodies. Hearing the crackling of wood as it brakes and sparks flie about in the air as if performing some kind of light...
    tomtombear tomtombear
    18-21, M
    Aug 30, 2008

    It Is a Comfort

    to be snuggled in with a warm fire under a blanket feeling you next to me while the rain pours and the cold is at bay outside, you are all warm and safe at my side with romantic light flickering on the walls to show our outline of our bodies as we are entwined feeling each other...
    mtvlm mtvlm
    41-45, M
    5 Responses Oct 5, 2009

    Its Soothing

    i love just being away from the cold and the rain, it feels so comforting being wrapped up by the fire, i love to feel the lovely heat from the flames flickering in the fire, it feels so safe.
    Donalh Donalh
    22-25, M
    Apr 15, 2008

    Love That!

    Reading what you say about it makes me long for a fire and my friend, to think about being in his arms by the fire.. just makes my heart sing.  
    Juna Juna
    22-25, F
    Aug 2, 2009

    The Warmth ❤

    Rushing from the wet and the cold, shedding off the dampness that chills you, as the fire blares in the fire place, its warmth melts away coldness that was once there, the very sound of the fire is comforting, little pops and cracks, watching the flames dance their dance as they...
    DarkThornedLilyRose43 DarkThornedLilyRose43
    46-50, F
    1 Response Aug 8, 2013

    Crackling Soothes the Soul

    The best part of Winter is getting cold and then cuddling next to the fire with someone.  Unless that someone happens to have Blue hair and a thing for burning cardboard *glares at M*  OK I wasn't cuddling with him, but he was singeing my leg hairs off when I was about...
    BlasphemousAngel BlasphemousAngel
    31-35, M
    2 Responses May 24, 2009

    I Want To.....

    Come home in from the snow....cold and shivering....you remove my coat and kiss me gently on the forehead... I make my way over to the burning fire and you remove my things one by one and toss them aside...my soaking raven strands sticking to my skin...you kneel me down as the...
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    2 Responses Jan 26, 2010
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