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    I Am Unbreakable...

    I've trekked all day in my wheelchair last year to go to the show, almost got sexually assaulted by the taxi driver from the RLArena to get to their hotel. It's uncool for someone like me to love them...fudge it.My Sir Nick loved his gift and Le Bon hugged and smiled in pictures...
    TheWomanWhoDid TheWomanWhoDid
    Jan 1, 2013
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    1 Response May 13, 2015

    The Chauffeur

    Duran Duran The Chauffeur Songwriters: Taylor, Roger Andrew / Taylor, John / Taylor, Andy / Le Bon, Simon / Rhodes, Nick Out on the tar plains, the glides are moving All looking for a new place to drive You sit beside me, so newly charming Sweating dew drops glisten, freshing...
    expressomarkie expressomarkie
    Aug 14, 2013

    John Taylor: Obsessed All Over Again

    So, it was June 20th, and I was bored to tears that day at work. I had a feeling like there was something strange about this particular date. Something told me to look up celebrity birthdays, and there it was, John Taylor's birthday. Right away I started reminiscing back to...
    mamalonglegs mamalonglegs
    Aug 2, 2012

    Love 'em

    As a teenager, I wasn't a huge fan of them, but really liked some of their songs.  When I met my husband, he told me that he was a huge fan of them, so I got introduced to a lot of their more obscure tunes.  He sees them every time they're in town, so I began to see...
    debmichelle debmichelle
    May 17, 2008

    Duran Duran - New Religion

    I've been now sauntering Out and down the path sometime Come on, it takes me nowhere, which I knew Faces everywhere pulling grins and signs in things Telling me not there, man, it's no go Don't go there boy I need a reason I can't think without one now Too much learning got to...
    expressomarkie expressomarkie
    Aug 14, 2013


    I know it's the thing now to look down on Duran Duran, and other similar bands from the 80s.I don't care.  I still like 'em.   Life would have been so boring without them and without the 80s.  The only thing I dislike are the current batch of adverts.... "Get their greatest...
    Opalgem Opalgem
    36-40, F
    3 Responses Mar 20, 2011

    I Was A Duranie

    I was Obsessed with Duran Duran and John Taylor in the 1980s. I will Always have love for Duran Duran. They helped me become a more social person. Duran Duran was my escape for many yrs from my isolated life/self. My life was always hard. My friend in Jr. High got me hooked on...
    LovelyChris71 LovelyChris71
    46-50, F
    3 Responses Mar 29, 2011

    Apply Your Lipstick...

    For dying in public.  
    JamesJon JamesJon
    36-40, M
    1 Response May 19, 2008

    One Of My Favorite Groups....

    I saw them at the Patriot Center several years ago and they were as good live as they sounded in the album. Some of my favorite songs are Planet Earth, Girls on Film, Hungry Like the Wolf and Sunrise. Love you Duran Duran.
    NeveG NeveG
    31-35, F
    1 Response Aug 10, 2012

    True Duranie...

    I've been a Duranie since I was 13, Simon was plastered all over my bedroom walls and I glued myself to MTV and Friday Night Videos to catch a 3-4 minute glimpse of them in action.  As a kid it was all about teenage hormone lust, borderline obsessive...it was scary. I loved...
    golddustwoman golddustwoman
    36-40, F
    10 Responses Sep 3, 2008

    Wild Boys!

    I was a teen-ager in the late 80s and I was a huge, huge fan of Duran Duran!! I had their posters hanging from the walls in my room, their photos on the table: I was in love with the drummer Roger Taylor! :) But they were handsome guys really, apart from the excess...
    PurpleQueen PurpleQueen
    36-40, F
    3 Responses Apr 22, 2009

    The Lyrics Sank In...

    My  favourite Duran Duran songs are "ordinary day" and "Come Undone". I still play it over and over, never gets old! And there is a reason why "comeUndone" is also a very important song for me. I met my husband while I was listening to it online, he was doing the same. We...
    hoping2live hoping2live
    22-25, F
    Aug 11, 2010

    Its The Music Not The Guys

    as a kid sure I thought they were so cute and hot and sexy but now its just the music i like. the band has matured and gone through the whole ups and downs of music business crap and survived. I like the wedding album, notorious and the early years stuff. I like the song "do...
    czaristacrystals czaristacrystals
    36-40, F
    2 Responses Aug 13, 2010

    Don't Say a Prayer For Me Now.....

    save it for the morning after...
    thatweirdromanguy thatweirdromanguy
    46-50, M
    2 Responses Feb 22, 2008

    A View To A Kill - The Song And The Movie!

      Probably my favorite Duran Duran song - it doesn't hurt that I also absolutely LOVE James Bond movies!!
    DorothyofOz DorothyofOz
    41-45, F
    5 Responses Aug 10, 2010

    Ever Since I Heard Their Name

    And realized they took their name from a character in the movie Barbarella (staring Jane Fonda) Doctor Durand Durand.
    MPsslavetommy MPsslavetommy
    70+, M
    7 Responses Aug 10, 2011

    Her Name is RIO...

    I Love Duran Duran....I always reunite with their videos when I grow weary of other  Music.... Total POP...Synth...Over the TOP Videos and Lyrics... Come Undone is one of their Best.... The Water...the Girl ...and the Sharks and such Swimming ... PurrrrrFECT stage for the Song...
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses Dec 12, 2011

    Matter Of Feeling

    I've listened to D2 since they first came to American radio in 1982. I have remained a loyal fan through it all, even when I was the last straight man in my state to still like them. They are incredibly talented musicians and Nick Rhodes has always been an idol of mine in my own...
    Valdaine Valdaine
    41-45, M
    Nov 12, 2013

    Duran Duran

    I really like that song Hungry Like The Wolf
    Kailyn Kailyn
    31-35, F
    1 Response Jan 23, 2012

    Like All Their Songs

    love to dance & sing to Wild Boys. Hungry Like The Wolf was a lucky song for me, I won $2,000 USD in a radio dial in contest with that song. be the 103rd caller after the song plays in its entirety, came in caller 53 on the 1st try and 103rd on the 2nd try & won!!! boy...
    RavenLee RavenLee
    46-50, F
    1 Response Jan 11, 2009

    Andy Taylor Underrated

    Duran Duran provided part of the soundtrack to my high school life. I spent hours watching the videos and listening to the albums with one of my closest female friends. Being a guy though, I was not so much into them for the same reasons she was. For me it was all about the music...
    subgent subgent
    41-45, M
    1 Response Aug 10, 2010

    Became A Fan In '95 And My Love For Them Is Still Alive!

    I am a late bloomer in the Duranie department. I had an older sister who loved them in the early 80's and was a member of their club, had all the current records and had posters all on her walls from Teen Beat and BOP magazines. When the Thank You album came out, that is when...
    tunesNbooks tunesNbooks
    Jun 2, 2011
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