I Love Edie Sedgwick

This is a group devoted to the memory of edie Sedgwick, and the factory kids of the 60's. 18 People

    The Tragedy of Edie

    For all of you who don't know who Edie Sedgwick is here is a breif bit about her: “She was after life, but sometimes life doesn’t come fast enough.” -- Diana Vreeland on Edie Sedgwick With her dazzling style, vivacious spark and undeniable sense of cool, Edie...
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    I was reminded of Edie at least two times here and it struck me that she's still alive and very much kicking.  She was THE superstar of Warhol's factory.  How come I didn't read any story on Warhol himself or other great artists on ep, I wonder  Maybe I didn't...
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    I made this documentary about Edie Sedgwick a

    while ago. In it she talks cynically about the youth of her generation, her time at the Factory and as girl of the year, and about drugs and dreams. She is quite remarkable and profound.
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