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    Animal Groups!

    Here are some names for different groups of animals. Feel free to add to the list. A group of penguins at sea is called a raft, but a group of penguins on land is called a parcel. A group of crows is a murder.
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    Here's Some Australin Animal Amazing Facts!

    Amazing Animal Facts ... in no particular order.   The Frilled Neck Lizard was pictured on Australia's two cent coin. The coins are no...
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    The Camel

    I have a great interest in all the creatures that we live with and very seldom people talking much  about camels.Born in North America limits us to exposure to exotic eastern animals less the one s we house in our zoos.About 200,00 years ago they lived here but little is left...
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    The Logo!

    The picture for the logo for this group is called an Aye Aye and is from Madagascar. I think it is the strangest, freakiest animal I have ever seen.
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    Strange But True!

    Weird Animals - Strange But True Facts Blue whale babies weigh up to 7 tonnes at birth...
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