I Love Feeding Backyard Birds

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    Floating Free Of Time

    I love birds. I love feeding them because I'm selfish and I want to attract them to myself so that I can get up close and personal and enjoy them. I see it as a win/ win situation basically, as I buy nothing but the best and I am fastidious about the birdbath.I especially love...
    Quintesse Quintesse
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    17 Responses Feb 15, 2011

    I Miss The Cardinals

    We had a lot of them back where I was, I wish I could have brought them with. There was a pelican in the neighbors yard now though! LMFAO! "Look at the pelican...gooo pelican!"
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    7 Responses Mar 29, 2011

    I Have Seen So Many More Species......

    In Dec of 2006 we sold our house in town and moved out to the country.  I have seen more different types of birds here that I would never had a chance to see had we stayed in town.  I have a humming bird feeder which I have to refill every 3-4 days.  The...
    ShewhoisEvolving ShewhoisEvolving
    56-60, F
    1 Response Jul 12, 2008

    We just had a late winter snowfall of about 9

    inches. The four bird feeders are the place to be, a big huge happy crowd. This is very satisfying.
    sand5280 sand5280
    46-50, M
    Feb 27, 2016

    Spring Must Be On It's Way!

    I love to feed the birds in our yard.  I do it year round and I don't mind the other critters that help themselves.  Behind my house is a garden and on the other side of the garden is our main bird feeder.  I love looking out there, but it's been a long winter...
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    4 Responses Mar 12, 2009

    Feed the Birds

    Believe it or not, I actually started feeding birds to entertain my indoor cat.    He would sit by the window and watch them for hours.   Now I do it for me.   I love seeing all the different kinds of birds that stop by.   I have...
    swirlingmist swirlingmist
    51-55, F
    2 Responses Feb 6, 2009


    I just put a hummingbird feeder up right outside the breakfast nook window. Let's see if it works...  
    juan1966 juan1966
    46-50, M
    4 Responses May 19, 2008

    Indigo Bunting

    I saw an indigo bunting today!  First time ever.  
    juan1966 juan1966
    46-50, M
    3 Responses Jul 22, 2008

    My Bird Tree

    I have a very tall Eucalyptus tree that is my 'bird tree'. Hanging from its branches are peanut and seed tubes and a large water dish. I love watching the birds in the tree. The black birds bath every day and splash around in the water.  Smaller birds dart in and out to...
    Orangetas Orangetas
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    6 Responses May 18, 2008

    Help Wanted: Birdfeeder Bouncer

    I have one of those in-the-window feeders with the two-way mirror plexiglas window. This is always a busy place for my backyard birds; it is about five feet away from a lilac hedge, so the birds feel very safe flying back and forth to grab a snack. Depending on the time of year...
    Nyxie Nyxie
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    49 Responses Sep 28, 2008

    Big Bertha's 24 Hour Backyard Buffet~~~I had

    noticed that, unlike the other birdhouses, this one has not sported a little family. I figured out why... no breakfast to go with the bed! :-)Soooo, I not only bought them a bird feeder for this area, I chose a gargantuan! They now have a regular pig out at their little bird...
    Kathieredart Kathieredart
    56-60, F
    6 Responses Jun 17, 2014

    Polka Dots Are Great

    #2  Polka dots for Home Here's another great table or outside house I made for my my Mom!! This bird house, as well as most I'll post, is also very easy to make and the best thing is, it get most of it's interest from a simple partial drilled appearance with an...
    Randysdot Randysdot
    51-55, M
    Nov 18, 2009


    I don't set out feeders or anything...but I do always give the last third of my popcorn to my feathery friends!  I don't use the prepackaged microwave stuff, all I'm giving them is popcorn, salt, and a bit of margarine. Often someone will grab a kernel in his beak and perch on...
    Plaid Plaid
    31-35, F
    1 Response Feb 28, 2012

    I Am Not a Birdwatcher

    For the record, I am not a birdwatcher. I do not coo in admiration when I see a furry headed nitwit. I do not plan on being some old queen with white knee socks and madras shorts and a bad toupee who goes around with binoculars in Central Park. Ok maybe, if that's what it...
    boyblue boyblue
    18-21, M
    3 Responses Jan 5, 2009

    To Harm A Mockingbird

    I don't really want to harm him, maybe just scare him a little.I like to feed the birds on my deck. I sprinkle the seed along the railing, the birds come, a nice variety; it is nice.This winter however, a Mockingbird showed up and he has staked out my deck as his. I unwittingly...
    Quintesse Quintesse
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    14 Responses Jan 26, 2011

    Home For The Birds

    I've always love doing things with my hands, in the past they always been nice hands to me. A couple of years back, it seems really along time now, it seems, I ve done this: as I would go visiting over to my moms and as she was getting a bit older, I picked up on the...
    Randysdot Randysdot
    51-55, M
    1 Response Nov 7, 2009

    All the Wildlife

    my house has some pretty thick woods behind it, and my mom buys a mixture of bird seed and "critter food," which is a blend of dried fruit, seeds, and nuts. we put a bunch of seed out in the morning for the birds who come during the day, and later in the evening...
    runnagirrl runnagirrl
    22-25, F
    Nov 30, 2008

    Baltimore Orioles

    The Baltimore Orioles are back for the second year.  We have a suet feeder that they visit, but I put half an orange on top of it (through the hanger) and they really like that!  I also put out some grape jelly just the other day and they love that!!!  Much to...
    41-45, F
    May 27, 2009
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