I Love Firefighters They Are My Hero's

Do you have a hero who is a firefighter 62 People

    Worcester's 6..

    I lived in the city on December 3, 1999, when Worcester lost 6 firefighters to a warehouse fire. The tribute paid them, was the most spectacular display of brotherhood and honor I have ever seen. Firefighters and police came from all over the country, and even President Clinton...
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    I Come From a Family of Them!

    My dad, my uncle, my grandfather and now my cousin! Almost 75 years worth of service between them! I am so proud of them
    liquoricelady liquoricelady
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    They give so much for the community

    and ask for very little in return. Plus who doesn't secretly wish to be rescued by one of the hunks from the calendar ; )
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    Two Die

      http://www.salisburync.gov/fire/   It is my pleasure to teach some of the best souls found anywhere in the world….the firefighter.  I and my staff teach hundreds of students from one side of my state to the other, which literally means from the...
    Firetech Firetech
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    lorrena19 lorrena19
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    My Family Hero's

    My Grandfather was a firefighter. I have his medals today. He joined the war in WW1, then joined again in WW2. During WW2 he trained thousands of firefighters, who were then sent overseas, to fight the fire's in England's bombing Blitz. After the war he returned to just...
    glorygirl glorygirl
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    My dad was a firefighter

    for 30 yrs both in the Air Force and our local city/county Fire Dept. He was also a medic. My dad was a hero. So is every other person that puts a uniform on and risks their own lives everyday to serve & protect others and our country. Firefighters, Police officers, Paramedics...
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    Apr 12, 2015
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