I Love Frank Herbert's Dune

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    I just finished Chapterhouse and I have a bad feeling about the 2 that Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson (who I can't stand) wrote. Are they worth reading?
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    Mar 3, 2015


    This group has the best logo.
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    Dec 3, 2011

    Gholas Are Real

    Kinda frightening and amazing, but a team of Chinese scientists have found a way to create gholas. Take any skin cell, apply four chemicals to it, and the skin cell becomes a stem cell, and from there can divide and recreate its body. http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/en...
    WisSchmidt WisSchmidt
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    Jul 7, 2012

    The '80s

    when i was younger there was a show on television called" lights, camera, action" hosted by leonard nemoy. it showcased different movies each episode with a slight behind the scenes look. it was an episode of this show which first introduced me to Dune. now i know the movie has...
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    'heretics Of Dune' Jumped The Shark For Me.

    So, I recently read 'Heretics of Dune', which is the second-to-last book in the series.  it really left a bad taste in my mouth in a way.  Without going into specifics (as not to spoil the plot), it was a little graphic.  The one line in that passage that stays with me was...
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    The Litany Against Fear

    Does anyone else actually use this? This has become not just part of my philosophy on life (thought admittedly I frequently struggle to live up to it), but I also recite it to myself in moments of distress, nervousness etc. Whether it's the words themselves, or the thoughts...
    ChaniSeldon ChaniSeldon
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    Fear Is The Mind Killer

    The Dune series is by far my favourite collection of sci-fi books. At the time of first reading Dune I was attending a Christian high school and immediately made a connection between the mix of politics and religion as a form of absolute power and my own experiences at school...
    LordNothing LordNothing
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    Best Series I've Read

    I first got into Dune because of one of those summer reading books in middle school. It was the only sci-fi/fantasy book on the list, so I read it. I absolutely loved it. I liked that it didn't spend the first chunk of the book trying to explain everything in that universe...
    WisSchmidt WisSchmidt
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    Oct 1, 2010

    This Weekend

    I'm reading High Opp by Frank Herbert. It's nice to see unreleased after his death.
    yetti1973 yetti1973
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    Read There Is a New Movie In Development

    Lets hope it is done true to the story.    While the 80's move was ok it was a different story, and the TV version was more true to the story, it lacked allot...    With computer special effects I think it can be done.    ...
    CTSwampYankee CTSwampYankee
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    A Little Different Every Time...

    Have read and re-read the Dune series periodically over the last 25 years. First time was in college. Trying to impress a guy. Guy is long gone but my love of science fiction and this series particularly, remains. The genre has influenced how I think about most things. I have...
    PeaceJourney PeaceJourney
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    My favorite novel of all time.

    Reading it is like being pulled into a real, living, breathing universe. How can one man have had such wisdom and insight into the human condition, political structures, ecology, and so many other things? I've read it so many times and yet each time I find something new I didn't...
    LunarDelta LunarDelta
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    Fantastic Books

    I loved the entire series written by Frank (His son's sucked).  My personal favorite was God Emperor, the complexity of Leto's character in that one was fantastic.  Of course the series as a whole told an amazing story.  Sadly, we'll never get to find out how it...
    newtexasfun newtexasfun
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