I Love George Lopez

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    Is There One Thing He Says That Isn't Funny?

     I got hooked on to George Lopez after i saw his stand up special "Why you crying?". It's one of my two favorite stand up specials of all time, right after John Leguizamo's "Freak"( omg i have that on dvd and i can play it anytime i want yay!!!!!). The special provides...
    MiracleWhipTrickster MiracleWhipTrickster
    18-21, M
    Oct 21, 2010

    El Payaso..

    Saw him on television on the El Payaso show (or whatever the show's name is).. ah he had me laughing my arse off for the whole day.. :]
    MissLittleHayley MissLittleHayley
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Sep 4, 2011

    My Favorite Show.

    Thats about the only show i really watch in tv. (besides Big brother and other reality shows,) but its amazing and i cannot control my laughter throughtout that show. ;)
    LoveLindseyMusic420 LoveLindseyMusic420
    18-21, F
    Aug 25, 2009

    He's Annoying These Days

    With his shows... I like his stand-up though.Oh, and he's so f*ckin' hot...
    DeadOfDecember DeadOfDecember
    22-25, F
    Aug 30, 2011

    Why You Crying?

    George has got some nice zingers, from his sitcom, his talk show, and his stand-up. I think my personal favorite was this line from his sitcom:George (looking at his son, Max, and daughter, Carmen): I can't believe you kids broke this computer!Carmen: Dad, don't freak...
    rustyguy rustyguy
    18-21, M
    1 Response Jan 11, 2010

    Nick At Night

    I love the old re-runs of the George Lopez show on Nick at Night. I watch and laugh my *** off.
    fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
    46-50, F
    Sep 28, 2009

    George lopez is the coolest celebrity ever.

    I never met him in real life
    bnmbnm333 bnmbnm333
    56-60, M
    Mar 25, 2014

    Good Comedy

    I watched the show for a while when it was and was glad that nick at nite brought it back. His comedy show on comedy central and hysterical..
    ForeversNever ForeversNever
    22-25, M
    Sep 11, 2008

    I Love George Lopez

    thats my family on his show it cracks me up
    lunnas lunnas
    41-45, F
    4 Responses Feb 16, 2008

    Not a Big Fan of George Lopez the Person, But...

    I like the sitcom that comes on Nick at Night. That's got to be one of the most colorful casts and funniest writing on the network.
    BoomSickle BoomSickle
    18-21, M
    Jan 27, 2008

    More Recently

    I just discovered his show this year and it cracks me up. He's funny and silly and the sarcasm just drips.. I LOVE IT!
    mysplitpersonality mysplitpersonality
    36-40, F
    Dec 2, 2008

    Why You Cryin?

    I love his show! When I saw his show "Why you cryin?" I thought I would wet my pants. He absolutely cracks me up. His mom is the perfect mother in law, don't cha think? I am looking forward to his next stand up preformance.
    Artisina Artisina
    46-50, F
    Mar 12, 2008


     He is great. I watch his show every night on Night at Nite. He makes me freakin laugh all the time. He really is a good at making people laugh and thats great. :D
    XLunaXLovegoodX XLunaXLovegoodX
    26-30, F
    Jul 8, 2008

    George Is Cool!

    Oh i watched george lopez all the time. George, benny, angie, vic, carmen, max, and ernie. Every night on nick at nite it was on before going to bed! Waapaa! I got this! I miss that show so much
    bigD510 bigD510
    36-40, M
    Mar 9, 2013

    "I woke up this morning an only child of two

    loving Italians. . ." "Now it's 11:00 pm and I'm a Mexican!"
    deleted deleted
    Jul 31, 2015

    I Think That Man Is Funny. ...

    i think that man is FUNNY. I warched him on HBO the other night. it was good to finally laugh.
    irishwannabeky irishwannabeky
    26-30, F
    Oct 11, 2007

    He Is Hilarious

    I first became a fan of his, when I started watching his tv show a few years ago. I really enjoy his stand up routines. They have me laughing from start to finish.
    cena113 cena113
    Jan 16, 2012

    He's Hilarious!

    Omg I love his show!!! But where's his talk show?? :D
    deleted deleted
    Apr 28, 2012

    Omg i absolutely love George Lopez from his

    show to his stand ups. He is absolutely hilarious i miss his show though cuz it only comes on really early in the morning at like 3
    lovekitten lovekitten
    18-21, F
    Mar 18, 2014

    Go Get Some Weenies!

    I totally love George Lopez. I remember when he was fat. Now he looks good. But he's getting old. You can tell. He's still going strong though. His stand-up specials are hilarious. Have you seen the new one-America's Mexican? If not you gotta check it out! :)
    Warmthoughtsofyou04 Warmthoughtsofyou04
    31-35, F
    May 23, 2008

    I was going to see him live on the 13th,

    but I found out it is 18+ and it's literally only 15 days before my 18th birthday. I am insanely disappointed now.
    lunalancing lunalancing
    18-21, F
    1 Response Sep 3, 2014

    Psycho the Rapist!

    That was probably one of my favorite standup comics. When he is talking about Sylvania and hispanic boys walking wobbly. My mom and I watch him and can't catch our breath as we laugh SO HARD! He is SO FUNNY!!
    GoddessNakiBean GoddessNakiBean
    36-40, F
    Jan 29, 2009

    Funny Stuff

    I never paid much attention to his show at first, but then I just started watching it one day and got hooked. George is so funny! I just watched the episode about Carmen's quinceanera. My favorite line was when he said "I thought I planted the gay dancers in the...
    mimsy2 mimsy2
    26-30, F
    Oct 18, 2008

    He Is Such a Funny Guy. ...

    He is such a funny guy. I have always wondered though where he first started out. IF he started out behind the scences on things before he got his own show. He is such a great actor.
    firestarterfairy firestarterfairy
    22-25, F
    Mar 5, 2008


    This man is fuking hillarious! I watch his show, "The Geroge Lopez show" almost every night, and its just ******* amazing, I Love how he treats his mother, it reminds me a lot, of the joking around, that my family does, and its just something that I could watch, when I am in a...
    xSilentlySufferingx xSilentlySufferingx
    18-21, F
    Apr 25, 2010
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