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    The Best Treasure- Lace!

    I write this on the anniversary of Lace's passing. This is the greyhound that altered my life forever- it sounds tacky even putting it that way. Lace was an exceptional dog- I always said she wasn't a dog, she was a unicorn. Pure white beautiful greyhound, quite the looker with a...
    Lizziestardust Lizziestardust
    31-35, F
    2 Responses Sep 5, 2008

    Such A Beautiful Dog.

    I fell in love with greyhounds about 19 years ago; I'm currently 33. In 2004, I adopted my first rescued greyhound. She raced 135 races, and would still run laps around my backyard. Goldie continued to run for fun until the day before she passed. I have since adopted another...
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    3 Responses Feb 9, 2011

    Greyhounds - Retired

    if your thinking of getting a dog how about a retired greyhound you couldn't get a more loving couch potato of a pet, they don't need a lot of exercise and are very gentle dogs. google retired greyhounds and you can get heaps of information on them
    kessie kessie
    56-60, F
    3 Responses Jul 7, 2012

    Safe Haven To Den Of Destruction

    I've had my newest greyhound for 7 months now. She's a wild one. Literally. She's big and she can be a tiny bit aggressive when you walk around her while she's trying to rest. One of my favorite things is to see my dogs sleeping, all stretched out, so cute! But I get too...
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    4 Responses Feb 18, 2011

    Dodge & Mary

    We have two greyhounds - dont know how we came to ever adopt one but I can honestly say it is the best thing ever. Previously had a great dane and she was a beauty but sadly passed away.Dodge loves to move things around - not sure why but he will pick up a book and move to the...
    dodgemary dodgemary
    51-55, F
    Mar 31, 2012

    Gracefull Greyhounds

    I have owned several greyhounds and greyhound crosses (lurchers) in my life. They are greatly miss understood. they are not generally cat killers  although of course like all dogs , they will chase if one runs by. unlike most dogs though , they have the speed ability to...
    cornishchick cornishchick
    41-45, F
    2 Responses Aug 18, 2007

    Great Dogs

    Very gentle, polite, measured dogs. So graceful in all their movements- yet still able to show that happy-puppy enthusiasm with a wag of the tail. I have been on a waiting list for a Greyhound via an ex-racing dog rehoming group....I do love Greyhounds and one day I hope to own...
    AnimaliaAustralis AnimaliaAustralis
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    1 Response Apr 8, 2011

    Australians love their sport.

    Australians also love a punt. Right now, Australians love betting on greyhound racing, the sport based on pushing dogs to their limits. With more than 40,000 races and more than 300,000 dogs running at tracks across the country each year, Australians are now wagering $4...
    tr606 tr606
    Feb 22, 2015

    Why You Should Adopt A Greyhound

    I adopted my greyhound 9 years ago. I was influenced in my decision by my sister, who had owned one for several years. They are a unique breed! Greyhounds, that is. Sisters are a whole other story... One thing that must be said at the outset: Greyhounds are as affectionate as...
    weltonb weltonb
    51-55, M
    2 Responses Aug 18, 2011

    Timo's Gone

     Our big silly Irish giant Timo lost his fight with cancer this week.  He was mostly happy but he heard the leads rattling and came running through to go for his walk, he could be quite speedy in the house, he had just had his fresh meds and were just kicking in.  ...
    jackkgrace jackkgrace
    26-30, M
    3 Responses Sep 21, 2008

    Greys are awesome dogs,

    funny, loving and lazy (god are these dogs bone idle), most of us grey owners have rescues, ex-racers, and they love so much considering the vile abuse they have been through in the racing world. Greys rule! Please adopt a rescue grey they are wonderful and need two twenty...
    DanteAsiir DanteAsiir
    16-17, M
    Jan 16, 2016

    I Didn't Pick Her, She Picked Me.

    In loving memory of my beloved Greyhound, Goldie. One of my dogs had passed on. I still had an 11 year old Lurcher that for the first time in her life, was the ONLY dog in the house. I knew that I needed an adult dog for her, since a puppy would be too active and annoy her. I...
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    4 Responses Feb 10, 2011

    Timo and Hawk

    Hi I just joined because I only just found this group.  I used to own Red Setters and then we discovered greyhounds, specifically greyhounds who need rescuing.  Fun, sweet, loving and bone-idle, we now have two, Timo and Hawk, we had one before but lost him a year ago...
    jackkgrace jackkgrace
    26-30, M
    3 Responses Jul 30, 2008

    Childhood Breeding And Owing Racing Dogs

    my grandfather and grandmother owned a large number of grey hound racing dogs. They had huge kennels fenced off for at 20 or more up on the old farm after the house burnt down. They were noisy at night like the "Hound of the Baskivilles" howling... in the 70's and 80's ... they...
    czaristacrystals czaristacrystals
    36-40, F
    1 Response Apr 20, 2011

    My Dog's Name Is Chance.

    You can learn more about my dog via my EP Pets link.  But Chance came a long way before I ended up with him.   He is a rescue greyhound from Guam.  You can read a lot of literature about rescue greyhounds and how they are amazing dogs.  But it doesn't do...
    EPjake EPjake
    26-30, M
    4 Responses May 26, 2009
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