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    I Love Hammocks So Much I Opened My Own Hammock Store!

    I bought a Jumbo Mayan hammock chair for my then 9-year-old daughter three years ago. After only one week, we found ourselves flipping a coin to see who gets to sit in it after dinner. I finally  broke down and bought another. It was perfect. When I would have a friend over...
    lisaelaine lisaelaine
    1 Response Jun 18, 2010

    Hammocks For All Times

    A hammock is more than a place to hang out, it's a way of life. Being in a hammock reminds me of Mexico, and travel there. Many of the best hammocks are made in Mexico. With their stunning colors and often found in beachside bars and restaurants, many afternoons have been lost to...
    hamix hamix
    1 Response Jul 25, 2009

    Hank was visiting a few weeks ago from the Mid

    West. He had never laid down in a hammock and really wanted to try it out. My dad had just replaced it after having another one for nearly 10 years. He told us we could lay in it, but to first take our shoes off so not to get it dirty.Hank took off his boots and sat down in the...
    deleted deleted
    Mar 21, 2016

    I Love Hanging In a Hammock

    I love hanging in hammocks. I wish I had some trees in my yard to hang them too. I love going to the park in the summer time and finding 2 trees to hang one in to lay there and read a book. I also love to hang in one while picnicking or out camping and just listen to sounds...
    jammin2001 jammin2001
    31-35, M
    3 Responses Jan 22, 2008

    Summer Memory

    This summer my daughter and I took a road trip. Just us girls. It was kind of a right of passage thing as she was preparing to leave for college and I was preparing to have her leave. We headed out with no real destination. Each day we would pick a place on the map and then just...
    lonelymom2 lonelymom2
    46-50, F
    1 Response Nov 7, 2012

    That wonderful feeling of being held,

    swayed, kept boyant, without doing a thing... except sinking in.It's relaxing, relieving, comforting.Lovelovelove it.  
    Injoy1767 Injoy1767
    46-50, F
    Apr 26, 2015
    Injoy1767 Injoy1767
    46-50, F
    1 Response Apr 26, 2015

    There Is Nothing Better

    than lounging in a hammock with the slow, steady rocking lulling me to sleep with the sunshine warming my face and a salty breeze wafting over me. And, of course, a repertoire of mellow music to serve as my soundtrack and lemonade to quench my thirst .
    deleted deleted
    Apr 18, 2008

    I Miss You...

    Thinking back on those days when we would gather up the hammocks and take them to the grape trees along the white sandy beaches with the aqua blue ocean slapping gently against the pristine shores of my home in Cayman Brac..Great and missed dearly from the depths of my soul.
    openwindows openwindows
    41-45, F
    Mar 6, 2013

    When I was still in California I lived right on

    the beach. I remember stringing my hammock between two palm trees in my backyard next to the pool and just having a smoothie and relaxing without a care in the world. Sometimes I'd take naps there and more than once I've actually slept there overnight during the summer. That was...
    DrakeLineous DrakeLineous
    22-25, M
    Jul 14, 2014

    Hammock Days

    Like my story about mangoes, this goes back to my days of living on a Maui farm. My memories take me back to a yard full of several mango trees, one from shock we hung a tire swing, and two others supported a hammock. On warm afternoons, it was nice to lay in the hammock with a...
    silentwriter180 silentwriter180
    46-50, F
    1 Response Jan 9, 2013
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