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Listen to www.hos.com or via public radio station. Share your impressions of their vast library of music. 23 People

    My Discovery Was ? July ? 1986 S T A R F L I G H T 1

    I lived in Sacramento, California from 1979 - 2007. I'm now living in Aberdeen, Washington. My Discovery of "Hearts Of Space" was in the Year: 1986 and the Month (I Believe) was July?.  I had been watching on PBS this Science Fiction British's Classic's of 1970's...
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    1 Response Mar 12, 2010

    Hearts Of Space

    Does anyone know if the Hearts of Space website list the PBS stations by state that carry the broadcasts?
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    Some Of My Favorites ... My Picks 'for Waking Up To' ... On March 14, 2010

    Some Of My Favorites ... My Picks For ... 'Waking Up To' ... On March 14, 2010 1 )   Artist:  Steve Roach and Robert Rich  /  Album:  STRATA  /  Musical Title Piece:  THE GROTTO OF TIME LOST  /  Time:  9:03...
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    Mind Expanding Music ! ! !

     I've been listening on and off to Hearts of Space (HOS) for 20 years. I've always loved instrumental music. This is more than just instrumental music. It's a genre. When people think of New Age music, they think of the more popular artists like Yanni, John Tesh and more...
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    My Second Amalgamate Musicians

    Getting to know "Hearts Of Space" they themselves have done a lot to combine Favorite Musicians. As for who is a Musician and Artist? I've come across with this being so in lots of music that has been Combined Musicians. And trying to choose many of them in such an...
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    Internet Discovery Of Ambient Space Music 2013.10.22 Alien Worlds

    Now with my New High Speed Internet, I just Got. I can do what I wasn't able to get.And the Discovery of this youtube Video "Amazed" (Me) and my Pet Budgie Parakeet. (Can't keep my Pet Parakeet Quiet. It's (4:00 AM) Has to Chirp with this Piece being Played.)New to (Me) "Aythar...
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    Oct 22, 2013

    Michael Stearns 1984 Ambient Piece Elysian E Is Just Vedic To Me

    I like the motor running to my refrigerator. It has the best whiteout noise from restless human traffic from my neighbor's and the silence I get just to hear deafness. With clocks ticking and creaking. I haven't felt like lately in playing my music I have. But I do have much of...
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    Nov 13, 2011

    Thank You

    for turning me on to this music website.  I absolutely love the sample program. I just joined a 3-month trial membership. And Buckethead? Who knew? I've only heard him play mediocre speed metal in the past.
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    1 Response Mar 17, 2010

    Vedic Music To My Aviation Genre Of Favorite's Jonn Serrie And Bruce Bec Var # 1

    Through the Radio Broadcasting of: "Music From the Hearts Of Space" I collected my Favorite Genre Lifestyle Interest in what is: "My Favorite Genre Lifestyle Interest In Music" What has come from this Syndicate in representing another form of Musical Style Genre to our World...
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    Jan 21, 2013

    My Real Fantasy About 10 Years Ago ... Bird Brain Journeys

    About 10 Years ago on the Internet. I repressed myself on some other Blog Sites about a Fantasy I liked having about myself into ... Calling myself ... "Bird Brain Journeys"  I have been a Bird Lover and had wished to have been a Pilot.  Like an Airliner Pilot...
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    C M Own & Picks ( A Heritage) " End Of Total Dark Night - Morning Dawn Twilight Begins - ( Alarm Music) # 1"

    C = Creating / M = My + Own = Creating My own Collection for a given situation ... (Heritage = Just as and from the way Hearts Of Space makes their Programs and Picks for a given Atmosphere, So my Picks are pretty much in the Same Genre here ... ) This Given Situation:"End Of...
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    My Favorite Musician Is 'jonn Serrie'

    My Favorite Musician is 'Jonn Serrie' And the Albums I have on Him: 01 > AND THE S T A R S GO WITH YOU (Have as: CD + Cassette Tape) 1988 / MIRAMAR PRODUCTIONS 02 > FLIGHTPATH (Have as: CD + Cassette Tape) 1989 / MIRAMAR PRODUCTIONS 03 > TINGRI (Have as: CD...
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    Stephen Is Downright Awesome!

    I love the sound of the guy's voice. Spine tingling! I haven't heard the like since Rod Serling. I love his poetic introductions, and the how he closes every show with "Safe Journey, Space Fans." I'll probably be listening to these shows forever. Slow Music for Fast Times, and we...
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    Cassette Tape Arrangements Of Mine: J U L Y 2001 014

    I have made Cassette Tape Arrangement Recordings of my Likes and Taste for a series of Music I like for myself and my Library of them is a bit like sharing this one ...  "Waking Up To: ... the sail of argo navis ... a cruising experience ...   RECORDED ON A: 90...
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    My Favorite Blissful Get And To Go Start Music By Steve Roach Flatlands

    I haven't listened to Hearts of Space Website for a year. Cause of the Technical Problems and Financial Problems I keep having. Trying to be Complacent with my 1980's and 1990's Collection. Don't always need ... (More!) New and Change all the time. The 1980's and 1990's to me is...
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    Nov 14, 2012

    A Tribute To A Couple Space Fans ... The 1990's Awaken Me To As Of 8/20/2010

    One of the things about ... "Music From Hearts Of Space"  The Director Steven Hill had his saying ... "Safe Journey's Space Fans" This was the Instrumentation of Music that you would think about as the Universe had its own Special for Our Journey's into the Cosmos...
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    6 Responses Aug 23, 2010
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