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    Can You Eat Healthy At KFC? (KFC Food Review)

    KFC's chicken pot pie ingredient list is half of a page long. Like most fast food, KFC is not high quality food. KFC uses a lot of MSG, monosodium glutamate in their food. Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a flavor enhancer, but many people have a food allergy to it.http://www...
    Heavenbound5511 Heavenbound5511
    36-40, F
    2 Responses Aug 18, 2013

    A Bucket Of Chicken Please

    Now somebody only had to mention KFC today to have me here drooling. I don’t tend to eat KFC more than 3 times a year because you know it’s dangerous. You know that too much of that is going to take hold of your hips. But I love it. And you better believe I’m there on...
    EbonyLady EbonyLady
    41-45, F
    Aug 13, 2011

    The chicken and food there is absolutely second

    to none the chicken literally tasty as hell and the popcorn chicken? Mmmmmm I could eat it all day lol
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    1 Response Dec 27, 2014
    theTysk theTysk
    22-25, M
    Jul 15, 2014

    Me and about 12 other people in my year are

    addicted to KFC I love everything in KFC yum
    mrsastonmerrygold mrsastonmerrygold
    16-17, F
    Mar 1, 2014

    I absolutely love it.

    I fantasize about eating KFC all the time. It's so delicious and fattening and helps me grow bigger too. Right now I'm planning what to get there when I get lunch today. The more calories, the better!
    jdoe1234567 jdoe1234567
    18-21, M
    2 Responses Jan 31, 2015


    I love KFC. They have awesome chicken, I love their extra crispy. It's finger licking good! They have awesome sides as well, I love their mashed potatoes, and the gravy is the best. The green beans are so tasty, and the mac and cheese couldn't be any creamier. Their...
    RealityTVJunkie RealityTVJunkie
    26-30, F
    5 Responses Apr 14, 2009

    Kentucky Fried Chicken

    I love KFC. They have awesome chicken, I love their extra crispy. It's finger licking good! They have awesome sides as well, I love their mashed potatoes, and the gravy is the best. The green beans are so tasty, and the mac and cheese couldn't be any creamier. Their corn on the...
    Sweetheartxoxo Sweetheartxoxo
    26-30, F
    1 Response Jun 6, 2008


    One thing that I always have when I go over to my grandparents is KFC. We don't get it over here, because with Five people, its just way toe expensive for us. But my grandparents love KFC. Its one thing that I am REALLY looking forward to having when I go over there again!
    deleted deleted
    Dec 9, 2009

    I Love K F C

     Because I love fried chicken. :)
    filthydieseltech filthydieseltech
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Nov 1, 2009

    I Love Kfc

    i la la la love kfc. it feels you up, taste frigging lush, and just drawl but i hardly ever get to have it as the nearest kfc to me is an hour away,  but it makes it all the sweeter i guess. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm kfc sure beats mcdonalds hands down.
    jossiemarie jossiemarie
    22-25, F
    Apr 25, 2008

    Its My Favorite Restaurant Of The World

    i love kfc i love the fried chicken then they do no more fried chicken but now i love still the another big fat chicken with his skin
    coolcool7 coolcool7
    Feb 17, 2012
    saintsforever saintsforever
    26-30, M
    Aug 18, 2013

    Yum, Yum,Yum, Yummy. what can 8 say I love a

    little chicken fry, cold beer on a Friday night. lol
    AiymaSnikies AiymaSnikies
    26-30, F
    3 Responses Jan 22, 2015

    Absolutely. Chicken is better

    than the chicks(or the guys in my case) who said they'll die for you. Chicken actually died for you. Chicken is true love! :D
    deleted deleted
    Aug 27, 2015

    Popcorn chicken snack box&cold ice

    dasiychainsxxx dasiychainsxxx
    16-17, F
    May 21, 2014
    jml2000 jml2000
    61-65, M
    1 Response Jan 22, 2015

    Their food is good, except their new hot

    chicken is pretty damn spicy, so eat with caution, or maybe have a fire extinguisher handy :P
    ErraticSarcastic ErraticSarcastic
    31-35, F
    1 Response Mar 7, 2016

    I Love Kfc

    We usual have it once every 2 weeks as a treat. Something i very much look forward 2!! Just think it as heathy as a salad  and your body will treat it that way!!
    gothere gothere
    6 Responses Feb 24, 2009

    I Love KFC

    I'm a vegetarian so I eat the sides. I love potato wedges in general, like those that KFC has.Β Β Β Β Β  I love also green beans like KFC's; however, they tend to be seasoned with meat and I'm a vegetarian, so I don't eat those much anymore.Β Β Β Β  I like cole slaw and it's a...
    MDenise MDenise
    31-35, F
    Feb 11, 2013

    Love Kfc.....

    I used to be a Mcdonalds lover but now it's all about KFC. I love their chips, chicken and sides. I also adore their box meals. I got a boneless banquet box meal the other night and it was just amazing.
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    1 Response Aug 5, 2011
    PsychGirl94 PsychGirl94
    22-25, F
    1 Response Jan 16, 2015

    Chicken Pot Pie.

    I really don't like KFC, but this Chicken Pot Pie is AMAZING!  That could be because I am buzzin.  Either way, okay, which one of you is going to act appaulled that anyone would dare consume KFC??  Because you know there is someone here who thinks they are...
    BellasHappyPlace BellasHappyPlace
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Dec 10, 2009
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