I Love Kimchi

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    Since I Was 15.

    I have been eating Kim Chi for fourteen years. I make a killer Kim Chi soup, that is so good you would swear I was part Korean.  (Nope, I just got the recipe from my Tae Kwon Do instructor's wife.  Although he had to translate it from Korean to English for me...
    NoGodsNoMasters NoGodsNoMasters
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    5 Responses Sep 15, 2009


    Maybe it's because I'm polish and love sauerkraut. Perhaps it's because I need that lactic acid bacterium. Did I mention how much I love sodium? Like clockwork I get cravings every two weeks and have to find a jar of kimchi. Sometimes it's from local farms (north-eastern...
    Weremuffin Weremuffin
    Aug 7, 2008

    Oh Snap Do I Love Kimchi

    Haha so Let me just say that I LOVEEE KIMCHI! haha I'm not korean or anything (I'm actually mexican!) An I loveeee Korea Hah I have always wanted to go there I don't know why but kimchi is like the best It's not too spicy or anything it's just awesome! Now I have a...
    Yupilovekimchi Yupilovekimchi
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    1 Response Jan 3, 2013

    Korean Delicassy

    Hhhhhmmm when ever you eat KIMCHI will some this chile powdered vegetable mix with different variety of spice and hot mix sauce,for sure for those who doesnt like hot chile then its not for you but if you only try im sure you will love and like it.I use to work with Korean...
    tawam tawam
    36-40, M
    Nov 24, 2012

    I love eating it right out of the jar by itself

    while watching netflix! Usually anime! :)
    thewalkingcello thewalkingcello
    18-21, F
    Mar 7, 2016

    My First Kimchi Story

    I've always loved Kimchi. And today is my first time making my own kimchi. here's a link to my blog with that story on mine.. http://lifesordinance.blogspot.com/2009/10/my-kimchi-story.html
    buttercupcake buttercupcake
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    Oct 25, 2009

    Oh Gross

    I never liked that kim chee...spicy cabbage? not for me!
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Jul 7, 2009

    Kimchi Is The Greatest!

    I absolutely LOVE Kimchi, in any form. I eat it everyday, with most meals. Hooray for Kimchi!
    itsaguava itsaguava
    31-35, M
    Apr 3, 2011

    I so love Kimchi! Just bought a pack from

    oriental supermarket!! Yummy! Comfort food for being depressed paired with salted egg.
    mabuhayka mabuhayka
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    1 Response May 20, 2015


    but gee it pongs.  My daughter and I went through a faze when we had it with rice for breakfast....which was fine for us but the boys had to leave the table.
    wildernessgirl wildernessgirl
    3 Responses Jun 8, 2010

    I Am The Ultimate Kim Chi Lover...

    My favorite place to visit, is South Korea.. Their arhitecture, and their decorating styles, such as their dark, heavy wood, ..embellished with , ...hard shiny brass, fixturings.. But, the aromatic, foods... I sat at a Korean restaurant inSeoul, and ate, a dinner that...
    chipperchick chipperchick
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    3 Responses Jun 10, 2010
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