I Love Mac and Cheese

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    I Love Mac and Cheese. I haven't had it in forever, and the good kind, not my dad's nasty *** home-made mac and cheese, but really good Kraft box, Mac and Cheese. Its so good. I Love it. I haven't had it in a while, but I know that its the best thing in the...
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    Dec 6, 2009

    Those Were The Good Old Days

    Ah!  Mac and cheese!  Takes me back.  I eat mac and cheese now, but it's not like Mother used to make.  When I was three and four or five (back in the 1940's), Mom would cook Mac and cheese with lots of cut up hotdogs in it and buttered bread crumbs over the...
    Zotz123 Zotz123
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    amyrobbyy amyrobbyy
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    Memories Of Good Ol' Mac And Cheese :)

    My family and I literally live on Mac and Cheese, however I can't cook it like my mom and grandfather to save my life (yes I understand it just boiling the noodles, cutting the Kraft block cheese, and mixing it) But, it just doesn't taste the same, I'll get it eventually...
    JaimeJackson JaimeJackson
    Oct 3, 2013

    Ive made homemade mac & cheese two nights in a

    row and that's all I've been eating. I don't think I could ever get sick of it :3
    xKatlyn xKatlyn
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    Feb 8, 2015

    Lactose Good And Bad

     i have a slight lactose problem and esophageal motility problem...so, pasta can be a real pain in the ***. but i see the kraft boxes, the singlular microwaveable cups, my sis-in-laws homemade, a hot bar at a store...and i just imagine the creamy goodness. i mac tonight!!
    Caspersglove Caspersglove
    36-40, M
    Jan 6, 2010

    I grew up with kraft mac n cheese

    that I didn't know homemade ones existed until I was like 18. I LOVE homemade mac n cheese. It's so simple to make too! I cannot get enough of it. I love it when it's so cheesy and gooey.
    lazygigglez lazygigglez
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    Sep 4, 2015


    Yes I love the little blue box.  It is one of my best comfort foods.  I like it at boston market resturant and sometimes other places are ok.  I put other things in also.  Corn is always good, hotdogs, hambuger, and ham.  It is just so cheesy and good.
    allofus allofus
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    I admit. I am very disciplined with my diet, but my one weakness is mac n cheese- the creamy kind, NOT the powder. It's my comfort food. I can only buy a box about once a month, and treat myself, because if I keep in the house all the time, I'd eat it all the time!
    SpiritOfTheRabbit SpiritOfTheRabbit
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    I Am Not Normal

    I love Kraft Mac and Cheese,  but when I cook it, I don't use any milk, but I double the amount of butter.The other thing, and this is perhaps where I vary from their normal purchaser, I'll rip the box open, and eat the Macaroni dry, and occasionally throw a little of the cheese...
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    Apr 5, 2011

    Mac & Cheese .... Mmmm

    I love mac & cheese. My mom made this batch one time and it was sooooo good!!! It was sooo cheesy and delicious... Mac and cheese used to be my favorite food.... I love the shell macaroni but any kind of macaroni works for me.... To me macaroni is one of the best foods that has...
    stripesANDsunshine stripesANDsunshine
    18-21, F
    Feb 17, 2008

    Mmmm Mac and Cheese

    I love mac and cheese! Its my ultimate favorite food! And I had some Kraft mac and cheese today for lunch!
    EchoRain EchoRain
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    It's what i usually order as a side dish when i go to Kenny Rogers! I THINK IM GONNA GO HAVE IT NOW :)
    peacenik peacenik
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    Cheese, Please!

    Let's face it. We ALL have a soft spot for pasta smothered in gooey cheese sauce.  I'm all for Kraft, but I'm an even bigger fan of homemade. Try this recipe and I promise you that even if you aren't fond of it, you will be after this and for all you mac and cheese lovers...
    SexyCalii SexyCalii
    22-25, F
    Feb 1, 2009

    I am totally addicted to Amy's Kitchen

    gluten-free Mac n Cheese. I could eat it for every meal, and for snacks inbetween. Mmmmmmm.
    ProfessorYaffle ProfessorYaffle
    46-50, F
    Feb 25, 2016

    Kraft Please

    If your talking store bought Mac and Cheese in a BOX....Serve me only KRAFT PLEASE!  
    PeedeeDog PeedeeDog
    6 Responses Sep 1, 2008

    I Love Mac & Cheese

    I LOVE Mac & Cheese. You take pasta and mix it with cheese. How could you not love it?! I love any kind. The cheap box, Velveeta or the real home made stuff. I am always down for some Mac & Cheese. Homemade is the the best though.  Plus you can mix it with different...
    CheshireCat CheshireCat
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    Feb 24, 2008

    I love Mac and Cheese,

    especially from the all you can eat buffet..:-)
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    Feb 26, 2016
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