I Love Michelangelo

For those who appreciate the genius of this masterful Renaissance sculptor, painter, and architect 44 People

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    WhaaAaaa?  That is crazy... I was only going to say "WhaaAaa?"  but then EP told me "While there's somehting to be said for brevity, this engtry is too short to be of help to others.  Please add some more detail."But I wasn't trying to help, I was just agreeing with the...
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    Sep 18, 2011

    Michelangelo, Italian Renaissance Painter, 1475-1564

    The Genius: In all of art history, only four artists have ever warranted a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Michelangelo was one of them. His painting of God Creates Adam on the Sistine Chapel remains the most celebrated wallpaper of all time. Despite his place among the...
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    Statue Of David

    I was in Florence the day after David was attacked. This crazy person broke off one of his toes. Since that time they have blocked access to David. Statue of Davis is totally awesome.
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    He Did More Than The David Statue!

    This is my favorite painting, The Delphic Sibyl..  The colors are amazing
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