I Love Mtvlm

Love you man, thanks for all you have done for me! 13 People

    He Is My Uncle

    I met MTVLM a couple of Years ago on Ep. Since the 1st day we met, we have been good friends. Never have we had a falling out or anythign like that. He has been there for me, through some pretty rough ****, and I've been tried to be there for him. he is one of the few people on...
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    I have been friends with Mr VLM for quite some time now. He has listened to me through many heartbreaks and illnesses and he has been there in prosperous and poor times for me. I love him dearly and would not trade our friendship for anything.
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    - My Knight & Demon Slayer -

                  - Mtvlm, what can I say about this man, who claims to live inside my head. lol. He has apparently made himself right at home. Protecting me from my faceless demons & leading me to the light when...
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    I Do...

    I Love Mtvlm. He has been so great to me since we have been friends. He has been there for me, being understanding, supportive, and has helped me so much. I would be so damn lost without him. He is my Hero, he has helped me get through some very dark moments, helping...
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    But Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    I Love Mtvlm but shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh he can't know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its a secret!!!!!!!!!!!! He is going to wake up shorty, and when he does come online, he is going to KILL ME for not going to bed last night, but it wasn't my fault! My mom woke me up just...
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