I Love My Home State And I Want To Tell You All About It

For people who want to talk about where they live but can't find anyone to listen in real life 7 People


    In the little town where I live in Louisiana a woman sued Wal-mart for tripping over a neutra-rat ( a gian swamp rat, resembles a possum) and falling down while shopoing in the store. It turns out that the employees knew about the rat running around the store but decided to...
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    Apr 6, 2010

    Yes! A Group Were I Can Babble Endlessly!

    (Our state flag.)(And the seal.)Nickname: "The Pine Tree State"Motto: "Dirigo" (Latin for "I lead" or "I direct.")Official language: NonePeople from Maine are called: Mainer'sCapital: AugustaLargest City: PortlandArea: 33,215 sq milesPercentage of water: 13.5Population: 1,328...
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    I Love Pennsylvania With A Firey Passion That Burns In My Soul With The White Hot Intensity Of A Thousand Suns

    Can I just say? I love PA. I was born in Chestnut Hill. Spent my early childhood in Eagleville. Moved to Harrisburg for the later part of elementary school. And now I'm in West Chester. For ultimate awesome, see paragraph about Wawa.   Will you let me tell you what I...
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    West Virginia

      Everyone that knows me here at EP knows that I am from West Virginia. I am a mountain mama. I love the hills, the hollers, the rivers, the mountains, the river beds, the forests, the cardinals (red birds) and the plentiful wild life. I love being a native here, I understand...
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