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    I Love Them ....but I Am Kind Of Particular :)

    OMG I love purses!! I love to shop for them., I am kind of particular though. Recently a gentleman I work with went to NYC and asked if I wanted anything. I responded by saying YES!! I want a blingy purse... It started with him sending pictures of purses he thought I would like...
    snowbunny1002 snowbunny1002
    46-50, F
    Aug 7, 2010

    Never Enough

      My addiction for purses truly sprung from out of nowhere. I crave the soft buttery leather types. My closet is jammed-packed with purses that I will probably never use. Just having them and knowing that I have an accessory...
    Magenta09 Magenta09
    41-45, F
    2 Responses May 10, 2009

    I Love All Kinds

    I have a small collection of about 20 or so. I like them in all sizes, materials and colors. I have them in black, brown, white, purple and even imitation jean and leather combo, lol. I tend to gravitate towards totes because i like to put everything in my bag. If i could put the...
    violet1698 violet1698
    31-35, F
    1 Response Feb 17, 2013

    A Life Long :love Affair :)

    As far back as I can remember, I have loved purses. Everyone who knows me knows this. I have so many purses I am running out of places to put them. I don't like them packed away. They need to be around me, they make me smile. I can take out a purse and remember when I bought it...
    Sexybookgirl Sexybookgirl
    31-35, F
    3 Responses Nov 14, 2009

    Ahh, a New Purse.

    I have such a "thing" for purses.  Since I was a little girl I have absolutely adored purses.  I can remember every purse I have ever had or wanted, its like how guys can remember obscure sports facts.  Such is my Passion for purses is that when I was...
    Freestanding Freestanding
    56-60, F
    5 Responses Sep 20, 2007

    The First One...

    I brought my first bag. Its not that one, which I originally wanted, in this size, but its looks good, I like it, well my girl friends are like it too. So, I'm a proud owner of a female shoulder bag. It can easily swallow my notebook (14"), wallet, perfume, some cosmetics, mobile...
    VivienXX VivienXX
    26-30, T
    2 Responses Jun 18, 2011

    Recovering Addict...

    I think at one time I was addicted to purses... I have over 30 purses! It's crazy; I think I was spending my money on purses so I have none left to spend on booze or coke.
    TiPoupon TiPoupon
    18-21, F
    Jun 20, 2008

    Don't Know How It Happened

    It all started when I was introduces to louis, then I had to meet Doone and Gucci.  Now my finances have hindered meeting new friends.  Maybe if we get that tax refund this year that Bush is propossing I may be able to hang out with prada for awhile. 
    lizbatthory lizbatthory
    31-35, F
    1 Response Jan 19, 2008

    Too Many Purses...never!

    I absolutley love purses. Finding the right one is half the battle. Once I do I am at peace until the next season or another color I want comes out. Will it be black, brown, pink, houndstooth, polka dots, can you ever really have too many purses? I think not
    snowbunny1002 snowbunny1002
    46-50, F
    2 Responses Sep 23, 2007

    Sonly Will Be One

    Love them, sonly will be one. I'm a crossdresser, but I think its so good. I didn't understood why is no purse to mens. Why we need to put everything into our pockets... So I decided, I will buy one sonly. It have so many various style, size and color... even that, I still not...
    VivienXX VivienXX
    26-30, T
    1 Response Oct 6, 2010

    I'm a Purse Aholic

    I LOVE PURSES, I LOVE PURSES, I LOVE PURSES! Yes I do. They are so cute. I will fork out 100-2000 for  a purse with no remorse. I have a good collection of them from a walmart brand to a prada. I love them all. It is also an art to design them. I...
    happygirl1 happygirl1
    4 Responses Dec 25, 2008

    Purses As In Bags???

      oooooooo i love bags i have quite a few in mostly pink lol but i think i have 2 or 3 in other colours a girl cant have too many bags.
    sammy120 sammy120
    22-25, F
    May 7, 2008

    I Like to Design Them

    I don't actually carry one...Only for special occasions. But I love designing unique handbags. I'm working on a Alice in Wonderland collage purse for a friend, right now. I do it as a pastime. I have made a few for myself...Made Janis Joplin, Johnny Cash, Marilyn Monroe, Guns...
    QueenOfHearts QueenOfHearts
    22-25, F
    7 Responses Sep 28, 2009

    New, Used, Big Small ...

    Yes, I love purses. A purse for every occassion. Well online I saw these. No mistake, if I could I would buy them. Purses are neat and they can hold so much or so little in a small clutch bag. But only the important things, of course.
    Josie06 Josie06
    56-60, F
    5 Responses Aug 27, 2008

    Such A Selection

    It is great to see so many various types of "men's bags" on the market now. As a sissy transvestite, I enjoy and delight in my shoulder bags & purses. With the so many men carrying some type bag now, I feel far more comfortable & confident when carrying one in public. Apparently...
    janusatv janusatv
    61-65, T
    1 Response May 23, 2011

    How My Purse Obsession Started

    When I was a kid I loved going through my mom's purse and seeing what she had in there; jewelry, money, candy, etc. Combined with the TV show Felix the Cat, and the characters' magic bag I thought purses all contained some sort of hidden secret. When I turned 7 my aunt got me...
    LasVegasLady LasVegasLady
    Sep 12, 2012

    My First Lv...

    the little wristlet I carried in law school will always have a special place in my heart.
    patchworkofmistakes patchworkofmistakes
    26-30, F
    2 Responses Jan 8, 2010

    Just a Girly Girl

    I love everything in fashion. I love shoes and cute shirts, tight pairs of jeans that make my @ss look cuter than it already is and purses....a girls best friend...great to organize and I have one of almost every color ( I love to color coordinate with my outfit), but I do have a...
    unfucktheworld unfucktheworld
    22-25, F
    5 Responses Sep 18, 2007

    I Love My Purses

    I am a transvestite who dresses "en femme" to some degree about 80% of the time. Early on I learned a purse was an essential part of my atiire and it was best to carry one that fit the the occasion. I have only 6, 3 of which I've carried for several years...
    janusatv janusatv
    61-65, T
    1 Response Jun 28, 2010

    Some Chicks Have a Shoe Fetish, I Have a Purse Fetish

    Purses are just such a cute, but very useful accessory and there's such a wide variety out there that you really can't have too many. My favorite small purse that i have is my Gwen Steffani designed harajuku lovers black and white purse. I also have a very large red and...
    alwaysalone alwaysalone
    22-25, F
    Jun 30, 2008

    Best Purse Store Ever

    I love purses but, I am on a recession budget. www.vipbagistas.ecrater.com has some of the cutest bags and wallets. Nothing over $45.
    BagistasArmCandy BagistasArmCandy
    May 26, 2010

    My Collection

    I know I have more purses than one person could ever need, but I can't help myself.  Some of my purses were given to me as gifts, some I bought new and some I got at yard sales or flea markets.  One of my favorites is a big red purse my mother gave me for Christmas that...
    Luvbooks Luvbooks
    36-40, F
    May 10, 2008

    I Do...

    ...love purses. Recently, I acquired a new one. I purchased it at TJ Maxx. It looks like it's made of snake skin. Nine West is the brand. I love that it's big enough to put all my things in.
    deleted deleted
    4 Responses Mar 14, 2011

    The Wonders Of Purses

    So I gained a little weight last winter, which put a damper on my usual love of shopping. But purses? They fit even when you've had a few too many milkshakes that month; you rule the size instead of letting it rule you. You can put in or leave out of a purse whatever you want...
    SomethingLikeALady SomethingLikeALady
    46-50, F
    Sep 24, 2013

    Always The Right Size!

    Most women are obsessed with clothes or shoes. Designer handbags are my weakness. Why? It's the one thing you can buy that makes you feel good about yourself everytime and it's always the right size. It's not like buying jeans or a bathing suit that always leaves me wanting to...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Jul 2, 2010
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