I Love Seeing Shooting Stars

"They are God's snot rockets!" 348 People

    Makes Me Glad To Be Alive Every Time.

    Today I saw a shooting star. It was a rather long streak but unmistakable to me. I instantly feel at peace when I see a shooting star. I even remember a great number of the ones I have seen. The last time I saw a shooting star was last October. I was in a horrid mood but as soon...
    GuardstheGrey GuardstheGrey
    22-25, M
    May 21, 2012
    burwi333 burwi333
    36-40, M
    Oct 31, 2010

    I Always Make A Wish

    I don't even know if my wishes come true all the time, but for whatever reason since I was just a wee lad, I have wished on every shooting star I see. It's probably nothing more than a silly gesture, but one never knows the power of a wish :)
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    1 Response Nov 21, 2010

    I was on my way home from buying groceries

    and as soon as I entered my neighbourhood, I seen a shooting star to the south. I stopped the car, got out and closed my eyes. I made a wish and smiled. Just seeing shooting stars is just beautiful. So beautiful! Nature never ceases to amaze me!
    NeoxExor NeoxExor
    26-30, M
    Dec 10, 2014

    Cottage Nights

    miss those nights at the cottage when we used to lay on the dock and stare up into the sky and watch for shooting stars =)
    sweetsie sweetsie
    26-30, F
    Nov 5, 2011

    Every night last Summer,

    a friend & I would go out to a field away off from any lights and lie watching shooting stars. We would see anywhere from 5-16 a night. It was truly awe inspiring.
    PoesRaven PoesRaven
    22-25, M
    1 Response Aug 9, 2014

    One summer a few years ago,

    I was with a friend staying at another friend's house. We were watching T.V. when her mom came in and told us there would be a meteor shower that night and would be leaving to go to her friend' house to go watch it. When she left, the three of us gathered up some blankets and...
    ahsfan445 ahsfan445
    18-21, F
    1 Response Jan 16, 2014

    A shooting star is a reminder to me of my Lord

    and Savior...#AlwaysWorthyofPraise
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    Nov 24, 2015

    We Knew It Was Something Special

    a few years back camping up north with a few friends.it was late and we were all just sitting around the campfire sharing stories and enjoying a couple drinks.For some reason we all looked up at the sky the exact same time and saw it.Im not sure if it was a shooting star or some...
    sweetsie sweetsie
    26-30, F
    Nov 5, 2011

    The Visitor....

    The shooting stars are magical objects. Science tells us what they really are. But basically it does not matter here. They trace a route in the sky, leaving a shower of brilliance and sometimes leave heard their voices heard. Legend has it that they are a harbinger of bad news...
    juliegirlie juliegirlie
    41-45, M
    Jul 12, 2011
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