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    I Love Seeing New Places and Sights

    I Love Seeing new places and sights, I come from Co. Clare in ireland, Ireland has many beautiful sights to see and i've nearly seen them all now at this stage, I plan to tour England Wales and Scotland Over the next few years and am really looking forward to it  The Cliffs...
    DjDerry DjDerry
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    Daddydomless Daddydomless
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    Taking a Look

    During winter time I like going out and sightseeing. All the " Christmas " lights or Holiday lights... It's really cool. Thousands of bulbs not only burning but burning you wallet too. :D Sometimes I'll go out and sightsee a house burning down or go to an area and look...
    Intel Intel
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    Sightseeing In Other Countries Is Stimulating And Exciting

    I love travelling and sightseeing. It informs you about how incredible life is and gives you something more than the daily grind. It makes you appreciate the diversity of humanity and cultures. I've seen sights in Beijing, Shanghai, been all throughout Australia, Paris...
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    Aug 17, 2013

    Seeing Damage

    There's got to be a lot of states experiencing damage from hurricane Ike. Even tho this shouldn't be taken as loving to sightsee damage from disaster that is hurting everyone. I didn't have to go in a car and look around. I was doing my almost daily walk and seen damage from...
    Intel Intel
    36-40, M
    Sep 18, 2008

    A Phew Minutes In Philadelphia . . .

    PHILADELPHIA!   I live in the Philadelphia area and my job takes me into center city a couple of days a week. I can't say I would like to live in the middle of it all but the fast pace, myriad of things to do, sights to see, and not to mention a million little lunch spots...
    OhSoShy OhSoShy
    41-45, M
    1 Response Mar 28, 2012
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