I Love the Lone Gunmen

For Lovers Of Langley,Frohike & Bryers. Plus their Associates Yves Adele Harlow & Jimmy Bond... 6 People

    Why I Love "The Lone Gunmen"

       A spin-off from the crazy world of Chris Carter's 'X-files',created by Glen Morgan & James Wong, "The Lone Gunmen" rose from their "comedy value" factor from the scary parts of the X Files into major performers. They took the lead in "...
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    I Love It

    I knew the lone gunmen in X-Files, and these have always been in my fave characters. I heart a little more for Langly and Frohike because they make me laugh, but all are good, new characters added to the spin-off too. I prefer the first DVD of the show, but I can really enjoy...
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