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I Love To Wear Panties Under My Jeans At Work

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    Wearing Panties

    i wear panties all the time and thay feel so naughty to wear panties under my jeans i love them
    tammy2 tammy2
    56-60, M
    Apr 5, 2012

    It's true. Shhh 💋 Sometimes I think

    every one knows that I'm naked underneath my clothes.
    Sierrasmith Sierrasmith
    22-25, F
    1 Response Nov 4, 2014

    Thong Mania

    ever since I got married, I started wearing my wife's panty. we've been married for 27 years with six kids. I feel hot wearing panties especially thong and g-string. I feel comfortable wearing it and I feel like my wife is always with me all the time..It's great..
    monicabelluci monicabelluci
    46-50, M
    Jan 4, 2012

    Try The Doctor's Office

    If you want to try coming out a bit, wear them to your next checkup. I suspect you'll get a thrill. Medical people see it all the time, and will be secretly amused... but they won't judge you by it, --It comes with the job. lol
    JanieNudiePants JanieNudiePants
    31-35, F
    8 Responses Sep 11, 2012

    Love Wearing Panties

    I love to wear panties and wear them every day. I wore panties under my jeans and under shorts in the warmer weather.
    jml2000 jml2000
    61-65, M
    Jun 25, 2012

    Wearing Panties To Work

    Its so exciting to wear panties underneath your work clothes and no one knows. I am probably wearing sexier panties than most woman at work and I love when I catch a glimpse of a co workers panties and see that I am wearing sexier panties than her. I love how I am much happier at...
    pantiescouple pantiescouple
    2 Responses Dec 6, 2011

    Love Women Undies

    Hello!! i love to wear panties and pantyhoses! i´m a married man, i love women, but this is a wonderful experience, i enjoy it very much. i´d like to share pics with you, i´m 36 y/o.
    als8055 als8055
    7 Responses Jan 17, 2012

    Its so hot in nyc. Thinking about wearing my

    girl panties and stay under the ac cool
    fromBK718 fromBK718
    31-35, M
    4 Responses Jul 7, 2014

    Wear Panties Every Day

    I started wearing panties every day when I went to college, loved it! Loved knowing my panties were probably more feminine than many of the girls around me, though I wondered what theirs looked like. I only wear "manties" when I have to go to the Dr, hate to wear the male...
    nicolesister nicolesister
    36-40, M
    2 Responses May 19, 2012


    I aways wear pantie's under my jeans at work. No one know I do this.
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Oct 6, 2013

    Sneaking Around

    So for the first time at my new job I decided to wear a pair of cute little flowery panties to work. I was hoping that I would get caught when one of the female workers came up to me and told me she had the same pair.. lol so scaredat first. At the end of the day she wanted to go...
    sissylovespanties sissylovespanties
    26-30, M
    May 29, 2013

    Do I

    i have nothing but panties to wear and i only wear womens jeans at work to
    spaz1177 spaz1177
    46-50, T
    2 Responses Feb 17, 2012

    Where Lace

    It's the best because u can feel the jeans with every turn and tuck and movement, ur panties show when u bend over and the lace lets u feel everything, so u always know what kind of sexy piece of *** u have inside those work jeans
    abilla abilla
    22-25, M
    2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

    Who Else

    Whilst being at work or walking down town , and wearing A pair of plastic panties under your clothes,, Have you ever wondered who else around you will be wearing a pair,, take a thought that not everyone is as straight as they make out they are.. xxx
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Dec 21, 2012

    Hot And Cold

    I have had many jobs since i started wearing panties instead of guy undies---(good decision switch btw)---so to be honost i have come up with a rule of thumb,.....and it is,......ther is no ruke of thumb when it comes to work and ur undies!---it all depends on ur mood and what...
    abilla abilla
    22-25, M
    4 Responses Mar 10, 2012

    Sure Do

    i luv the way they feel especialy the nylon ,they look sexy ,i like hipsters ,bikinis & now boy briefs,men style briefs ,but made for a women.& worn by a male ,the fake fly is cute ,they go with my girl jeans .
    mydesires mydesires
    41-45, M
    3 Responses Jan 8, 2012


    I do it daily. I am a manager and run a department. I love the fact that I wear sexy panties everyday. I know that they are sexier than most others as I love wearing my lace tongas.
    alamojoe alamojoe
    46-50, M
    1 Response May 14, 2012


    today i wore a cute pair of white cotton panties with pink flowers on them tucked for the whole day. Kinda surprised myself that i stayed put. :)
    kalamazoopantyboi kalamazoopantyboi
    31-35, M
    Jun 26, 2012

    I love my Italian stockings under my jeans at

    work, and the garterbelt makes them tug when I walk around :)
    deleted deleted
    3 Responses Feb 10, 2016

    My 2 Fetishes

    Ever since I was a teen boy, I always enjoyed wearing women's panties. I love the feeling of tightness in my butt and private area. And I always had that woman qualities. Soft spoken voice, smooth hairless body, and the way I make love. For 8 weeks now, I have been wearing...
    oci418 oci418
    36-40, M
    Mar 31, 2013

    New Black Panties

    I just got a couple of new pairs the other day a purple sheer thong an a black lace high cut panty an was able to wear the black pair today at work! Its very exciting to be seen as a mans man an have nobody know that im wearing sexy lace panties
    wearinpanties wearinpanties
    36-40, M
    2 Responses Jul 10, 2012

    I Love Wearing Panties Under My Man Clothes

    i love wearing panties the more feminine the better soft pinks yellows baby blues white bikini or hip huggers i also wear thigh highs with these and get so excited when i am with my co workers young women who dont know what im wearing
    alleynahlove alleynahlove
    1 Response Nov 3, 2012

    My Panties

    I am 14 years old boy and i love to steal panties from my friends older sister she has many different kinds like hanes aeropostale and jockey. My favourite pair of hers to wear are black with hot pink lining shes only 15 so she doesnt have any thongs which i would love to get...
    lee82k lee82k
    18-21, M
    3 Responses Oct 13, 2013

    Panty At Work

    Sometimes my gf make me wear a panty under my clothes to work. Or when I feel really daring I do it on my own. This makes me feels really weak. And specially when its a thong it is a stady reminder of being a sissy. There are even some days where she makes me proof my underwear...
    andose andose
    31-35, M
    3 Responses Jun 28, 2013

    love to wear tight jeans.

    hope my cotton crotch pannel seam outline.
    photousa photousa
    61-65, M
    1 Response Nov 6, 2015

    Pantied 24/7

    my wife has thrown away all my male underwaer. I have only been wearing panties now for over year. At first it was sexy panties but after a full day at work they were uncomfortable so now during the week it is mostly the grandma type panties. On the weekend tho the sexy panties...
    ctsub4otk ctsub4otk
    8 Responses Dec 8, 2011

    Every Day

    since 1990 i have worn nothing but panties and levies 505 womens jeans
    spaz1177 spaz1177
    46-50, T
    Jul 17, 2012

    No Manties For Me.

    About one month after my wife and I wed (34 years ago) my wife caught in full fem mode. The next time she went shopping she bought a lot of panties for me, She asked me to try them on when she returned home, to which I gladly did and modeled them for her, The next day she...
    sherrynpantyhose2k4 sherrynpantyhose2k4
    51-55, T
    5 Responses Dec 18, 2012

    I wear them all day every day

    so what about work lol
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses Dec 8, 2015
    HairyPanties HairyPanties
    22-25, M
    Sep 28, 2014

    Reflecting On Being Discovered Wearing Panties By My Supervisor ...

    Several years ago (long before I got to dress en femme for my current employer) I was working for a design/build construction company the primarily worked on high end boutique like mini malls. Actuall back in 2002 through 2007. Our work had us travelling fairly frequently, but I...
    dustywhitney dustywhitney
    51-55, T
    13 Responses Dec 13, 2012

    I am slowly becoming more at ease with this.

    When i first started wearing them under my work clothes, i was very self aware. I thought everyone knew for sure what was going on.
    justasissy justasissy
    31-35, T
    1 Response Oct 12, 2015

    Tomorrow 8th July 2014 will be the first time I

    will wear a pair of knickers to work. Im scared that they may show over my jeans but it wont stop me wearing them. Im loving my new life as an underwear cross dresser.
    knickersguy knickersguy
    26-30, M
    2 Responses Jul 7, 2014

    An Earlier Time Being Discovered At Work ...

    So about fifteen years ago, when I was living in Massachusetts, I had befriended a woman who discovered at our workplace that I was wearing pantyhose one day. She was so kind and discreet as she asked me to share a drink at the end of the day as she wanted to discuss something...
    dustywhitney dustywhitney
    51-55, T
    3 Responses Dec 18, 2012

    Boy Shorts

    Love wearing girls boy shorts and thongs
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Apr 15, 2012

    Everyday 24/7

    i wear ladies panties everyday 24/7 and have been for over 32 years now, i started when i was thirteen only after school at first by the time i was eighteen i was wearing panty's full time. I own over 45 pairs of panties and 4 pairs of mens underware that i couldn't even tell...
    greenmonkey17 greenmonkey17
    46-50, M
    4 Responses Feb 23, 2012

    Under my work cclothes tomorrow will be wearing

    a thong and leggings can't wait haven't wore a thong b4 till early er wen I tried them on earlier comfortable isn't the word
    24chris24 24chris24
    26-30, T
    1 Response Jun 18, 2014

    Only Victoria'S Secret

    I only wear Victoria's Secret bikini panties under my jeans at work. I have several pairs in solids and patterns and enjoy wearing them.  I may someday wear my woman's jeans to work with them underneath.
    dianedouglascd dianedouglascd
    56-60, T
    Jun 25, 2013

    Feelin Sexy At Work

    I wear panties under my pants at work every day . i love the feel of panties on my **** and the thrill of wearing panties at work and maybe getting caught makes me hard all day long
    dprlvr57103 dprlvr57103
    41-45, M
    Apr 15, 2012
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