I Love Tom Jones

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    Been a fan since I'm twelve years old.   Would plant myself in front of the tv screen every week, lying on the floor on my belly with my head in my hands five feet away from those thighs of his.  My Mom would laugh and laugh at me but never explain why those thighs held such...
    LilAnnie LilAnnie
    56-60, F
    May 8, 2013

    He sang at the Grammy Award Show

    and was one of the high lights, for me anyway. That man still does it for me. I was having a terrible day yesterday and was down in the dumps. Really worn out from the weather. I played this video and, presto chango, my mood was instantly brightened. I'm simple that way...
    LilAnnie LilAnnie
    56-60, F
    1 Response Feb 17, 2015


    thought of as a cartoon character, but Wales sure does make some mighting fine voices and he was my first find....and he's still doing it and doing it well. 
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    May 21, 2011
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