I Love Vc Andrews - the Original

Love for VC Andrews, the original writer and her original works (Flowers in the Attic, Garden of Shadows, etc). NOT the ghostwriter who has been doing most recent titles in her name. 15 People

    I absolutely love V.C Andrews.

    My love for her began when I came across the Flowers In The Attic movie (the 1987 one, not the remake) I was captivated by the story and fell in love with her. I've read the entire FITA series, My Sweet Audrina, almost all of the Wildflowers series, and all of the Early Spring...
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    I Love Flowers In the Attic!!!

    I Love the Original Vc Andrews! My Favorite Book by her, is "Flowers in the attic" I am reading it right now, for the like millionth time! It is just amazing. I have also seen the movie, but like most movies that are made from books, the book was MUCH better! I ...
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    Im Not Loser

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    Sep 20, 2011

    I Love Reading Vc Andrews

    I have read all the vc andrews books (except for the delia series) and own all of them. My favorite will always be the Flowers in the attic series (with FITA and Petals being my favorite of that series) and I love the Heaven series (with Dark Angel being my favorite) I love...
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    Loved all her books,

    even though she wrote the MOST depressing stories since Dickens. Maybe even more depressing than him. Whoever took over writing in her name doesn't do it for me. Same goes for Sidney Sheldon; fabulous novelist. Then he died and somebody else is writing in his name and just...
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