I Love Wearing My Partner's Tights

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    When i was 12, i had to sleep at my aunties for the night, due to my mom and dad working. Anyway, shes a nurse and has to wear pantyhose for her job, her legs are gorgeous. One night, she was getting undressed at night, not knowing i was awake, her wardrobe being in the bedroom i...
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    Big Nylon Fan

    Hey, I'm a guy, a completely red blooded guy who loves girls as much as the next man, and have never ever felt any tendencies towards other men. However, there is one thing I do love, and I find turns me on more than anything, and has done since I was a teenager.. And that is...
    bazcrabtree bazcrabtree
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    Jul 31, 2012

    Wearing My Girlfriends Tights.

    The first time I wore my girlfriends tights was when we were in a hotel and we were drunk and I asked her to keep them on while she slept, she said she they were uncomfortable while sleeping so she took them off, so I asked could if I could try them on. I was expecting her to say...
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    Wearing My Partner's Tights

    When i wa syoung my mum would make me wear my older sister's tights when it was cold.That experience made me realise how wonderful it is to wear tights. At university an understanding ggirlfirend permitted me to wear her opaque tights.
    wickerman wickerman
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    I to have been hooked by the allure of tights,

    I am 40 and have been wearing them since the age of 10, had my first O in them and try to wear them as often as possible along with bodies and bodystockings, the more sheer the better. It wrecked a marriage and several relationships but now I am with the women of my dreams who...
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    Put My Partner's Tights On This Morning

    This morning I picked up a pair of partner's tights which she had taken off last night and left beside the linen basket for washing. I knew I shouldnt really have worn the tights.She had a hard day at work yesterday, on her feet all day running around the office black where she...
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    I have literally only told like 5 people of my fetish and almost everyone has been accepting, which is amazing. However, I think it has gotten to the point where it is ruining my sex life. I literally cannot get an erection unless the girl is tied up or wearing tights. What can I...
    showerpowers showerpowers
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    Sep 17, 2012

    I joined this site just to share my story.

    Ever since I was old enough I have loved pantyhose/stockings. I love everything about them the feel, the look, the smell, everything. Up to now I have only every loved them on women a couple of months ago my gf and I went out for her birthday in a fancy restaurant. She wore a...
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    May 11, 2015
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    Jan 5, 2015
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