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I Love Wearing Revling Clothes

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    I So Love Attention....

    ...and wearing sexy clothing just seems to make that happen. It really started off just being a bit sexy. Then slowly I moved to more revealing things. Tops unbuttoned, somewhat sheer, etc. I usually do this in areas of the city where most of my friends and family don't go. My...
    brandiSE brandiSE
    18-21, F
    14 Responses Jul 7, 2008

    Exhibitionist At Heart

    i usually always wear mini skirts or short dresses because i have a lingerie store. i was sitting at a park bench reading and eating lunch last week when 2 youngish,(20's) guys walked up and sat down beside me. i pretended not to notice them except to say hello and continued...
    msmichele msmichele
    36-40, F
    2 Responses Dec 23, 2012

    Wine Tasting Part II

    Part II After he leaves I take shower to get ready for whatever else my husband has lined up from me. By now it is after 11 pm and the tasting is over. I go over to the suitcase and take a look at what kind of outfit my husband has got for me to wear tonight. He packed me a...
    plez2tease plez2tease
    Oct 1, 2013

    Low-cut Top

    Yes there is something about wearing revealing clothing that makes me feel attractive. In fact around Friday February 18, 2011 I ordered a pair of short shorts of (That's not the real sitename,). In regards to low-cut tops I used to wear these little tanktops...
    marshk marshk
    18-21, F
    7 Responses Feb 23, 2011


    there is nothing hotter then you ladys with skirts and short tops
    andrecar69 andrecar69
    22-25, M
    Jan 5, 2012

    It's Fun...

    I love the attention I get when you can see all the way down my shirt...  Just take a look at my pics and you will see.
    BamaBabe87 BamaBabe87
    22-25, F
    10 Responses Apr 23, 2010

    At the Gym...

    So my wife and I agree to go to the gym this morning. So we get there, I change and start working out on the eliptical machine.  A couple minutes later, she walks in wearing these tiny little black spandex shorts and a a nice yellow sleevless, zip up workout top.  She...
    2fun 2fun
    41-45, M
    6 Responses Dec 5, 2008

    New Dress

    My wife had bought a new dress a few months back, but never had a chance to wear it anywhere.  A friend threw a big private party and wanted everyone to dress up, so my wife thought this dress would work for the occasion.  It was a knit wrap dress that was low cut, but...
    2fun 2fun
    41-45, M
    2 Responses Nov 5, 2008

    It Is Fun!

    I occasionally do wear revealing clothes. I avoid wearing them to work, but i have worn a sheer top or so to work a couple of times. I always make sure i carry a stole along just in case it gets inappropriate. On evenings out, I do wear short tops, sheer tops, low cuts, short...
    marsbabe marsbabe
    31-35, F
    4 Responses Nov 11, 2010

    Theme Parks

    I like to wear clothes that are very flirty and loose fitting to theme parks. I think they are comfortable and do not show too much and I can go without underwear. My favorite thing at the end of the day is to ride the water rides and and let my clothes stick to me showing off...
    shels80 shels80
    6 Responses Jul 6, 2010

    harem outfits and genie costumes are

    so comfortable, and are more suggestive than being nude!
    tstreeter tstreeter
    18-21, F
    1 Response Jan 1, 2014

    Its A Trait

    in me I not sure I approve of it myself.But I really like to wear sexy revealing clothes.Not only to attract the attenttion of other women who maybe inclined same way as I am, but I also like to tease men.Now I dont like men so much but why do I like to tease them, ?I get some...
    diancantik diancantik
    26-30, F
    5 Responses Jun 20, 2011

    Well it finally happened.

    I actually got creeped out today. I will admit to being an attention hog. I love it when I draw attention by the way I dress. I don't wear trench coats or flash unsuspecting girls at shopping malls. I have been known to wear spandex and very little else. lol Today it is...
    Spandexblue Spandexblue
    26-30, M
    1 Response Jan 26, 2014

    Love It When Shopping

    When I go shopping I wear very short tight dresses. As I walk along it moves with me.  The one thing it does do is work up slightly showing my stocking tops.  Then as I stoop to get things off bottom shelves I make sure I turn in a manor where my panties are visible.I use...
    RunAroundSusan RunAroundSusan
    Feb 4, 2013

    Be Tricky

    I love wearing revealing clothing and seeing the reaction from people when they get a peep of something they didn't expect. Even better is wearing stuff that looks like it might show something, but really doesn't. Watching the reactions to those outfits is just as entertaining...
    AddieBaby AddieBaby
    26-30, F
    3 Responses Jun 28, 2010

    Exhibitionism Leads To Things

    Hey all, I have another crazy story for anyone who cares to read. This is another encounter that happened just before hurricane season, (when it rains every day for 5 months in Florida) lol. With not only a stranger did it occur, but apparently a neighbor. We have yet to see him...
    Damien23 Damien23
    26-30, M
    Nov 13, 2012

    Shopping For New Shoes......

    I like to go shopping for new shoes while wearing heels, stay-up stockings/crotchless pantyhose, a very short skirt and a sheer button-up blouse. I will go to a shoe store where there is a male salesperson and I will sit at the front of the chair and let him measure my foot. If...
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses Dec 21, 2011

    Just Tried It

    I usually dont wear too revealing clothes, but because of everyone's amazing stories here at EP i decided to do so. When i went out today I wore a short thin black tube top and no bra, and a flimsy semi-sheer skirt with a white lacey thong. My tube top was slightly too big for...
    deleted deleted
    9 Responses Aug 21, 2011

    i like to go out in small dresses

    that when i sit down or bend over everyone can see im not wearing any panties i love it when girls can see me especilly if thay dont stop looking and i can see thay want me one time i was out in a super markey i bent over so this really cute hot girl could see me afterwaeds i...
    cherry26 cherry26
    26-30, F
    6 Responses Dec 19, 2015

    Revling Clothes

    i love wearing tops that expose my breast, low cut tops and sheer are my favorite. never wear bras i love my nipples to be seen. and mini skirts that flare up so you can catch a peek at my ***. its such a rush being seen .any other women like this? I am feeling full in side and...
    carolinelove121 carolinelove121
    1 Response Jun 12, 2011

    Showing Off My Pink Bits On The Dance Floor

    Despite both being over 40, my bf and I still enjoy going out night-clubbing in the summer. It is these times that I throw society's conventions to the wind and let my hair down a bit. No... a lot. I am proud of my body and like to show it off, and after arriving at the club or...
    marg1969 marg1969
    41-45, F
    6 Responses Aug 5, 2011

    Cedar Point

    hey there....l was at Cedar Point yesterday with hubby and wearing a nice tank top with no bra and was damn hot... We got on the Dragster which if you have been there you willl know is a great thrill ride that goes about 120 miles an hour. Well we waited and got the...
    renaecollins01 renaecollins01
    41-45, F
    14 Responses Jul 26, 2011

    Love Wearing Tight Knits, See-through And Open-nipple Bras.

    Never fails to turn heads when the mood strikes me. I'm 47-32-46 and wear a 38J or 38L bra. And a white tshirt with an open nipple bra can be truely deadly! Love it when I notice the ladies staring lustfully. Yes I get a negative comment from time to time but for the most part...
    buxumofficegal buxumofficegal
    51-55, F
    7 Responses Aug 6, 2011

    Short Skirts And No Panties

    When ever I dress as Krystal I love to wear very revaling clothes. Always no panties with my mini skirts, sexy pumps or sandals and lacy see thru tops. AMakes me like a very naught girl.
    krystals krystals
    46-50, T
    5 Responses Apr 16, 2010

    Love Wearing And Seeing Other Women In Revealing Clothing

    I have always loved to wear revealing clothing and also love seeing other women wearing revealing clothing. I love wearing short skirts, tight pants like leggins, or yoga pants that show off every curve, I also wear spandex running shorts alot to the gym. I know guys are looking...
    apantygirl apantygirl
    22-25, F
    Nov 29, 2012

    Any girls want to talk I'm bored (Sorry bout

    my pic on the other story :| )
    deleted deleted
    11 Responses Apr 2, 2015

    Wear Reveling Clothes

    I love to show my body, and excite me very much to know that I can inspire Passion on others by watching me wearing reveling clothes, such as tight dresses, panty lines, some transparent blouses, mini skirts, etc.Particularly I love to wear miniskirts and cross my...
    Jennylou83 Jennylou83
    26-30, F
    17 Responses Jan 8, 2010

    Sex On The Golf Course 2

    i have a golf buddy i play with every week. now we have had sex from time to time and he is good and he loves ******* me every chance he can. we were just getting ready to start our golf outing when he made a bet with me, if he beet me on a hole he got to **** me on that hole. so...
    closet36 closet36
    61-65, T
    3 Responses Jun 5, 2011
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses Apr 2, 2015

    The Lady At Walgreens

    i went into a walgreens the other day while waiting for my friend to get near his house since i drove to meet up with him. I walked in right behind a lady with a foreign accent but i payed no mind as she was on the phone. I went directly to the colognes and began to inspect...
    mypervertedlife17 mypervertedlife17
    Feb 23, 2011

    Bending Over...Such A Tease Pt.2

    Hey all, sorry for the extra long wait on part 2, it's such a juicy tale that I feel it's time to share. Well, another co worker, saw the entire thing, walked up to her, and said I know your secret. But, I'm getting ahead of myself let's rewind and catch new people up. Dawn my...
    Damien23 Damien23
    26-30, M
    May 14, 2013

    The Tease

    I love it when my wife teases other man. Once when we were vacationing in a hotel, we called upon room service for some food. The idea was that my wife was wearing a short nighty covering just her ***. When the RS guy came into our room, i asked him to keep the food on table...
    Mithilesh1204 Mithilesh1204
    1 Response May 17, 2011

    Show What You Have.

    As a man, I dress pretty much conservatively. My male personna doesn't want to show off or call attention to himself in any way. On the other hand, when I dress in female clothes I want to emphasize my best features (probably my legs) as much as I can. I love having somebody look...
    RayanneA RayanneA
    56-60, M
    Apr 16, 2012


    I have occasionally gone for a pedicure over the years. I am not as young as I used to be and having someone else take care of my feet is great. The pampering, the leg massage afterwards - it's just wonderful. The spa up the street is run by an Asian gentleman who has an ever...
    nudemasseur nudemasseur
    56-60, M
    Sep 14, 2011

    Wine Tasting Part I

    Part I It has been a long and unhappy summer. My mother has been very sick over the last few years and got worst in July and finial passed away early in August. So I have been in a depressed mode and neither my husband nor I have had much interest in playing around. My husband...
    plez2tease plez2tease
    Sep 30, 2013

    ******** Naked By An 8 Year Old...

    Hey all, Damien here again with more thrilling true stories about my long time girlfriend Dawn. First off like always, I want to take a moment and describe her to you. Dawn is my 30 year old girlfriend of 3 years. She has creamy white skin, light pink nipples, Full C's perky like...
    Damien23 Damien23
    26-30, M
    Jul 28, 2013

    I love to when I am in the mood

    and with the right person around......really don't want unwanted attention.....couple of years back i met this guy at my friend's baby shower....he was so hot......I was trying to get his attention.......I tried to improvise.....and he was trying to act kool.....well finally...
    Hotmommy4u Hotmommy4u
    31-35, F
    29 Responses Nov 24, 2015


    I always were mini skirts with high heels when we go out casually.. I love to give a glimpse of my thighs and very little *** cheeks. my bf encourages to. He always adjust my tank and spaghetti tops to show my cleavage more and do lot of pda in public. I just love it.
    ramyahyd83 ramyahyd83
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Aug 19, 2011

    My Wife Wears Revealing Clothing

    Often, when we go out somewhere, my wife will wear revealing clothing ar a short dress with nothing on underneath.  It turns me on that she is being stared at by other men and that sometimes men follow us around trying to get a better look at her. She has a red summer dress...
    NakdAZcpl NakdAZcpl
    6 Responses Aug 1, 2008

    Bending Over...such A Tease Pt.1

    Hey all, so Dawn and I have been trying to decide exactly what we should do next, something new, not too extreme, but something fresh for the new year. We both decided it had to be at her job, because it's more dangerous that way. She decided that wearing the black sundress, was...
    Damien23 Damien23
    26-30, M
    Jan 10, 2013

    Golf, A Hole In One

    i wear short skirts and low cut tee tops when i play golf and lace panties too. i was playing golf one day in a yellow gause see through skirt with hot pink lace panties under it, a yellow tee top, very low cut and a red bra. on the 2nd, hole i cought up to 3 guys ahead of me and...
    closet36 closet36
    61-65, T
    4 Responses Apr 16, 2011

    I Never Liked Wearing Revealing Clothes Untill...

    I never liked wearing revealing clothes. I was from very conservative family. But it changed when I decided to make jealous my ex-boyfriend. My friend invited me for a party where he was also invited. That night first time I wore a short mini skirt. And a low cut blouse which was...
    eva13 eva13
    31-35, F
    2 Responses Jul 25, 2011

    Did She Want Me To See? :).

    I was at a friends house the other day, and I noticed his girlfriend was wearing a short sun dress that I was dying to look under! As much as I wanted to, I was being a good guy and didn't act on my desire. She had been sitting with her legs open a bit but I wasn't at the right...
    Kc302011 Kc302011
    2 Responses Jul 30, 2011

    Fun In Greece Night Club

    We founded nightclub that meets our expectations: - fine stuff - good music - place to dance on bar or table - people around are relaxed and  friendly. At firs (first night) my girl was not so relaxed. But soon it has changed - good music and alcohol did they job very well. I...
    Arnoldas249 Arnoldas249
    36-40, M
    4 Responses Jan 9, 2012

    It Feels Amazing!

    Today I'm wearing a floaty black miniskirt and a white button-up shirt. One of the lower buttons is buttoned up, but the shirt is definitely gaping open at the top! No bra, no underwear. Bare breasts clearly in view. And my bare ***** is touching my chair right now. And...
    CrimsonRuby CrimsonRuby
    22-25, F
    5 Responses Apr 1, 2013

    " My Short Skirts "

    This might not belong in this group, but the only thing I wear that is revealing is my short skirts. I have long legs, in case you hadn't noticed, so I love to wear short skirts to show off my sexy legs!!!
    davis36a davis36a
    2 Responses Dec 18, 2011

    Husband Really Loves It

    I was raised in a very strict household. I would have never guessed that I'd be dressing in low-cut tops and going braless so men would enjoy looking at me! On top of that, it gets my husband excited when I tell him about some guy that obviously appreciated the view. The other...
    pandoraspantys pandoraspantys
    31-35, F
    10 Responses Jul 5, 2008
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