I Love When Girls Show Off Their "hand Bra"

This is obviously a place where all of you beautiful women can express yourselves in a way that is still completely acceptable. and guys, BE NICE!! 955 People

    I think it is so hot

    and I have had so many girls do it to me
    fuckbuddy696969 fuckbuddy696969
    26-30, M
    Jan 9, 2015
    nastynicole22 nastynicole22
    22-25, F
    47 Responses Jan 5, 2016

    ‘Hand Bra’,Displays

    I too love women displaying with their ‘hand Bra’, especially if there is a lot for the ‘Bra’ to ‘hold’ up with no Bra. This is not to say that I dislike displays with no Bra. I love those too. Yet displays with the ‘hand Bra’ allow the owner to squeeze their...
    rebekkatg rebekkatg
    70+, T
    Jun 25, 2013

    I need 2 hold a couple breasts of a female 2

    set free the stress I’m not have. If I wasn’t that lazy I’ll get 2 the green bench on Bloodmountain by the Fleshhouse 2 make my needs of holding a couple femal breasts real. I know many places like the Green bench on Bloodmountain here in the heart of the most beautiful...
    Egolikeme69 Egolikeme69
    46-50, M
    Nov 30, 2015

    I'm a man who enjoys being a hand bra.

    Brassieres are engineered by men for women, and they are uncomfortable over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders. I don't know any women who don't enjoy taking them off after a day wearing them. Barbaric pieces of engineering. I love the public service of standing being a female friend...
    DaVaginaWhisperer DaVaginaWhisperer
    56-60, M
    Apr 4, 2016

    I love my hands forming a hand bra,

    teasing the guy with fingers spread just enough to tease a glimpse of the nips
    Sweetmepea Sweetmepea
    36-40, F
    2 Responses Oct 20, 2015
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