I 'm Expecting a Third World War

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    1 Response May 4, 2014

    I am a Christian and practicing Catholic.

    I truly believe we will see the start of World War III. I have read the entire Bible three times and specifically the passages of the coming of Christ and all of the horrors that will precede this event and the events after WW III has started. There is no way of stopping of...
    femalemilitarymember femalemilitarymember
    36-40, F
    2 Responses Jan 5, 2014

    Current Events

    Right now I feel that years from now we will look on this year as the start of world war 3
    AngelaDark AngelaDark
    31-35, F
    3 Responses Aug 11, 2008

    The middle east vs the rest of the world.

    Not being judgmental or anything, but they are looking of war.
    Profweird Profweird
    22-25, M
    1 Response Dec 15, 2014

    I think if russia, America

    and europe don't stop the provocations a WW3 will start. But maybe this IS will bring this country's together, so they fight against them and get better friends...
    paul1509 paul1509
    18-21, M
    Dec 11, 2014

    It's one of my greatest fears To think of

    everything I've grown up around being blown to peices It makes me feel sick And the worst thing is knowing that I know people who would have to go up and fight and I fear for them
    snazzygal3000 snazzygal3000
    16-17, F
    1 Response Jun 6, 2014

    Waiting waiting. They've been talking about it

    for four years now. China Germany America Iran I'm prepared. It's in the bible it's in the Quran. It's a sign of end times known as the Great War. China will **** us up.
    ADeepPerspective ADeepPerspective
    22-25, F
    1 Response Dec 24, 2013

    I see powerful people thinking a world war

    would be the best solution to the global economic crisis we are living. They probably think we are too many in this world too. I guess something awful is on the way. I don't know when it will happen, if it will start in Ukraine, Middle East or somewhere else. But the future of...
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    1 Response Mar 17, 2015

    C'mon! we all know it's going to happen at some

    point! people who say it won't, are clearly under a delusion! it is going to happen and we can't stop it! just like the first and second world war, everyone knew it was going to happen! all we can do is prepare! the most likely ones to start it (no offence) are north Koreans...
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    1 Response Oct 30, 2014

    Seems as a species we like to have a really big

    war about once every 80 years and we are pretty much due for another one. Plus it kind of fits the old idea that a society is ripe for war when the generation who actually remember the last one dies out. Basically nobody left who has actually been through it is around to...
    PicturesOfABetterLife PicturesOfABetterLife
    31-35, M
    9 Responses Oct 29, 2014

    The Only Question Is....

    I think it's awfully hard to know the state of the world and the people in it and not be expecting at least a world war if not a total apocalypse fairly soon. The only question I think there is is what sort of a war will it be? I think it's going to be kicked off when the world's...
    AngelaDark AngelaDark
    31-35, F
    6 Responses Nov 24, 2007

    People a stupid. It will happen someday.

    Whether it be from religious reasons or some greedy billionaire wanting to "free" a country that has oil, coal, or some other valuable earth.
    ValhallaAwaits ValhallaAwaits
    22-25, M
    2 Responses Oct 31, 2014

    Ww3 is in the bible,

    and it is coming as these are the last days, it was hard to soak in but the bible clearly describes nuclear missiles as "Flying Swords" and America as " The Eagle", America and all Superpower countries will fall. But before ww3 humanity will see some strange things such as "Ufos...
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    Aug 10, 2015
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