I 'm Into Unconventional Beauty

"Let us leave pretty women to men devoid of imagination." - Proust 207 People

    Strangely Drawn...

    ...is a beautiful phrase used by my friend when he is attracted to someone but just can't explain why.I find those attractions play on the mind much longer than the stereotypical ones.  They lead the imagination astray.
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    I have this problem when watching TV

    and movies - I just can't be attracted to thin, tan, big-breasted blondes with sharp facial features. My ideal woman is a plump, pale, bottom-heavy brunette with a rounded soft face.
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    I look at the magazines.

    I observe the female trappings on television and for sale in the stores. These things do not escape me but let's just say I am not impressed. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy being a woman who dons lipstick and carries a snazzy handbag. I love my hairdresser's touch on my scalp. And...
    choctawgrrrl choctawgrrrl
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    What They Call A Devotee

    I'm attracted to women who have differences from birth. Girls with cerebral palsy are a HUGE turn-on for me, as are girls with limb differences, congenital amputations, cleft lips, birthmarks... even crooked teeth :)
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    Mar 20, 2010

    What Is An 'unconventional Beauty'?

    Is that what people say when they find themselves inexplicably attracted to a fat person? Or someone with no legs? A third eye? How about freckles? Scars? Maybe a tail? According to the most reliable source, Urban Dictionary; 1. unconventional beauty 7 up...
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    I made a group identical to this one. I have different ideas of what is beautiful. I either like the natural look, or very unique. 
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